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Sanders Rips 'Casual Cruelty That Motivates Trump and His Billionaire Friends' as White House Moves to Strip Free School Lunches From 500,000 Kids

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/09/26/sanders-rips-casual-cruelty-motivates-trump-and-his-billionaire-friends-white-house


Yep, the anti-abortionists “christians” show just how much they care for children after they are born.

The public comment period for Trump’s potentially devastating changes to the SNAP program ended on Monday, moving the rule closer to taking effect.–question: do the majority of people actually approve of this? If not, what purpose do these public comments serve?

"Instead of addressing this crisis, students with lunch debt are sometimes denied meals, have debt collectors sent after their families, and are even denied their diplomas. Unacceptable.–this is more than unacceptable. It is cruel. The very notion of lunch and medical debt prove we are not a society when ruled over by an oligarchy. We are a company town.


It’s like these people wake up every morning and think “what is the worst thing I can do today that will hurt the most vulnerable people”… and then they do it…
What sane human being does this? It has to be a form of mental illness. And, I think, untreatable. These sociopathic cretins need to be locked on their own desert island for the good of humankind …


I see this type of thing every morning when I check in - it really does seem beyond belief, what has happened to your country.


Got to pay for them tax cuts for the vulgar rich (another is in the works) taking it out of the mouths of little children is child’s play for the Trump Team. Food, as extortion, is a form of siege against the poor. They are just not all in the same walled city. Starving a few thousand here and there will not draw much attention.

On the other hand, Democrats voted for the ‘farm bill’ (welfare for corporate farms) that enabled the rules now being made by Trump. Now 139 are sorta agin it.


Actually, this food stamp reduction was not a part of the farm bill. Just clarifying.

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The tactic being employed by the ruling class is SHOCK THE PEOPLE INTO SUBMITTING to the ruling class’s neoliberal agenda. The ruling class wants absolute power and absolute wealth. They cannot achieve these without absolute submission by the people.

In Chile, Pinochet and the Chicago Boys — the vanguard of neoliberalism in practice — shocked the people into submission by using death squads, concentration camps, torture, and disappearances. Forty thousand leftists were arrested and tortured. Three thousand were murdered, some of them on foreign soil. Orlando Letelier, a Marxist economist and former ambassador to the US under the Allende administration, was murdered with a car bomb in Washington, DC.

Meanwhile, corporate media pundits, neoliberal economists and corporate politicians in the US praised the work of the Chicago Boys in “reviving” the Chilean economy (after Nixon and Kissinger had destroyed it with sanctions during the Allende administration).

My point is that the ruling elites would like to do the same thing in the US. They would like to unleash death squads and concentration camps on the people. But they think it wouldn’t work the way it did in Chile, because the culture of democracy in the US is more deeply ingrained. They probably also think that most US peoples are already sufficiently submissive as a consequence of decades of neoliberal programming and propaganda.

Let’s hope they’re right. In the meantime, we should all expect that they will continue applying a series of smaller shocks, each slightly more disturbing than the last. This is one of their strategies for forcing into submission those who still resist their plan for absolute power and absolute wealth.


But then, as I survey the BBC World News & even The Guardian, I see that front page the environment and climate has all but disappeared.

In Canada, the news is that the Green Party leader, Elizabeth May, has a photo altered to show her with a plastic refillable cup rather than a compostable one, and this is supposedly important.

The type of mental breakdown I am witnessing is a prelude to actual collapse as sure as the grass grows.


I started receiving SSDI in 1993, every years since there has been an attack on my “safety-net”. Some years ago I gave up on food stamps when they were slashed to $16.00 a month. I said no thanks. So…hey all of you, you are better than this, Do Something Dammit.


The mental breakdown you describe is evident everywhere. The verbal aggression displayed by some commenters on this site — especially the mindless accusations against others (that they are “trolls” or “Russian agents”) — is a clear sign of the derangement that you are referring to. Many don’t seem capable of reasoned discussion anymore, only of ad hominem verbal combat.


Difficult to believe in terms of its raw animosity and nefarious cruelty, but, conversely, to those who have been watching neoliberalism since Reagan, absolutely believable. Predictable, even. Predictable, too, is the likelihood that it will get much worse before it gets any better.


Great comment! Anyone looking for this narrative in extended form should read Naomi Klein’s “Shock Doctrine.”


It is more than worrisome, and I did see the back & forth re troll accusations. We apparently live in an age of disinformation mixed in with real info - and separating them seems to be a lost art amongst many people.

It is not Trump per se that bothers me - I have seen people like this - destroyed at birth perhaps, or later on in life.

What really bothers me is that such a large percentage of the voting electorate continues to support him and his cronies.

It is really not a lot better in Canada. We are a client state in all that matters of your country, and protected as such, which removes one from real responsibility, and allows a seemingly more sane society, but that is an illusion, as sure as the grass grows.

I wonder if this is not truly a population thing - too many people on this small planet, vying for magpie baubles., for that is what ‘economics’ as practiced in the modern world is.

Greta Thuneberg seems at times the only sane AND capable person alive today. There are many sane people - and many capable people - but almost no sane & capable human beings. And I say that without artifice or jest. If our planet is entering the Sixth Mass Extinction Event of the Phanerozoic, as many of us think it is, then as Greta has pointed out - in a sane AND capable society it would be front page all the time until we had righted the ship, which is now listing in a gathering storm.


I was alive and young in those days. But before Reagan there was the twin assasinations of JFK and Bob. I think that @thylacine13 is very close to being right in the extended comment above, but in the US - shock and awe was first seen with the Kennedy takeouts - and neither the US nor the collective we who witnessed and understood what had just taken place have ever recovered. This was intentional - that we never recover - shock and awe - the “Shock Doctrine” writ large.


All of the programs and platforms that Bernie is presenting to us have their roots in FDR’s New Deal and FDR’s Second Bill of Rights some 75 years ago this year. They are not some new idea coming fresh from the drafting board like Warren. What FDR did and what proposed with the Second Bill of Rights have gone on the create the Nordic Model. 75 years is a goodly piece of time for trying out these programs, they work and this is what makes Bernie so different, he has time on his side. For further info you might enjoy this page.


And I would also add WITHOUT food and water. And no butt wipe as well, would be Justice to have the greedy scum suffer for their inhuman crimes.

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Of course he has a reason, Bernie! That $$$ can be used elsewhere where it makes more sense (to him). THE WEAPONS INDUSTRY!

When those god fearing Pilgrims first landed off the boats one of the first things they did was lobby the Crown to send over orphan children to be used as workers. The British Empire would send Children by the boatload to the New World where they would be greeted at the docks to be used has farm workers and laborers using the “spare the rod spoil the child” motto out of the old testament. They justified this by claiming the Children would learn a trade. Even as the South started to populate with slaves , those more progressive Northern States relied on Children.

The plight of Children was really no better in the “Mother Country” as the writings of Dickens revealed. Children were regularly whipped and abused when it deemed they were “shirking”. In Britain they were deemed as disposable , working long shifts in Coal mines and used in some of the dirtiest and most dangerous of jobs.

The USA had a habit of mistreating treating all the way up to 1938 when FDR started passing laws restricting the practice. Just as example of how they were used an article written around that time detailed the life of an 8 year old boy. He started his shift at an Oyster shucking factory at 3AM and worked through until 5 PM. In return his family received a few pennies per hour and his benevolent employer was also kind enough to pay for his meals while he the kid was working.

That was less then 100 years ago!

We had here one of those Libertarians claim that the plight of Children working in the USA was not remedied by Government action but by Capitalism itself as Capitalism was able to produce enough wealth and technological change so as to make the employment of Children less desirable. Absolute nonsense.

When Benjamin Franklin wrote on Poor houses and orphanages , it was his claim that unless these Children put to work they would grow up to become lazy shirkers. That attitude has not changed much at all among the right . They basically want the children to have less so that the already rich can have more.

The reality of Children in the USA and other Western nations is that they have only had it good if you would (and that a relative term) for a few decades.


Yes, and with a dearth of food.

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I agree. I use Reagan as an inflection point for neoliberalism’s ascendancy because, in my memory, that’s when neoliberalism went mainstream in American society; when people went public with their greed and CEO salaries rose meteorically; when the less fortunate and our safety nets were openly vilified (“entitlements,” my ass); when the media as Fourth Estate collapsed into corporate propaganda; and when, in my young mind, the counterculture, the civil rights movement, and all other movements for liberation were crushed and/or commodified. It was during Reagan’s terms that the Democrats forswore New Deal, Keynesian economics (it was Nixon who, just a decade earlier, bemoaned, “We’re all Keynesians now”) for Chicago School neoliberalism, which, as you know, had been operating for decades in Central and South America. After Reagan, there was no representation for what we now call progressivism, all of which was scorned. So, that’s why my comment contained the phrase “neoliberalism since Reagan.” I wasn’t denoting a starting point so much as an inflection point.