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Sanders Rips 'Desperate' Right-Wingers for Taking His Tax Bill Comments 'Completely Out of Context'


Sanders Rips 'Desperate' Right-Wingers for Taking His Tax Bill Comments 'Completely Out of Context'

Jake Johnson, staff writer
In a statement, Sanders looked to set the record straight.


Attack the truth and the truth tellers. That’s the way we have it. Then lie, lie, lie. Did cruz ever denounce his Canadian citizenship and become an American? If not, deport him.


Sen. Sanders shouldn’t even being acknowledging The Daily Caller or Breitbart. It’s like saying Harvey Weinstein was nice enough to his mother. Ugh!


Bernie, Bernie, Bernie ---- you can’t complish nothin with any “ideas for tax reform”, man.

You gots to be the spirit, Bernie Bulworth — the only way you gonna move the dial is with “Wealth Reform”.

“Say that dirty word. …”


That two-word sound-bite of “Political Revolution” — against what, Bernie? Against What TF? — ain’t gonna do it, you got to go with a whole hog Second American people’s peaceful and patriotic “Political/economic and socialist Revolution Against Empire” [as Justine du Rivage say] Say that dirty word – SOCIALISM.

Rock-on Bernie!


Anybody who has ever been deposed by an attorney or been a witness in a court of law quickly realizes that you attempt to answer every question with a yes or no, because attorneys are trained to take each word you utter and convert it to ammo to be used against you.

Same with the GOP and their “news” outlets that have been the source of more fake news than all other fake news sources combined.

Sanders needs to do more language crafting that puts the GOP in a box rather than making statements that they can use to put him on the defensive and in a box. Language crafting has been a key component in the GOP’s success strategy of the past four decades. Other US political ;parties continue to ignore the vale of language crafting. A December 22 CD article by Heather Boushey gets it right…“call the GOP tax cuts the Income Inequality Exacerbation Act”. If Sanders and his ilk repeated such language each day they would be far more effective at strengthening the progressive agenda, rather than continuing to use the GOP’s language, thereby playing into the GOP’s hand.


Yes, absolutely. Both the article and Sanders himself are far too generous to the lying thieves and vandals. Sanders at his age should know better. His mission, should he decide to accept it, is not merely to speak the truth, but to speak it in such a way that any attempt to distort it is self-defeating–a neat trick, and one for which Honest Bernie needs some shyster lawyers to show him how.


Does that mean the Republicans in congress are doing nothing at all but exacerbating? Shame on them!!! A circle of jerks? That sounds too Republicanish for me. The Bern is a class act. Too many “duo-opolists” here with nothing that will satisfy them but hybrid progressives who don’t make it into mainstream politics or carry enough votes to impact elections.


Absolutely tell it like it is with comments devoid of any praise that can be misconstrued, misconstructed, mistaken, misquoted. Propaganda in the reverse equal defensive speech.


The comments to Jake Tapper were not perfect, but were better than most of what I’ve heard from Democrats. The truth is, the tax bill tosses a few crumbs to middle and low income people; that should be admitted. But Sanders didn’t leave out that the benefit is only temporary. The suggestions in “Sanders’ proposals” would help. Sanders hits the nail on the head by consistently pointing out that the Republican bill worsens income inequality in this country. The crumbs to the non-wealthy were designed to hide that fact.


And Heather Boushey’s “Inequality Exacerbation Act” label is an excellent example of “pointing out that the Republican bill worsens income inequality” in a way that most voters can absorb.

For four decades the GOP has proven that most voters will not drill down into complex speech to find the message. Although most CD readers would not consider Sanders’ communications to be complex, most US voters have evolved into soundbite magnets. Unless Sanders’ message can frequently get through to most voters, the progressive agenda will be stalled.


[quote=“raydelcamino, post:5, topic:47875”]
A December 22 CD article by Heather Boushey gets it right…“call the GOP tax cuts the Income Inequality Exacerbation Act".quote]

That’s the right idea, but it’s buried under too much verbiage. Why not the “Income Inequality on Steroids Act?” To win populist favor, it’s always best to eschew the sesquipedalian. (Sorry. I couldn’t resist.)


Sen. Sanders speaks to the issues and rarely speaks “of” someone. He may address a group in general. He’s polite that way. Something I’d like to learn but seem unable for some odd reason :slight_smile:


Indeed the republicans are the masters of spin. The only way to deal with it is to anticipate their spin and put a foot on it! Why are people so slow to learn that? Dealing with the republicans in a fair and intellectual manner won’t work. Sure it should be the way to go for a democratic nation but republicans are shysters and don’t play fair. Honesty, the whole truth and a willingness to admit to errors are traits that republicans do not have!


Up The Establishment!
Is that simple enough?