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Sanders Pitches Revolution Ahead of Pacific Coast Caucuses


Sanders Pitches Revolution Ahead of Pacific Coast Caucuses

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Democratic voters in Washington, Alaska, and Hawaii are caucusing on Saturday and, as Politico's Daniel Strauss put it, Bernie Sanders "has a fighting chance for a sweep."

Known for being left- and independent-leaning, the western-most states are predicted to turn out for the Vermont senator and give his campaign the necessary boost it needs to compete against rival Hillary Clinton.


The left coast should go for Bernie. And Bernie has a good chance of a sweep, because the left coast states are not as corrupt as Arizona. Bernie is drawing huge crowds!


Personally I think that just as with the DNV , Mr Sanders underestimated the support his message would receive. As those crowds grow ever larger he becomes yet more emboldened and the establishment grows more alarmed.


That bird may not have been a dove, but it was inspiring to hear Bernie say the words "no more war". Finally we have a candidate with a real shot at the presidency who is not a pawn of the military industrial complex. Advocating for peace during a presidential race would seem to be a no brainer, but it's been a while since voting for peace has been one of our choices. Go Bernie!


Yes, that gave me heart too. I hope this will mean he will change some of his former policies on the military and the Middle East--no more weapons for anyone there or anywhere else!!. As president he will have the bully pulpit and he should use it so as not to betray the millions of people who vote for him. They do not need another disillusionment after Obama and are more than likely expecting Sanders to be the hope and change.


Until the war profiteers (Wall Street, AIPAC and their corporate cronies) are under control, there is no way to even start scaling back occupations and wars. Sanders is the only primary candidate in either of the two parties to broach the subject of controlling the profiteers.


With 7% reporting Sanders holds a 3:1 margin over Clinton
If that proportion holds

He should close the delegates gap by about 55 in Washington alone!

Edit: There is a caveat though, in one listing it says that Washington has 101 delegates and in another ( http://www.uspresidentialelectionnews.com/2016-presidential-primary-schedule-calendar/ ) it puts the figure at 118. Does the latter include those corrupt totally undemocratic establishment superdelegates? My estimate is based on 118.


A campaign based on maintaining the status quo of the better off alone, the middle class, falls a tad short of being a "revolution."


I'm really not aware of a left in the US, unless you count the (rather elitist) Socialist Workers' Party. Liberals have drown out the left since the 1990s. If there were a left in the US, they would have been shining a spotlight on our poverty crisis as the irrefutable proof of the failures of our deregulated capitalism. We saw this happen in the 1930s and the 1960s.


Just returned from my WA caucus. Large turnout and the early results are showing overwhelming support for Bernie. Bernie is taking up to 67% of the delegates. Friends in other caucus sites are reporting similar results. Good day for the wild man.


75% for Sen. Sanders in my WA precinct. Too many people for the venue, many outside.


Alaska called for Bernie, about %78.


One reason you aren't aware is that the media hasn't told you about it. But it's been there, though small and fragmented. You never heard of the Green Party eh? Or the Occupy movement? Forget the SWP. If you're searching for a viable "left" org, try Socialist Alternative. Never heard of them? Well, Kshama Sawant, member of the Seattle city council just was re-elected to her second term. As the SA candidate. She's foreign-born, a woman and an open socialist. They also started the $15 minimum wage campaign (which won in Seattle) and are leading a grassroots movement called Movement4Bernie which is doing quite well in several cities.


Yes, 17 "super" delegates.


DHF has been pointed to that page before.

You can't talk to DHF.

DHF is here to repeat LIES about the Sanders campaign.


According to wikipedia Bernie was/is a member: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Socialist_Workers_Party_(United_States)



Perhaps this individual is simply tired of hearing the overwhelming concern for the "middle class" (I don't know how much is left really) being uttered from Republicans and mainstream Democrats. It would be a good signal to hear "working class" rather than "working people" but then this is conservative USA and all politicians must tread carefully.


Bernie wins Washington, he is speaking now live from Wisconsin.


Is it too much to hope they will be eradicated?


So where is the link???