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Sanders Readies for California Fight as Clinton Claims Nomination is 'Done'


Sanders Readies for California Fight as Clinton Claims Nomination is 'Done'

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Bernie Sanders has reiterated his promise to stay in the presidential race until the Democratic convention in July, and is throwing his weight behind a number of progressive initiatives in California as the state's primary approaches there on June 7.


Go, O Messy Haired One!

The Corporate Pantsuit is shaking in her trousers. Bank on that shaking intensifying if California goes aqua (HuffPo’s color for Sanders).


Clinton stated what a lot of people are thinking, Donald Trump is not qualified to be president. And former Massachusetts governor Will Weld, who is hoping to run as the vice presidential candidate on the Libertarian Party ticket, has compared the Trump candidacy to the rise of Hitler. Weld said his concern is that this can be a slippery slope. Six more months of these type of attacks on Trump and maybe he can be defeated.


It is great to see progressives fight hard. We are tired of the nonsense, the corruption, the indifference and the sheer arrogance of the Clinton machine. Push, yell, scream and be mad as hell. It is time to make the “comfortable” uncomfortable.

HRC is a lame duck candidate and we all know it. Momentum will probably see her get the nomination but she will probably lose the general election. There is only one way out but requires the democratic party waking up before they walk the plank. Truly fascinating to watch.

Bernie, you make us proud.


Her subconscious must be blocking out the upcoming FBI primary.


Ah, the entitlement sneaks out where ever she goes. It’s either pure ego or she is sure she will be the nominee cause the fix is in. Either way the higher they climb the harder they fall. The Donald is laying dead for her and never fear, he is her worst nightmare. Bernie’s people don’t plan to save her so if she loses to Trump we can all thank the DNC and Wasserman-Shultz and the MSM.
Go Bernie we are with you!!


CALIFORNIA DREAMING… Voters of the Great State of California…according to Ms. Clinton, your vote does not matter. How do you like that ?
In fact the only votes that matter to Ms. Clinton are the SuperDelegates…bought and paid for… The votes of Wall Street, Big Pharma, and Fossil Fuel.
The Oligarchic Matron Queen will reign in corporate America…


BS Hillary! You are like the freakin Titanic taking millions down with you, and you and your flunkies still don’t get it…or just don’t care!
Read the new Clinton-Trump Rasmussen poll - you ain’t doin so well babe!

Your ego won’t allow you to step aside for a principled Sanders candidacy, and your record makes too many millions despise your policy decisions, corruption, and arrogance.
Lest we forget… http://www.counterpunch.org/2016/05/20/why-not-hillary/

If Hillary won’t fall on her sword for the good of the nation, Dems with even a shred of wisdom must (and right quick) see/realize that they all lose to Trump & Co unless they dump Hillary and get behind Bernie!

Bernie or Bust!


Hillary wins the democratic nomination? Congratulations to President Drumpf.


i like your style.


i take back my response to your first comment.


No problem…keep the faith…


“California also uses a semi-closed primary system, which is not in Sanders’ favor.”

That’s an overstatement of the situation. Anybody who is a Democrat OR unaffiliated (independent) can request a Democratic Party ballot. That would mean Greens and Republicans cannot vote Democratic, BUT, anybody can change their voter registration OR register for the 1st time through this coming MONDAY. Changes need only be postmarked by Monday, and registration and changes can also be submitted electronically immediately at the CA state website.

So this is a pretty open primary …


They were done before the primaries started, or rather they were bought and paid for by Clinton Inc.


Dream on. The numbers of polls between Trump and Hillary sees her lead continuing to decline. Trump will likely gain on her before July if not June. Sad that the DNC continues to shill for her campaign with the “discredit him, deny him, and fix the party later” If Sanders is not the candidate I predict a mass leaving of the party. They will not get those members back for a generation if ever.


I will not vote for Hillary.

Has Bernie considered running with Jill Stein as a “Progressive Democrat”, under a new PDNC?


as Hillary sinks in polls she sounds more deranged as she says primaries are over. GO BERNIE GO. We will not settle for yesterday’s politicians. This is a new day and none of us is going back to the old tired neocons that have brought us disaster after disaster including the current resident of the house in DC. We all deserve a new new deal, a new day and a brighter way forward than the the hillary and trump forces have presented to us. NO WAY ! I am about to go out and register more voters in California, Berkeley that is.


Hey, I just figured out what Lrx stands for, Lethal-RX.

'Cause your prescription for America would be lethal.

Most Americans think Clinton isn’t qualified to be President. Don’t think so? Look at the polls. If it comes down to her and Trump, the misogynist bigoted megalomaniac polls better than the neocon warmonger.

But Sanders beats Trump in every poll.

So if you really want to block Trump, start phone-banking for Bernie.

Don’t let a Hillary coronation give Trump the White House.


If Clinton is selected, Trump will be elected. And the Dem Party bosses know it. The Clinton branch of the party have been saying that “Clinton is inevitable” since last summer, prior to the start of her campaign – just as they did in 2008. Maybe we need to cut that branch off before it kills the tree, the Democratic Party.


Oregon is a closed primary and Sanders won in every county except one where Clinton won by a single vote.

Alaska, Washington and Oregon all went strongly for Bernie.

Let’s hope California gives Sanders a left-coast sweep!

Sanders 2016