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Sanders Refutes Myth That Medicare for All Would Be Bad for Business

Sanders Refutes Myth That Medicare for All Would Be Bad for Business

Jake Johnson, staff writer

A new analysis also debunks claims that workers on employer-provided insurance plans would be harmed by transition to single payer


Keep up the GOOD FIGHT, Senator. You are my hero. Go Bernie, GO!


I am reminded that shortly after NAFTA GM moved production from Michigan to Ontario since they wouldn’t have to pay for worker health insurance if the production was in Canada.


The trend of relocating auto production from the US to Canada did not end with NAFTA. After GM used the taxpayer funded 2009 bailout money to shutdown US plants, Toyota production in 2010 relocated from the Fremont, California plant to Canada. Toyota and GM had a 50/50 operation in Fremont and Toyota could not afford to absorb full plant production expense with auto sales substantially reduced by the 2008 crash. Guess where GM relocated Fremont production…China. Check out the Buicks made in China at your local Buick dealer.

Note also that ALL Canadian auto plants are unionized, so the auto companies are not paying right-to-starve state wages in Canada like they are in the southern US, further proof that single payer is better for businesses of all sizes.


Medicare for All would be good for most businesses except for Big Insurance. In 2015 direct insurance premiums written were worth 1.32 trillion U.S. dollars. What politician would dare to mess with it?

Direct Online Democracy


Alas, poor Bernie! With his credibility shot to pieces after the 2016 election and his backing of we all know who, the only question potential voters should have is: Who will make Bernie an offer he just can’t refuse this time? We shall see!

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Ah yes, the “centrist democrats”, those in collusion with for-profit health-care, be it insurance middle-man rip-off, big-pharma parasites, corporate hospital take-overs or any other aspect of profits uber alles in what should be universal single-payer not-for profit health care…another modern vulture capitalist obscenity, like for-profit education and institutionalized financial usury.

The Dem “centrist” obscenity - the Clintons, Obama, the DLC corporate mind-set, Schumer, Pelosi, and all the others complicit to profits before people - the Goldman-Sachs set - betraying and sabotaging a more just society…you’d think two mid-term asskickings and a trump win, would lead to reappraisal of Dem “centrist” Clintonite policy, but not then and not now - the morons are stuck in a big-money monkey trap.

“Centrist Dems” must mean “business-as-usual” corruption and campaign-contribution bribes before the health and well being of a nation’s citizens…too much like RepubliCons for me…compromise equals complicity. Silence equals moral cowardice.


The Democratic Party 's corporate money addiction accelerated with the 1985 Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) formation and will change only when there is a 12 step program to shake corporate money addiction.

Its not just existing businesses that benefit from single payer. Many potential small scale enterpreneurs are stifled by the high cost of insurance for individuals and small businesses and don’t bother to start small businesses in the US. Although big venture capital funded startups are less affected, other nations have a much higher rate of small startups than the US.


You’re way off base and wrong to denounce Bernie.


This is an argument I have been making for years. I don’t know why it has taken Bernie so long to push it forward. It’s common sense. Ask Canadian employers if they want to switch to employer health insurance.

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This a poorly formed concept because whether Medicare for All would be good or bad for business (or more precisely which businesses) depends entirely on how it was funded which as I understand it is not finalized. I strongly believe funding plans should be designed to pull in as much business interest as possible which I would think means not getting all the money from payroll tax increases.

Obviously it will be bad for the health insurance business - as in fatally bad. Other businesses could care less about the death of some insurance companies if their bottom line is improved. Since it is critical I would say to get the other business support - and sooner is better, I hope to be reading about national funding schemes soon and hearing how companies are looking forward to such a change.


If the Right were smart about health care, they’d realize the truth of what Bernie has been saying about health care for years if not decades. Anthony Weiner was a strong and articulate supporter of single payer as well, but we all know what happened unfortunately with him. The Right is just a dumb party, issue after issue: climate change, taxes, foreign policy, etc., and of course health care. The Left is dumb too on a few issues, but nowhere near the absurdity of the Right.

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I have enjoyed Medicare coverage for the past two years and have no complaints.

It has been a very efficiently run system.

I say, bring it on for all.


An important point Bernie made is the interrelationship of many societal factors in the cost of healthcare and one’s actual state of health. There is also the fact of the outrageous military budget and at some point we need to raise this issue collectively. A good place to start is with single-payer and remove the profit motive once and for all.

Check out the following trailer from the Canadian and American filmmakers of The Healthcare Movie and Now Is The Time :



At some point we need not just question capitalism and militarism but actually begin to dismantle them.


If Single Payer was made available as an option om a level playing field with private insurance, it would be a winner in “the Market.”

It’s Friends of Bernie Sanders for contributing to his 2018 senate campaign, and perhaps the presidency in 2020. If I recall correctly, Clinton was a plurality winner in 1992 when Perot got 18% of the vote as a third party candidate. If Bernie can get on an independent line in every state he can win the general election. So let the mainstream democrats nominate the Hildebeast again. In a three way race she has no chance, while Bernie should easily top the GOP pig by ten points. These numbers suggest that Bernie can win with a minimum 40% of the vote.

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Medicare for All does nothing to stop for-profit healthcare. It just means they can’t compete or charge for the same service. Or as some health maintenance organization do in owning more than one aspect of a service. Show me a formulary for Medicare for All because the one for Medicare is not comprehensive.

The CA bill was not complete. no one in their right mind would have signed that bill. it did not even have the necessary federal waivers in place.

First you say you don’t trust democrats and then you are mad because their bill didn’t pass. which is it? With everything you’ve seen about this administration do you really think you are going to get improved healthcare?

Because of my disabilities I have been enjoying Medicare and Medicaid for 25 years. The only complaint I have is that I can no longer afford the co-pays for surgeries and the like due to the general rise in doctor/hospital costs. They are outta reach just when I get really old and start to fall apart and need them. The dream is to have everyone have Medicare for all, everyone in the pool and watch costs to consumers go down. Then by golly, I could go to the body shop and fixed-up and maybe even a fresh coat of paint.


It doesn’t prove anything other than all companies externalize costs, it is not that they can’t provide health care they just don’t make as much money. This is the Walmart plan where the government subsides their billion dollar profits by providing health and social benefits to their employees. Or, like Puerto Rico that doesn’t pay federal taxes but receives healthcare and social benefits from federal sources. Why do you think all the major pharmaceutical industries were based there.

Do you have someone that helps you manage your healthcare? In my experience there are Medicaid waivers for medically necessary services that pay those costs.