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Sanders Rips GOP for Happily Endorsing Trump's Assault on Democracy But Refusing to Back His Call for $2,000 Checks

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/25/sanders-rips-gop-happily-endorsing-trumps-assault-democracy-refusing-back-his-call


Their all elected decoys.


They’re all Greedy Old Pricks.


And that orange fucking pig just goes on golfing and blabbing about the election. He should be exiled naked to ANTARCTICA, except that I love penguins.


It is beyond contempt that the allegedly greatest country in the world cannot do what every other industrialized country in the world has done since the pandemic and that is to provide economic relief for the average American during a world wide catastrophe. There is simply no excuse why the richest nation on the planet has not done this back in February as they apparently are more concerned with helping out major corporations such as the airlines industry, the casinos, and even racehorse owners as well as the Pentagon instead of coming to the aid of the financially oppressed. And it is pretty pathetic when Trump outflanks the useless Democrats to the left when he says that the stimulus checks should be raised to $2000. At that point the Democrats, if they had any brains as well as integrity, should have then said that they will see Trump’s $2000 offer and raise it to $4000 a person. So after being humiliated in public the Democrats have finally seen the light, as belated as that may be. We will now see in the coming days ahead how much our representatives will give, in their wisdom, to help people whom they are supposed to serve.

“Ours is a problem in which deception has become organized and strong; where truth is poisoned at its source; one in which the skill of the shrewdest brains is devoted to misleading a bewildered people.”-Walter Lippman [1889-1974]

“Coercion is the central principle of government”-Lord Armstrong

“Oppressive government is fiercer and more to be feared than any tiger.”-Confucius


It’s more than pathetic it is sadistic. Donald waited to do this on purpose. After Bernie Sanders’ proposal for $2000 per month per person since the beginning of the pandemic was refused and the parties fought over the crumbs to send our citizens, Donald KNEW the republicans would vote against it. He knew time would then run out and everyone would be screwed over. Donald did this because he lost the election and he wants the revenge of destruction on the entire country including the destruction of his own party. In short, Donald is delighted with the suffering of others as only a sadist can be.


Sanders “rips”. Not Biden nor Harris. Wonder why?

And that would be because the misleadership of the Democratic Party doesn’t want us to have relief any more than their allies in the GOP do. Where were Democratic calls for (paltry) $2000 checks before Boss Tweet opened his atrocious trap?

It’s been a very revealing year. And the best gift that we can give ourselves is to walk into '21 with eyes wide open, resisting both wings of the Party of Wall Street and war. Merry Christmas, everyone.


“…except that I love penguins.”

Yeah, even though they’re meat eaters, pecking Trumps flesh off of him would probably make them sick.


If we had true leadership in the House, the dem leader would fail to seat these seditious members per the Constitution, as Pascrell brought up days ago, for signing on to the TX. election lawsuit.


Sen. Bernie Sanders noted that fact with disgust Thursday, shortly after House Republicans blocked a Democratic attempt to pass $2,000 direct payments by UNANIMOUS CONSENT.

There it is again! Am I the only one who is stuck on the fact that the proposal was packaged as a UNANIMOUS CONSENT REQUEST? If the democrats have a majority in the House, why send this up for a vote requiring unanimous consent? If the republicans are the minority in the House, how are they allowed to block this? WTF?


Why, because they didn’t want to ruin their Christmas vacation. The citizens are seriously hurting, but their time off from their tough (snark) jobs is more important.


Donald will burn eternally in Hell.



Can‘t believe progressives didn‘t even challenge Pelosi for House leadership. She betrays the progressive wing and the American people on a regular basis usually out of corporate or “tactical” reasons. Best example was not even bringing the much better 1,8 trillion stimulus before the election to a House vote out of fear it could somehow help Trump. Not to mention that McConell would have blocked it anyway that once more showed that she puts party and donors before the people.

And the sad state of affairs is, that Republicans are even worse. They’ve got no conscience, while Dems don’t have any backbone. Well, coroporate Dems don’t have a conscience as well.

Progressives should finally get their act together instead of calling Pelosi “Mama Bear”. They should stop caving to Pelosi, Schumer et al and start fighting for what‘s right. The tea party was able to to do it on the other side of the aisle with the difference today that progressive policies are actually popular with a majority of the population … I just don‘t get it, seems as soon as people with good intentions come to Washington they lose all of their political instincts.


To borrow from your words, the sad state of affairs in the allegedly greatest country in the world is that there are no third [or fourth, fifth, or sixth] parties who can criticize both of the two major corporate political parties. And this, of course, is exactly what the Democrats and the Republicans love to see.


In reality, there are far fewer “Progressives”, than identify as such in the house, at least by definition of the majority of progressive voters.

Welcome to Common Dreams SlownaldFrump.


All these corporate bought elected assholes need to do the right thing and add a ZERO on the $2000 relief check. That’s right $20,000 for everyone! That might cover this current years grief, nightmares, fears, anger and other major disappointments. Spread the word. Merry ho ho


It makes me wonder if there are no republican families in need. If so why are the congress critters so willing to crap on their own>
We already know they care less about anyone else.
A lump of coal for you, and one for you. Aren’t they generous with our money that we paid in taxes so we couldn’t get help when the need arises?


But we do have a third fourth and fifth and sixth party. Not enough people support them so they are mostly irrelevent.

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I would also add that the mainstream media rarely gives coverage to those alternative voices. And the last thing which any true leftist should do is to support either of the two major corporate and militant political parties.


Its long past time people investigated what their elected officials are actually doing, who they are acting on behalf of, and what their unspoken agenda is. There is no legitimacy in basically any of the elected officials in DC, almost every one of them serving an agenda which they could not mention publicly without public outrage.