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Sanders Praises Plan to Close Guantanamo, Hits Clinton's Record


Sanders Praises Plan to Close Guantanamo, Hits Clinton's Record

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Bernie Sanders on Tuesday praised President Barack Obama's proposal to close Guantánamo Bay, noting in a statement that he has supported closing the U.S. military prison in Cuba for years—unlike Hillary Clinton, his rival for the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination.


Obama's the Commander In Chief for crying out loud. Just order Gitmo closed and the troops come home. The inmates? Who cares anymore. Let them fend for themselves as refugees in Cuba.


Prupis sez: "Bernie Sanders on Tuesday praised President Barack Obama's proposal to close Guantánamo Bay ..."

Whoa. Thought I was reading a flashback piece from 2008. For a moment there I was afraid I was gonna have to lay off the mushrooms.


I couldn't agree more- This crap idolatry reminds me of Obama wishy/hopey bullshit-
Sanders should know better-He is dealing with A SNAKE here-
The National Sovereignty stealing Corporate "Trade Deals" are what the real TRAITOR Obama is all about- Shame on that Bastard!


The "inmates" are probably innocent anyhow-They were just pawns of the Bush/Cheney regime to falsly show us there were scary people out there so why not murder A few million Iraqi's?
They just let A Black out of 40 years of solitary in Angola-He was probably just as innocent, and then there is Leonard Peltier, who has been rotting away for the last 40 years for some trumped up FBI bullshit-
Obama should shake many, many innocents free as Presidential Pardons in the last lame duck days of his lame duck presidency....But, just like Hillary Clinton, You just can't believe ONE word he says..


Bernie might like the idea of shutting down the Gitmo detention center, but the plan does not get to the heart of the problem.


Rather than closing Guantanamo, current prisoners should be transferred to make room for about 500 Congresscritters from Washington DC.


Clintons position on Gitmo is still "evolving".


Absolutely correct. Sanders should absolutely be held accountable to explain how justice is ultimately served by this charade. I've been open with my criticisms of Sanders on various things which I won't bother detailing once again, suffice to say they all have something to do with him essentially turning a blind eye to Obama's abysmal record on human rights.


Who cares about the inmates anymore? I do. These people deserve justice, and so do those who intentionally falsely accused them, then tortured them in an attempt to get confessions to comport with the false conspiracy line of the official 9/11 narrative.

KSM confessed at various points of his 180 waterboardings. Something Trump wants to do all over again.

Sanders, to his discredit has never called for the prosecution of those involved in torture. That is the thing that pains me most about supporting Sanders, to compromise myself in that regard.


I believe you basically mean this, but there is no "probably" innocent about people who have been cleared for release by the very state that has held them for over a decade in violation of all basic human rights--they most definitely ARE innocent. And those who haven't been cleared are also innocent right now--for they have not been charged with anything, and they are being unjustly detained. Free them all immediately, and Mumia and Peltier and all U.S. political prisoners, and the thousands of older, frail U.S. prisoners who should be allowed to die with dignity, and all the nonviolent drug rule-breakers, and abolish prisons as we know them for everyone else... by creating restorative justice, living justice, community-based justice, not slavery's-progeny-incarceration-systems.


Good points all, and you are also preaching to the choir here- I am not familiar with all cases at Guantanamo so I used the word "probably", and yes, you have A very good point about them not being "charged" with anything- Seems there is A double standard going on here with the labeling system of "enemy combatants" who are in an offshore hell hole that makes up the rules as time wags on- I stated the reason I believe they are there and that alone vindicates them and does dishonor to those that put them there- These people Cheney/Bush/Rice/Rumsfeld/Powell (ad-nauseam) are the true criminals after all is said and done....The 2 to 3 million innocent/murdered Men, Women and children of Iraqi is A far larger, EVIL crime-
You either misread or misinterpreted what I said here because I am in near complete agreement with what you post-
My whole point is that there are innocent MEN and WOMEN who's lives have and are being destroyed while they rot away in prisons for crimes that are NOT crimes at all-
For Christs sake, the injustice for "drug offenders" alone is beyond criminal- and all the while the most dangerous drug of all, alcohol is ubiquitous and pure profit for the State and Corporation while people are falling like flies- And Obama just keeps on blabbing bullshit about it all-
Good call on Mumia- This man is way up on the list of not only Freedom Deserved, but HEAVY compensation, not that you can compensate any one of these innocents for robbing them of their lives-
There is NO rule of Law left in this Country- I know this for going through 6 years of pure HELL as A whistleblower and losing nearly everything I owned- I kept my freedom, but lost those 6 years of my life, my career and most all of what I earned while working the most miserable job you can imagine- All because I was honest and exposed A corrupt Inspection firm and A BOMB of A Gas line that went to failure in 2 locations while they were doing the multi-million dollar Inspection that my whistleblowing exposed and demanded... Many lives were saved but I got no thanks- The only person that ever thanked me was Media Benjamin...British Petroleum put A whole new perspective for me on the term that NO GOOD DEED SHALL GO UNPUNISHED-
There is NO justice or Rule of Law left in this country and I will go to my grave saying that....
But there is pure profit being made by this privatized prison Industry that keeps people in perpetual slavery and solitary confinement- And the "detainees" held at Guantanamo is unspeakable- All this coming down on the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta- Latin for "the Great Charter of the Liberties" that was once the foundational key stone of Law here in the Western World-


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I support Sanders for president, but I am disappointed that he (like Clinton) wants to shift imprisonment without trial to another location instead of ending it.


"Years of missteps left Obama trapped in a bind of his own creation – and Tuesday’s plea to Congress was no more than an epitaph for his closure efforts"

The Empire must have enemies to justify the trillions wasted on war, the empire must have people without morality to "lead", easy to manipulate via a Congress of malleable sycophants, and totally corrupted political mechanisms and media to maintain the charade and lies. Its shameful that any defend or tolerate this betrayal of our nations honor!

The "detainees" imprisoned under abusive rules in GITMO have been deprived of any semblance of justice - no trials, no convictions, little or no evidence, no hope, their lives stolen. Many were innocent of any crime to begin with - captured and sold for bounty money to US forces with BS claims of some involvement, some "opposition" to US war/occupation - charged as an "enemy combatant" as BS a term as ever has been.

"More than 85 percent of detainees at Guantanamo Bay were arrested, not on the Afghanistan battlefield by US forces, but by the Northern Alliance fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan, and in Pakistan at a time when rewards of up to US$5,000 were paid for every 'terrorist' turned over to the United States." http://www.amnesty.org.au/hrs/comments/bounties_paid_for_terror_suspects/

Beyond the legal, humanitarian and ordinary common decency, the claimed cost of 5$ million per prisoner/victim per year, about $500 million annually at this time, is an obscenity. See the future for "enemy voters" in this injustice.


Thank you--this online medium makes it hard sometimes for me to temper my comments to the right pitch. Now I see I didn't get how you meant "probably"--and I did not mean to direct all my comment as a criticism of your words, but rather to bring out more on the topic. Thank you for sharing more of your story here--I thank you for your excellent, deeply ethical, and universally healing service by whistle blowing so very appropriately!!!!! I was fired once likely in part to prevent me from whistle blowing just before I might have (but not about anything life-threatening, so the stakes were vastly less than in your case--and my punishment was simply to lose my job, one I'd partly wanted to move on from anyways), so I know a tiny, tiny bit of the wrong one experiences through being punished for doing right (when I was fired, I knew I was doing my job with solid integrity and volunteering beyond my actual job so as to serve our students better). But yours is one of the stories of the true heroes in this world, the ones who are strongly punished for doing the very thing that reflects true, good human values, that saves lives, and that promotes a better society.

Again, I salute your service to us all. Actions such as yours really do have the potential to create a new world.


Thank you for the kind words- I was really not at all offended in any way with your post and appreciated your understanding of In-justice and what Justice should become here in the good ole USA-
As far as my situation, I did learn a lot about how big money has it's way with any well intentioned traveler- My naivety about what I thought our system was and the rotten reality of how corrupt it really is was A huge wake-up call- Never mess with anyone or any company that has wealth and power- You have lost in this Court of corruption before you pay your first lawyer fee- It is not at all about Justice and all about winning- I have no respect what-so-ever for Federal Judges, Congress Critters and money grubbing lawyers-
The truth simply will never see the light of day and you find yourself in A vacuum as the media will now even give you the light of day, and that was huge to me- It was as if the only one that would ever know the true story is the one that spoke truth to power in the first place-
I did get the satisfaction of bringing down the rotten inspection company and the BP President of Alaska was removed from office only to become the COO of the Gulf-And I know he was the one that pushed the rig hands on the Deep Water Horizon into doing what they knew not to- But that was all hushed up and he is now working for EnCana Gas- These people travel through life and have no care about the death and destruction they leave in their wake-
Anyhow, again thanks for the pleasant post, and I have enjoyed many of your other posts here on CD- You write well and with your heart and that is always welcome! Your students are lucky to have someone like you to help them along...
Peace and solidarity-