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Sanders Receives Applause and Praise for Saying US Should Treat Palestinians With 'Respect and Dignity They Deserve'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/11/20/sanders-receives-applause-and-praise-saying-us-should-treat-palestinians-respect-and


Good for Bernie.

I suggest to anyone not believing the media blackout on Sanders to check CNN’s website - if you can stomach it. He’s not mentioned, whether as winner or loser or ANYTHING. Neither did I see Warren’s name. It’s a complete joke. CNN is just another corporation that doesn’t want their taxes raised, stock transaction fees enacted, unions energized, etc. Most of all, they want to tamp down on any form of working class solidarity such as single payer. Can’t have the hoi polloi realize how much power they wield or they’ll break the bonds of Stockholm Syndrome.


If this great LEADER is not nominated for ANY reason, real or stolen, I consider it the greatest loss, politically, that the country will have ever felt. And, in my view, more so than the loss of JFK.

Bernie IS the real deal and runs on heart and Soul that none of the others on that stage have a clue about nor has this country truly seen at that depth before. Don’t think I ever LOVED a politician before…but I feel it now.


B-I-N-G-O-! That mention of “Stockholm Syndrome” is right on the money, Glacire.


Watching that debate-show-thing was quite a test of patience. The moderators were pathetic, as usual. They wanted Tulsi and Kamala to bite each other, and they did. And they really focused on Warren the most.
The whole Putin/Russia/North Korea/Assad boogieman nonsense was on display from nearly every candidate and moderator, which is typical from the Republicans…oops!.. I meant the Democrats–tough to tell them apart;)
Bernie did very well. And he seemed energetic and clear-minded.
Biden was none of those things.
Mayor Pete and Booker were useless.
Tulsi had a very nice closing statement quoting MLK, but she was mostly ignored.
Andrew Yang was ignored as well.
I didn’t mind at all that Amy Klobuchar was shaking, as some people are trying to make a big deal about it. She was actually not too bad.
Kamala was enjoying herself, for no apparent reason.
And then there was some guy on the end.


The blackout is definitely real. It’s disgusting.

In the grand scheme of things this doesn’t compare (and maybe it was just a glitch?) but I had the NBC News YouTube channel up while the debate was going on. When the closing statements started, the number of likes and dislikes were almost equal and then ~200 dislikes just disappeared. I don’t know who can control that; it’s a silly thing but it’s deceptive and another way to manipulate information and alter viewers’ impressions.


Sen. Warren " we, as Americans, have to live our values every day "; well, that guy on the end of the stage has given away close to $500 million dollars of his own money ( 50% ) to the benefit of some of our country’s most serious problems. And, with Sen. Sanders, identified climate change as our most serious challenge. Good for him.
Now, you can argue ‘til the cows come home that there shouldn’t be billionaires, but no one should ever look a gift horse in the mouth. Follow?
Or, why aren’t you kicking the Wall St. people who are currently really in charge of our Congress, rather than good people who put their money where their mouth resides.
Just askin’.

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Bernie is wise and Wisdom is in very short supply in our leaders .

Einstein told us many moons ago the following universal truth.

You cannot hope to solve any problem using the

same energy that created the problem.

Whether it’s the endless wars in the world or the

unending quarrels and fighting in your own home, the

problem is the same: conflicting energy. If you want

to change the outcome, change the energy.

The extraordinary aspect of this solution is that you

do not have to wait for the other party in order

to do it.


Upon scanning the news sites on the web this morning one would wonder if a guy named Bernie Sanders even existed, let alone was running for POTUS.

We are living in a real life, real time re enactment of 1984. Except of course that in 1984 Big Brother rose out of the ashes of war. Real life Big Brother here in 2019, didn’t have to fire a shot.


You can really see that the main stream media has received the message from their wealthy stockholders and boards of directors. They are now to put Biden out to pasture, elevate Mayor Pete and Klobachar, keep trying to save Kamala Harris, portray Warren as a bumbling old grandma, marginalize and ignore the rest.
Oh, and erase Bernie Sanders name from the history books.


Meanwhile, outside the chicken coup…


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Wow… that’s interesting!!

So is this simply more Trumpian mafioso extortion?.. or does Trump want to truly bring some “troops back home” to bolster his chances in next year’s election??.. or both??? or a sweetheart deal for a Trump Hotel in Tokyo??? Or something else???

What do you think… and how does this relate to the US-China trade deal negotiations? and Marco Rubio’s anti-China Hong Kong gambit/ distraction for the right-wing base?? https://www.tampabay.com/florida-politics/buzz/2019/11/21/marco-rubios-bill-supporting-hong-kong-protests-passes-senate/

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Tom Steyer made his fortune off of the coal industry. Worked for Goldman Sachs. Implicated in The Panama Papers. Funded Kerry, Obama, and Hillary, who together gave us the tragedies of Libya, Yemen, and Syria. During his funding of the DNC, the Democrats became the face of war, coups, and the murder, crippling and displacement of tens of millions of human beings. Follow?

Now comes the part where, a la Corbyn, a lavish campaign to smear Bernie as an antisemite kicks off.

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I wish them Good Luck with that, given Bernie’s ethnicity and background . . .

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They’ve got a load of stock phrases like “self hating,” “supporting terrorism” to deploy.

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This morning "the debate was last night) On WGN in Chicago. They brought on their regular guy from US News & World Report on (can’t remember his name) to talk about the Debate. The question put to him was ‘who won, who lost?’. His response was that the ‘winners’ were Petey and Klobuchar without anything concrete as to why. He brought up ByeDones serious gaff and said Joe looked confused. A brief mention of Warren saying “but she had no fire” and that’s it. NOT ONE WORD THAT BERNIE WAS EVEN IN HE ROOM.

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Well Bibi’s finally been indicted for being a crook and a fraud, which apparently is more serious than being a murderer and war criminal.


“It is no longer good enough for us simply to be pro-Israel. I am pro-Israel,” Sanders said. “But we must treat the Palestinian people with the respect and dignity they deserve.”

“What is going on in Gaza right now, where youth unemployment is 60, 70 percent, is unsustainable,” Sanders added.

I have to wonder, what does he mean by his statement? What does he think needs to be changed? Whom does he hold responsible for unemployment in Gaza? That’s a substantial question and he does not offer even a hint of what he believes needs to be done.

Sanders makes a pleasant sounding statement, but it is empty and devoid of substance.

Mahmoud Al Zahar, of Hamas, has admitted that Gaza could have been developed into a local version of Singapore, but that Hamas has not chosen to do so. Holding people accountable for their choices is treating them with respect.

Tom Steyer gave 50% of his wealth away and continues to GOTV and give back in many ways.
Have you given away 50% of yours?
Re: the timeline you’ve framed; coal represented 45-50% of the total U.S. energy production. As an asset mgr. wouldn’t you be in that market to honor your fiduciary duties? To balance a portfolio?
I sure hope your day job isn’t on the Texas or Louisiana Parole Dept or The State Prison Board. And old saying from the Werethefugourwe Tribe; it seems kind of fitting, " The smug and self righteous shall inherit the wind of the coyote. "