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Sanders Rides High Into New Hampshire With Surge of Voter Support


Sanders Rides High Into New Hampshire With Surge of Voter Support

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Fresh off his "political revolution" in Iowa, Bernie Sanders is riding high.

The senator from Vermont raised $3 million in 24 hours since Monday's caucus—his biggest single day yet—and, according to a new poll released Wednesday, leads Hillary Clinton by 33 points in New Hampshire, where the next presidential primary will take place on February 9.


Many have been or felt so lost or disappointed or bamboozled or betrayed or manipulated by corrupted politicians and media that hope has been lost, and rightly so. Bernie Sanders at least has rekindled some hope and enthusiasm for honesty and truth at the least. It's refreshing to see people excited after being used then discarded by politicians that promised "change" then delivered the same old boss in a new suit. Sanders is at the least encouraging voters to have some faith - and that is something, even if it proves futile.......

"You can't always get what you want
But if you try sometime you find
You get what you need"


Please, let it be so! Let all the signatures for Bernie and his delegates for the Primary ballots be filled, and filed, on time. Let the issues we care about--healthcare for all with no insurers in the middle, free public college tuition, forsaking the 'Pay to Play' political system, saving our planet from climate disaster, no more wars of conquest and occupation, funding what we the people all need--no more corporate gaming the system to line the rich and corporate pockets. To see those items in the Dem.Party Platform this summer would be amazing, would it not? Let it be so, and let all who can work for it to happen..


I wouldn't give much credence to that 33 point lead. The polls in New Hampshire are all over the place, One poll from a few days ago has Sanders leading by only 6 points and another a few days earlier had him leading by only 8 points. A very high percentage of voters in New Hampshire have not made up their minds. I think the Sanders people will not take anything for granted and will work hard to go on to South Carolina with at least one clear win.


"Hope" thing again eh?
It does spring eternal.
A bernie supporter was tweeting this.

Favorite rolling stones quote btw.


Feeeeeel the Bern! I love the way my son put it--



Bernie leads HRC by 33 points in N.H.?

If that poll is accurate, Bernie's political revolution is definitely surging and nascent!


Upper half?? Seriously?

I found this re your question....... "nationalize half of it and pass such glorious liberty down to the impoverished lower-half where it belongs?"

"Okay, so Bernie’s call didn’t exactly include bold proposals for nationalization of the economy or collectivizing agriculture. Still, the kind of boldly progressive rhetoric Bernie was using last night showed just how incredibly honest and unapologetically to the left he is. Sanders is quickly becoming the vessel for mass social movements that the “Yes We Can” Obama campaign never truly was."

Go Bernie!


I am getting tired of seeing Sanders as being painted as “Idealist” (dreamer?) vs. Sanders the “Pragmatist”.

In Germany, as an example, all that Bernie proposes has already happened. So how do they fare there (while our manufacturing sector is whining about job losses to China and other low wage countries)?

I have just read a German language article in Der Spiegel (http://www.spiegel.de/wirtschaft/soziales/fluechtlinge-kann-der-mittelstand-ihnen-arbeit-geben-a-1075189.html)
It is about a survey of Companies with 30 to 2000 employees. 62% have openings they cannot fill and 49% declare that they had to decline orders, because they could not find the workforce to fill them

This was part of an article which reports, that these companies actually appreciate the influx of all these refugees, because they would at present figures eventually provide a workforce of 340,000, compared to presently 300,000 unfilled positions
For those, who do not speak German, here is an outline of the stand of German manufacturing in English:

Where do all these manufacturing jobs come from? – From a well trained and educated workforce in a country, where (as in many other European countries) not ability to pay qualifies for higher education, but academic prowess and aptitude for skills decide your career.
Isn’t that exactly what Bernie strives to achieve? I say, that he is the pragmatist and Hillary the corporate stooge

The Germans and all the other European nations, which already have the system, which Bernie aspires to, are not supermen. They just have a better system. We can do the same!


Once he's been elected in November and once he sits down with the NSA overseers, Wall Street agents and Pentagon control authorities and they try and tell him exactly what he is and is not going to be doing while if office, one has every expectation that Sanders will proceed to kick ass.

To compare the Vermont senator with George McGovern is way too simplistic. George McGovern's candidacy was the result of Dick Nixon's having mislead the country with the latter's '68 campaign promise of having a secret plan to end the Vietnam War. McGovern always came off as milqtoast, more of a Sunday school preacher rather than a leader of the free world. Bernard Sanders does not read that way. No, not at all.


Wait and you shall see, I feel that same righteous anger that most young people and old fashioned honorable people feel. If Burney loses the nomination trust me things will get ugly for America. There are unfortunately too many ignorant people who don't know their real enemies and are blaming the poor, the sick and the unemployed for their plight instead of realizing that the wealthy few are the one's to blame. They will vote for the GOP candidates or Hilary because they blame themselves for their sorry condition.


At a Hollywood fundraiser during his first term, Obama got very ticked off when a big name donor approached him and queried why he didn't stand up more against the Republican opposition. He responded by saying "Just remember what happened to Doctor King" then turned and walked away.

No one would have queried Robert Kennedy that way if fate had otherwise made him president in '68. No way; no reason at all. The war in Vietnam would have been over in short order. Obama's response says everything about his administration, including his backroom deal on health care once Ted Kennedy was in the grave. And no one would query Sanders that way either.


Yes, that's a fact. The irony of it! Nixon was a card shark in South Pacific.


I agree. I must believe that a person of integrity that has worked for civil rights, financial/banker-parasite reforms, and many other humanitarian issues will not toss all his history in the trash if elected prez. I must believe such a person will continue and expand his efforts to reform social and other issues to the benefit of the public sector, the civilian sector, the 99% and not kowtow to greed or militaristic waste and corruption. Politics in the US have been corrupted by big-money and big-power for a long time and such reforms will not happen overnight. They will need the public to elect a Congress in tune with the people's needs, along with good and loud use of the Bully Pulpit.


I also have thought there might have been overt threats made that contributed to Obama's sell-out decisions. Family and other aspects of his life may have entered his thought processes, but such craven cowardice is not what one must expect, indeed demand, of a leader. clearly the world cabal has carried-out such threats before on many political figures and social leaders I don't have to list, but either we live our lives in fear or at least attempt to smash the structures/mechanisms that oppress and enslave us........


IF is the big question......With the corruption the way it is .......I don't even trust the polls...... Senator Bernie Sanders is the only candidate in either party who is not in the pockets of the billionaire/corporate puppet masters.......This election is not about lib. vs conserv. or dem. vs repub.......it is about taking our country back for the people......


Bernie is not afraid to take on the billionaire/puppet masters......He has some huge stones.....Senator Bernie Sanders is the only candidate in either party who is not in the pockets of the billionaire/corporate puppet masters.......This election is not about lib. vs conserv. or dem. vs repub.......it is about taking our country back for the people......