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Sanders Proposes Slashing Pentagon Budget by 10% to Reinvest Funds in Communities 'Devastated by Poverty and Incarceration'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/12/sanders-proposes-slashing-pentagon-budget-10-reinvest-funds-communities-devastated


the only real progressive voice in all of Congress. GO BERNIE!


Not good enough…needs to be at least 50%…


74 billion would certainly go a long way to help communities. (And while they’re at it, a new pentagon building wouldn’t go amiss. That structure is so ugly.)

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The truth is the Pentagon wouldn’t even notice. They’re incapable of keeping track of their money as it is. They’re not even capable of being audited.


True, but I’m guessing he knows it wouldn’t pass even if the cut were $10 as opposed to 10% He probably foresees 2 advantages to this number: a) it is small enough to highlight opponents’ lack of concern for domestic issues as most people will agree it isn’t unreasonably large and b) it is just big enough to draw attention to the fact that the death budget is larger than the life budget.


Bernie’s a voice in the wilderness of the Democratic faux party; at least he is speaking-out, not silent like nearly the entire DINO fraud party, especially its BS complacent, complicit, incompetent “leadership”!

I suppose we will soon read the usual Bernie bashing misplaced garbage from the usual suspects who apparently have nowhere better to aim their criticism.

The DP playbook, play it safe (cowardly), rely on fantasy, (“the voters have no where else to go”), go for the "“in play” center republicon voters, and most of all keep those corporate bribes rollin-in!

what a bunch of feckless asshats, always snatching defeat from the jaws of victory to serve themselves and their 1% clients! -


Bernie must be making Joe’s head spin while giving corporate America and Wall Street a severe migraine.


I find Sanders proposal unacceptable. Don’t slash the budget by 10%; slash it to 10%. We need a movement to defund and abolish the us military.


This is a good, though modest idea. I’ve been advocating cuts to our war budget for the whole twenty-first century, plus about the last third of the twentieth. Nobody seems to pay much attention. Both sock puppets will vote for anything put up by the warmongers as long as it keeps their little “gifts” intact and growing. Starving, homeless, sick people are just a nuisance as far as the Oligarchy is concerned. They can die, just saves money for the Greedopoly.


Well Bernie isn’t even a Democrat in Name Only (DINO) since he is registered as Independent. Not like the Big D Party hierarchy ever wanted him and his Social Democrat half-formed ideas. I like em and wish Bernie woulda worked harder to build a third party before running as an Indie Caucusing With the Democratic Party (that’s a mouthful!).

Still, I’ve read my Michael Harrington and Ralph Nader and understand the anti-trust Telecomm practices and anti-competitive Legislative policies that both of our credentialed political parties in this land’s corporate-captured Duopoly have used to hamstrung what is left of the republic Ben Franklin and his signatories left U.S. There was less of U.S. back then in 1787 as y’all know. Only white male property owners could vote and not even directly for the U.S. Senate. All bets on any hemmed in democracy were hedged from the start. We can’t discuss that or Mass Media structures and ownership of national resources or Political Economy over our airwaves or in our public funded and research\developed cyber platforms.

Guess we gonna have to get creative.
It’s all a-bout TIME
(When his sister-in-law Madonna cuts this as a pandemic single we can add a Social Democrat lectern to the next televised presidential debate and have it sponsored by the League of Women Voters before the Neo-Liberal E-CON Revolution that was not televised took em all away. Our 3rd Party candidate lectern would be well backed up with the presence of mind of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez…Salud!)

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But, but, but, what on earth would this Imperialist country do without an Imperial military? Allow China and Russia to fill in the gap? Game of RISK anyone?


testing new CD account…

I’m a guest and a Canadian at CommonDreams but I’m curious…how much money goes to the Pentagon ? Could the money be used in the economy in a more productive manner?
Mr. Phillips


I appreciate that. Also: insulting, demeaning, disempowering… the usual treatment. Ninety percent for me, ten percent for you. That’s fair, isn’t it?

The more I contemplate, the more it infuriates me. So this is supposed to be our meekly-meek phony demand: ten fucking percent. NOT GOOD ENOUGH, old bern. There’s a new burn in town!


We should reduce it more than that because its absolutely huge bigger than the entire rest of the world combined, and so that money would be far better spent almost everywhere else.


Carl Sagan’s estimate, if I recall correctly, was “billions and billions”…


On the books, just shy of 650 billion.

Off the books… Lord only knows.


The real number is close to 1 trillion by cuting it by 50% we would have enough for Medi-Care for all birth to death, schools, living wage, double SS, free transportation, and on. This Amerika and we on Main Street aren’t allowed nice things that help us


Not completely but we certainly could reduce it a very great deal - we need to reduce it so its proportionate to other countries militaries and not bigger than the entire rest of the world combined as it is today. If we seont 10% of the money saved on each we could have dramatic improvements in healthcare and education.