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Sanders Responds to Angered CEOs: 'I Welcome Their Contempt'


Sanders Responds to Angered CEOs: 'I Welcome Their Contempt'

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Bernie Sanders' response to Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam's charge that the Democratic presidential candidate has "contemptible" views? Bring it.

Sanders on Wednesday joined striking Verizon workers on a picket line in New York City. He applauded them, saying, "Today you are standing up—not just for justice for Verizon workers—you are standing up for millions of Americans."


Seems to me the workers are the ones being held in contempt by the corporation and its CEO.


Verizon, General Electric et al, are addicted to greed. General Electric gets a tax refund, after making billions off of the American taxpayer. How much profit is enough for these greedy bastards?


Never enough for the greedy at top all are beyond contempt.


Verizon and GE are tax evaders. They are succubus’ violating the trust of the American people. I will listen to them when they pay their fair share in taxes - until then they are irrelevant. They want roads to drive on and an educated workforce, but those things require taxpayer $$$

Go Bernie!!!


To the informed public it is apparent Mr. McAdams is the one out of touch with reality. Expecting honest hard working employees to say “thank you sir may I have another kick to my groin?” This CEO is a cowardly, elitist narcissist. We need to remember something: this POS needs us - we don’t need his anti - worker corporation.


Let’s remember how GE Jeff served so well as jobs czar! /s


Lowell “McAdam shot back at Sanders’ statements, writing in a post on his LinkedIn page that the Vermont senator’s “uninformed views are, in a word, contemptible,” and arguing that Sanders’ claims are detached from reality.”

20 million a year! There is no one, no one worth even close to that amount of money! It is that fat cat McAdam who is cotemptible, not Sen Sanders. Besides, who gives one iota what McAdam thinks. This kind of greed, and wealth, is what has ruined our country and destroyed any chance our country has for a democracy. Verizon, GE and other corporations like them who pay little or no taxes should be broken up and their assets sold off to pay their past and present debt to the Treasury. Talk about a Romney style corporate raid; this time by the IRS. I for one will be dropping my Verizon account in solidarity with striking workers. Let’s all abandon brother Lowell to the Wall Street sharks.


I used to have my cell phone service thru Verizon – for my husband and I with NO texting we paid $95 a month and sometimes the calls got dropped. Now we both have our service thru consumer cellular WITH texting for $35 a month!

*We used to have a schnauzer named Murph :sunglasses:


What the CEOs fail to understand is that it is the workers who generate the profit. The CEOs and other administrators should kiss the feet of the workers.


You are on the right side of this. There is no reason why the IRS allows any corporation that makes profits to avoid paying taxes. What the IRS does to individuals who misuse the tax codes to avoid taxes is collect the owed taxes, penalize the tax evading tax payer, and start collecting the current taxes. I know because that is what they did to me.

There should be a minimum tax on large corporations - enough of tax cheats and doggers.

As for Verizon they are one of the worst companies. We give them a virtual monopoly and they do not do their part of the agreement - i.e. provide high speed service universally.

Apparently their employment practices are awful. We have to find a way that they employee American workers (union workers) and compensate them fairly. We all know that some of the work can be done more cheaply abroad but that is the problem. They are supposed to offer the work to Americans at a fair price before they ship the work abroad. But there is no enforcement of this.

What you need to do is ask Hillary why this happens and specifically what she will do about it since clearly Obama won’t enforce it.


Boycott these companies, whenever possible. Don’t buy GE consumer products, don’t use Verizon mobile.



What Bernie Sanders, standing with the Verizon workers, should have said to Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam:
“Can you hear us now?”


The US has allowed this “competition” in a business which needs none. The old ATT was a monopoly, but a carefully regulated one. Turns out that, with Broadband, there is no, absolutely no, reason to have more than one carrier. Of course, that carrier might be regional, and other regions could have their “regulated monopoly.” Just think of the millions dumped into TV adds for phone service. That is all money wasted, every company just duplicated others, and just adds unnecessary costs. i just want one, a very good one, provider. It could be Verizon or Japanese Telecom, or Mars Communications. I don’t need daily advertisements for me to “switch”. I just want a reliable phone service, that has coverage all over the world. Certainly all over the US. I have ATT service, and when I go to my Colorado cabin, which has no service, there are long stretches along the road where cell phone service just does not exist. In my opinion, I am getting very little for my very much cost. I would like to have the Feds give anybody wanting to get into the business 6 months to get the entire country covered, and, if they did not, the Feds would cancel their license. Certainly, Senator Bernie stands with me and the rest of the country. The fact he joined in a picket line just makes him look better and better. Having a sleeze for a CEO is predictable.


GE isn’t just addicted to huge tax breaks and IRS refunds, they are also one of the prime recipients of American working people’s tax dollars in the form of DOD contracts. Verizon is one of the worst and most rip off wireless dis-service providers. They have a dictatorial tyrannical authoritarian attitude just like almost all the other US based predatory capitalist corporations.


Can we see all Walmart workers and fast food workers joining the party?


So Verizon wants a class war, eh? Bring it.


Exactly, these workers can run that company much better than those head chopping fat over paid bastards.


Amen to that one!


What you are describing is a utility. Nowadays it’s a free for all and damn the quality of service. I would love nothing more than to dump Verizon, but I live in the mountains of Utah, and Verizon simply has the best coverage in the West. I travel extensively through western Colorado as well and have never had a problem with my signal. How did I end up with Verizon? AT&T abandoned their service to my rural area years ago–too expensive to service rural areas was their excuse. The truth is there’s not a major media corporation (broadband/internet) out there who cares about their customers, the quality of their product, or their role in a democracy.