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Sanders Previews Plan to Cancel $81 Billion in Medical Debt and Tackle 'Barbaric' Number of Bankruptcies

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/31/sanders-previews-plan-cancel-81-billion-medical-debt-and-tackle-barbaric-number


81 billions is less than six weeks taxpayer cost for our war dept!!


Not to mention if we can bail out the big bank$ to the tune of trillions of dollars, then why not help actual citizens. They are in medical debt because of the corrupt health system.


In the mean while, Biden says ‘I love these fat cats’ …


Is the government stepping in to protect a predatory practice by paying them off with taxpayer money necessarily a good thing? If it is 10 cents on the dollar then maybe I can see it. Devil is in the details I guess.

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Joe? BYE-DONE!!!


And yet, the people who this will help, along with M4A, are STILL calling Bernie names and supporting the Sociopath-in-Chief!!! This country is chock full of non-thinking morons!


The RIP charity gains a terrific percentage discount.
We are now spending 18% of all we work hard for to medical.
Cut this to 7 or 8% and we won’t even discuss as a problem.
Half of all medical is waste. Source = Aetna
Half of all war dept. is waste.
All education, libraries, highways, bridges, elder care becomes top notch.


Cancer almost didn’t exist in ancient Greece. 1 in 1800 people got cancer. This one in 1800 ratio stayed steady until about two centuries ago. A child born today has about a 1 in 2 chance of facing cancer in her/their/his lifetime.

I’m sorry that so many millions of people declare bankruptcy because someone got cancer. We should also name the cause of 99.9% of all cancers at this time. Call it by a euphemism, “environmental factors”, if you want. The causes of cancer are essentially somebody’s greed. Somebody wanted to sell you something and the part about death wasn’t part of the bargain. So, the root cause of all these medical bankruptcies turns out to be rich people who got away with it.


I believe Zizek was onto something when he spoke of the obscene supplement as foundational to modern day politics. So instead of viewing Trumps “Sociopathic” sexist actions and comments as a negative public voting factor, political operatives view these picadillos in a most positive light. Similarly Obama could dance, Bush was a boozer and his daughter a druggie, Clinton played the sax and liked pizza delivery… and the same political practice is formatted for leaders in every country… Putin, Trudeau (who boxed a political rival/ an indigenous Parliamentarian!! on his way to fame & leadership) , Boris, Macron all have obscene supplements.

Imho it is a pity Sanders appears to be so squeaky clean… he needs a change of image… an obscene supplement…perhaps some gender bending or at least bring back the Bernie Bros shtick and then challenge a repug to a shooting contest, or to an arm wrestle or beer chugging contest:)…

Bernard Sanders stands head and shoulders above all the rest - in vision, integrity, wisdom, and deep concern for the “common” man, woman, and family. A person of great compassion and grasp of the issues that affect us all, who doesn’t need a script writer or teleprompter to speak to the people, he lives and breathes the truth of the needs and benefits as he sees them, not as some campaign-contributor corporation wants them.

There is no other candidate in this time that more represents the critical need for truth, justice, and honor in politics and policy. Bernie is not a Johnny or Jane-come-lately, he has worked and fought for this commitment to the Common Good and civil rights his entire adult life, and has not wavered, profited, or sold-out in any manner - he is in truth The Real Deal!.

Know who our enemies are by who Bernie’s enemies are, they represent the same service to greed and self-interest; for profits above all else, environmental degradation ans exploitation, and a predatory society, not an egalitarian one Bernie fights for, and he deserves our unstinting support!

Donlt fall for shills and wannabee’s who have not lived the truth of justice for all, or those who once served greed, and only lately adopted the trappings and false words of “change”.

What the world needs now, is a true champion of,and for the people, planet, and justice actually for all, not just the few and wealth.

What the world needs now is Bernard Sanders and others of his integrity!


Very interesting comment. I think “I wrote the damn bill” was a little busting out of the “squeaky clean” image. A start anyway…

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I know it’s hard to think of in this day and age but that is who he truly is, there are decades of video’s of him on youtube. It is who he has always been, He’s just a nice man.


:-))) echo :-))) the real deal, I used that phrase years ago on my Bernie Sanders page, he is just that. What more could anyone ask for?


Bernie plays a very good game of h.o.r.s.e. Everyone who’s ever picked up a basketball knows this game, as well. Still popular, too.
Pandering to the masses isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Politicians golf and play softball for this reason. But your example of Obama’s dancing is a real tell. Since you chose it over his basketball pickup games against/with his Cabinet are quite well known. Bernie and Barack never met on the court, though. Which seems odd in retrospect now. So there’s that, too.

Clinton’s pickup games are also the stuff of legend and match up with Trump’s own skills in this, ahem, receational pursuit. I’m sure their note comparing and cross-referencing would make for an interesting 24/7 news cycle, or two, or three.
What does for VP Biden do? What about Sen. Warren? I’d be fascinated for you to research these two and get back to me. Oh, and thanks in advance.

More details needed over who loses money from this proposal. Sounds good otherwise so far.

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Yes, Sen. Warren drank some beer in a video. Unfortunately, it was a Samuel ( Sam ) Adams.
She lost the Oregon primary with that very controversial move, though. Sen. Warren should of chosen Hamm’s or PBR ( Pabst Blue Ribbon ) to gain an unbreakable lock on this very contested primary. Trust me on this.


Bernie’s at it again, trying to make life better for millions of Americans … bring on the jubilee. https://i.postimg.cc/h4p0wxnG/Bernie-Sanders-cancel-81-billion-medical-debt.png

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What you are saying is that the greed producing pollution of unsafe practices of capitalism is exacerbating cancer causing factors in our environment. However the greedy rich are not immune from cancer even with their wealth. They can get top quality medical care but eventually they will die also. Human are the most dumb animal.

so beautifully said