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Sanders Reportedly Booed by House Dems Who Just Want Clinton Endorsement Already


Sanders Reportedly Booed by House Dems Who Just Want Clinton Endorsement Already

Jon Queally, staff writer

Bernie Sanders spoke to Democratic members of the House of Representatives on Wednesday but was reportedly booed as he attempted to explain that his endorsement of presumptive nominee Hillary Clinton might not fit into an easy timeline and that transforming the nation is about more than one election.


This is the kind of shit that will make Bernie supporters stay home or vote third party on election day.


It's not easy being one of the few honest members of a Congress that is sold out to special interests and personal power games. Go Bernie! We love ya!

The detractors can contemplate this: with all of his recently received Primary votes, Sanders has proven himself to be probably the the most currently-popular member of Congress with THE PEOPLE! Supposedly, WE are the ones who matter, right? In a system so corrupt that Congress is hated, Bernie is still LOVED. How dare those fakes and forgeries, who take our money but give nothing in return, demand our Bernie sell out his supporters to shore up the sagging campaign of Lying Hillary. If you seriously want to beat Trump, DUMP HILLARY!


We're way past that NB, this is the kind of shite that might finally push Sanders into a third party run as he fully realizes the Dems are just another political whore to hyper partisanship and self-interest, and don't really give a good-damn about the 99% or our issues - they are just Quislings to corporate and MICC power!

Bernie supporters should be outraged by this weak jive (if not already) and come-out in droves and millions and vote for real change, be it Bernie or Jill Stein! Send a strong message to the PTB - NO MORE business as usual! NO more Lesser Evil votes!

I have vowed to never support the Red Queen OR any Dem, ever, that supports her brand of deceit and corruption, or any lap-dog to such - I am pissed and just don't care what happens afterwards - you either stand-up - REALLY stand-up - for justice, the little guy and gal, for families and environment/Mother Earth, or you're just another corporate-whore swine, I don't care what cloak or mask you wear!

Bugger 'em all and let the chips fall where they may!

Bernie or Bust it all up! OCCUPY Politics!


The man put it all on the line for US, for our republic and the world, and got no goddamn respect from Dem Clinton & Co machine, and this thoughtless disrespect for Bernie in the House, and all he as done and worked-for is just infuriating!
Neither Bernie or the millions who see what he sees owes the Dem establishment DLC Party hacks ANYTHING except contempt!


Apparently some members of the House forgot that the long-term goal is to become the next Denmark.


The only way I would vote Democrat is if they adopt ALL of Bernie's platform. And I would have to be sure they wouldn't cheat, lie, or go back on their word by requiring the prosecution and expulsion from the party of any Democrat politician that did.


A. These anonymous misrepresentatives clearly don't understand that as soon as Bernie identifies a timeline to endorse, he has endorsed. I.e., they don't understand Bernie, his principles, why he's in the race, that they don't own him, or what his movement is about.

B. If these misrepresentatives would tell Politico about the alleged booing, how do they expect Bernie to trust them and their "off the record" rule not to tell about whatever timeline he might reveal?


"'We have got to fight for the needs of the middle class and working families of this country.' But were some too busy booing to hear it?" Perhaps -- or perhaps "the needs of the middle and working class families of this country" -- to say nothing of the life and death needs of the rest of the world -- are simply not what these people are interested in. They want their gravy to continue, and figure that Clinton will bring it for them.


"Many Democrats have been reluctant to publicly criticize Sanders for continuing his campaign because they want to ensure that the supporters that he activated through the long primary contest will come out and vote for the Democratic ticket in November."

There is no way in hell that the majority of Sanders' supporters are robots who simply will line up behind any Democrats regardless of their positions. It is my belief that most of Sanders' supporters are better informed about issues than Clinton supporters and have enough intelligence to make intelligent, rational decisions when casting their ballots.

Democrats often say that average people vote against their economic interests when they vote for the GOP; however, most old people in my age category (retired and over 70) cast their ballots for Clinton in the primaries and caucuses, which shows that they, too, were not well informed about Clinton's positions on Social Security and Medicare. These same old voters will be complaining in a few years when their meager Social Security checks are tied to a chained CPI and Medicare benefits are cut in a Clinton administration.


The DNC, Wall Street types and super delegates would much rather see HRC lose to Trump than win with Bernie. My bumper sticker: DUMP TRUMP/HILLARY FOR PRISON. I've been gratified at the number of drivers who give me an spirited thumbs-up. See you in the streets of Philadelphia!


This makes me cry, because he's doing it all FOR US -- the real people.


The latter, I hope.


But Sanders is all about transparency, so he wouldn't of course care about Establishment servicing "off the record"rules in the first place.

That said, I think it is likely that the Clinton machine is busy ratcheting up the pressure through whatever gutter means they deem necessary, including using their connections at Politico, et al.

Sanders will endorse, of course, at some point.

This post rated "on topic" :kissing_heart:


why anybody in their right mind would endorse the likes of shillary after yesterday's condemnation by the FBI is beyond belief.Only the likes of the exiting current president would whore himself by giving her such an endorsement.Shame on hiim.

I too want Bernie to go to the convention and give them all the hell they deserve. and then take his delegates and reach out to the people and run on the green party or another new independent party. If the dems had any decency left, they would nominate Bernie as the only decent person left standing that we the people could even think to vote for. The other two so called nominees are the shame of this nation. NOW IS THE MOMENT for absolute change. GO BERNIE GO -


Really? So why has he only released tax returns from 2014? He must be trying to hide something. Most likely something related to his wife's job at Burlington College. Until Bernie releases a lot more tax returns I will never agree that he is all about transparency.


Oh, so you value transparency in government?

How the hell do you support Clinton?

You've got some real chutzpah, poser.


As long as Sanders stays as a zombie candidate, political radicalization will continue spiraling. His die hard supporters will stop at nothing and the opposite side will keep on losing patience with him.

I understand the message and I even agree with many points from it, but delivery is definitely lucking finesse. Staying in the race in order to annoyingly out of place deliver the message is bound to have an effect on the message . He has lost the candidacy , I am afraid it is taking a toll on the message as well. Eat your spinach shoving it down the throat will result in dislike of the nutritious vegetable.


Stick to Clinton Boilerplate, sarcasm is a higher paygrade.


Well, what should he expect? Bernie's critique of Hillary Clinton applies with equal force to nearly all the rest of the Democrats. No surprise they hate him. He's a socialist (of sorts). They're all capitalist tools.