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Sanders, Redbaiting and the ‘Denouncing’ Double Standard


Sanders, Redbaiting and the ‘Denouncing’ Double Standard

Adam Johnson

During the Miami Democratic debate (3/9/16), Sen. Bernie Sanders was asked about sympathetic comments he had made in 1985 about the left-wing leaders of Cuba and Nicaragua. Despite repeated questioning, Sanders refused to retract his remarks:

MARIA ELENA SALINAS, UNIVISION: Senator, in retrospect, have you ever regretted the characterizations that you made of Daniel Ortega and Fidel Castro that way?


Well said, Adam! Thank you!


Let’s not forget that Cuba’s plight was brought on by blockade.


I wish Sanders would have said to Clinton, “Let’s talk about Honduras” and fleshed out her support for that coup along with the results including not only the economics and human rights disaster but the refugees resulting and the recent murder of Berta Cáceras,


In Canada and the U.S., centrist politics is riddled with this coarse, inaccurate “red-baiting” language that pretends that there are two, and only two ways of governance. Way #1, the current corrupted pseudo-democracy that is always presented as real democracy, and #2, the failed politics of Russia and China etc…But this false polarity cycles through our politics decade after decade after decade, as if the voters are asleep. Of course, these are not the only possibilities for changing governance, and as this and many other articles have noted, there are a multitude of ways we can actually start a true democracy for the very first time.
Don’t buy the lies and the false rhetoric of extremist, polarized “centrism”. The old “center” is extremist. The new center is, in fact, exactly in the center of truly human values that place the economy and governance into the service of the people.


I noticed that MARIA ELENA SALINAS did not mention the Boland Amendment, Reagan’s clear violation of said amendment, which should have led to his impeachment, which prohibited funding of the Contras in Nicaragua. No mention of right wing LT Col Oliver North and creepy Vice Admiral John Poindexter, rogue operatives who sold arms to Iran to fund the Contras, who should have spent many years behind bars. Poindexter was found guilty but got one of those go free passes from an appeals court. North parlayed his infamy into a lucrative career on radio and as a darling of every wing nut in the country.


When the MSM and whores like Alter and the Daily Beast say governments " that are unfriendly to the U.S". What they leave out is: #1. Why they are they unfriendly to the US? Disingenuously leaving out that they probably have a good reason for being unfriendly. #2. And when these presstitutes say " unfriendly " what they are leaving out is to whom are they unfriendly? Not you are me! Not the average American!.

They are unfriendly to the plutocrats and oligarchs!


What tends to happen is the Press and those in power continue to equate Capitalism with Freedom. They also always tend to couple these words together very much like the pro israeli press will always put Palestiniand and terrorist in the same sentence.

As far as the economic system called Capitalism is concerned the real freedom they are promoting is the freedom to plunder the resources of this Earth for the sake of profits and profits alone without worrying about interference from others. Obviously this will produce wealth in the way the system measures it in the short term.and obviously this will produce some amount of “wealth” as we measure it for the persons that labor to exploit the same but ultimately there a price to pay and it the ecosystems and worlds poor that will pay it.

Capitalism is little more then the freedom to steal , be it the peoples labor or the commons…


The US Governmnet goes to great lengths to delegitimize elections when it becomes apparent the guy they are backing can not win.

This happened in h Korea. Contrary to what much of the people believe there was a very strong Leftist party that were not Communist that were popular North and South of the current border and poised to win. The US Stae Department flew in their own prized candidate to run from the right. His support came from the landowners and those that had collabarated with the Japanese during the occupation. That Leftist party was declared illegal and with the help of the US Government many of its members rounded up and shot by the existing authorities, Since the USA could not extend their presence to the northern part of the country due to the Russian presence thay could not get in the way of the process in that area.

Result a divided Korea. They tried this very same thing in Vietnam when it became clear Ho Che Minh would easily win any election. Result millions upon millions dead in both countries.

In Nicaragua it became apparent the Sandinistas would win. What the US did here was to discourage the leaders of the party on the right from running for office at all. Instead they advised them to state “We are not running for office because the elections are rigged”. The US would then point to these claims to assert the elections not fair and the country not democratic.


Well-put, Mr. Johnson:

“Crimes carried out by capitalist countries, namely the US, are one-off “mistakes” or “follies” or “blunders,” while the offenses of socialist countries are existential products of an unmitigated evil that must be categorically denounced — lest one be called a dictator or commie apologist. Recalling America’s past, one gets a line-item veto—LBJ’s civil rights record, good; the carnage of Vietnam, bad—but when it’s America’s enemies, it’s all or nothing.”


Shantiananda: correctomundo again, Shantiananda! It is the American “best & brightest- masters of the universe” governments against the US are against. I was told years ago by my historian brother that Castro actually asked the U.S. for help and he was turned down = that’s when he turned to the Soviet Union instead.
and I disagree with the author, the media isn’t centrist, is it totally right wing.


Jaded Prole: Bernie should have mentioned Honduras…Clinton’s BIG involvment in that disaster is nothing short of a scandal (among many that the press ignores)
Hypocrite that Hillary is: she wants to help the people fleeing Honduras…Isn’t that sweet!
Must be part of her wanting to be kind and loving, as well as do all the worryng…
Problem is Hillary you helped create the situation in Honduras…
unbeknownst to you, us little people actually can think.


There hasn’t been blockade of for decades. Everyone besides the US are trading freely with Cuba. Their plight is central planning an the Castro dictator ship. Communism didn’t work in Eastern Europe and it doesn’t work in Cuba.


None of those Eastern States were Communist.

They ran what Lenin defined as Sate Capitalism.

Under Communism there would be no central planning authrority. decision making would like in hte lhands of the worker at the local level.


Yeah, they might just have done it wrong the. I guess we’ll just have to get right next time, huh?

Communism goes against the very essence of human nature. Humans want to compete, win and achieve. Communism forces everyone to be equally miserable. Unless the leaders have a lot of very big guns and Dobermans communism is never going to happen again.


Nonsense. Humans are social creatures. Among animal species it the one where the child is helpless for the longest period of time requiring a community to protect the same. They are weak as individuals relative to the animals of the animal kingdom. This means they have to hunt in groups. They are born naked and in most environments could not survive meaning they need source sof heat and warmth generally provided by other members of the Community.

They grow ill mentally when seperated from the group. This is why solitary confinement is seen as torture by most socities outside the most despotic.


All very good points but none have anything to do with communism and all individuals being miserable just because some of them don’t pull their own weight. That’s what communism wants to do. No matter if one individual does nothing whatsoever for the community he just gets the same treatment and benefits. How does that stupid quote go? “From each according to his capabilities, to each according to his needs”.


Thanks. Very true, actually Castro was our boy at one time a lot like Saddam and Gaddafi among others.


You don’t know what you’re talking about. If “communism” or any other ism wanted everybody to be miserable, who would be in favor of it?

Do infants and young children “pull their own weight?” Do people incapacitated by illness or accident “pull their own weight?” Do retirees “pull their own weight?” Do schizophrenics, manic-depressives and other psychologically damaged people “pull their own weight?” Does Stephen Hawking “pull his own weight?” Should we perhaps do away with such parasites?

Looked at another way, do Sheldon Adelson, the Koch brothers, Jamie Dimon, Lloyd Blankfein and other such millionaires and billionaires “pull their own weight?”

P.S. What’s so stupid about that quote?


Yeah I can imagine sitting down to the dinner table with my 5 siblings in the World of Lamonte. Mom saying to the two youngest “you get nothing to eat as you did not pull your own weight” and to the two oldest “you two get the extra food that the two youngest do not get. This is a COMPETITIVE household. if you want to eat work harder for a bigger share. That there apple pie , she says…it all goes to your oldest brother as he did the most work today”

But wait! How did the two oldest “pull their own weight” when they were the same age as the two youngest? Did they get handouts?