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Sanders Pushes Marshall Plan, Renewables, For Puerto Rico As Trump Tries To Lower Own Taxes

Sanders Pushes Marshall Plan, Renewables, For Puerto Rico As Trump Tries To Lower Own Taxes

Juan Cole

"We’re talking two years from now, Puerto Rico can be 100 percent renewable."

"The legislation involves forgiveness for a major chunk of Puerto Rico’s $70 bn in debt, which impedes its recovery."

“Marshall Plan” sounds so-o-o-o 20th-century. Can we call it the Anti-Shock-Doctrine instead? It could be the start of our transition to a more sustainable, equitable and decentralized system, as long as the disaster capitalists can be kept at bay. But given our current political realities, I’m not optimistic.


The ‘Inconvenient Truth’ is that we have a So-called President and Corrupt Congress that are acting as the schoolyard bullies threatening to beat us up if we all don’t give them our lunch money.

Bernie Sanders has been coming up with many good plans for addressing problems we all face.

They’re not “Liberal” plans, they’re “Realistic” plans.

Now, is the time to take the time to support “sane” and sensible government. Not next year. Now.

Call your elected officials.

Call GOP Senators and Congress members and express your anger.

Raise some Hell.

Your children and grandchildren will be grateful.

Republicans wont bring Bernie’s bill to a vote while Puerto Rican citizens suffer.

How did Democrats manage to lose all three branches of government in a few short years, to the worst of the worse?

Is there any doubt that neoliberal Democrats are poised to sell us out again next elections?

Is there a political party with no sellouts that has a chance of winning?

The Progressive Democrats Party of Bernie Sanders.

Any party has a chance to win if enough people vote for it.

Bernie could have won because he is no sell out. But most of the time, the party with the most WS sellouts wins.

Yes. Too many of us, like horses with blinders on, keep voting D/R because we’re prevented from seeing anything but what our masters need us to see; and so, just like horses, we start as frisky colts but quickly regress through being overburdened draft animals and, eventually, to dog food and glue in small containers.

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Hate to say it yet I won’t shy from the truth:

The Dems will shape Bernie more than he’ll shape them. It’s already happening.

And I’ll respect that Bernie doesn’t/can’t see a way around the two-party farce. But I’ll be damned if I have to buy into his limited perspective.


Elon Musk won the bet: