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Sanders Rips 'Greedy' Nissan, Backs Workers' Union Effort


Sanders Rips 'Greedy' Nissan, Backs Workers' Union Effort

Jake Johnson, staff writer

As Nissan workers in Canton, Mississippi are set to begin voting Thursday on whether to form a union in the face of "one of the nastiest anti-union campaigns in modern U.S. history," Sen.


From Reuters: “Government statistics show the average Mississippi auto worker earned $50,510 in 2016, 34 percent above the state average.”

Is that not a "living wage in Mississippi? What’s the problem?


Countries with high union membership have lower crime, more education, higher quality of life,
live longer, and more . .
So its OK with you if the wealthy combine their financial power into giant-assed corporations, but
workers cannot do the same?
You’re an idiot.


I have no issue with workers organizing. The problem is we then force the corporation to “bargain” with them.

The US proves your first statement wrong.


It appears Bernie is already campaigning for 2020. Never too early to start. This should help him with the blue collar vote. Would Nissan continue to make cars in the US if their auto plants are unionized? I am not sure. I don’t think that I would count on it.


Hello Jim_Schniid, The same job in other non-right to work as a slave would earn quite a bit more. Does your statistic provide for the removal of the executives wages? This useless statistic is similar to all of the regular auto workers plus Bill Gates making the average auto worker the highest average wage of any company in the world!!! Nice try by lying by statistics!!!


Good points. Finland has about a 70%+ unionization rate and is doing just fine. The Scandinavian countries have unionization rates starting at 51% and up. The US unionization rate is at about 10.6% because of the war on unions and rampant union busting in this country.
All of Germany’s auto workers are unionized plus Germany has works councils; they have good pay and good benefits. Of course Germany has universal health care and free university like the Scandinavian countries. Not the USA. In the US, we are propagandized by anti-union garbage 24/7. Good for Bernie!!


Canadian auto plants are unionized and yet US companies have plants in Canada.


Mr. Schmidt -
Are you saying that corporations negotiate fairly and on an even playing field with individual workers?
And that no one is forced to negotiate with corporate oligopolies? (like Big Pharma)
That is even more idiotic.


This coming great UAW victory - the first major auto plant successfully plant organized in the south - will happen only because the workers are overwhelmingly black USAns and therefore not prone to being capitalist-boss-ass-kissing, Trump-voting, racist Mister Blocks like too many white workers are…

I wonder, Mr. Jim Schmidt, in the interest of openness, are you a rich boss or are you a Mister Block? I think it is a safe prediction that you are white…


Yes, All Nissan plants in Japan and Europe are unionized.

And in a recent failed unionization attempt at a Volkswagen plant in Chattanooga, Volkswagen wanted a union - but the reactionary thugs who rule the backward state of Tennessee mercilessly intimidated the workers - and even threatened the state’s support of Volkswagen Corporation itself if the workers voted for a union.

You are really showing your right-wing Democrat credentials today! Take your vile anti-union filth and shove it up you ass.


Yes, and unlike the US, where unionization has fallen from 35% to 4% of the private-sector workforce since the 1970s, unionization in Canada remains at 35%.



…and all of them are Union-Made.


Bernie is wrong! The problem isn’t “greedy corporations.”

Corporations are designed to make profits (formalized greed) for their non-working owners (shareholders). That’s capitalism folks. The problem is that the UAW has failed to organize a single transplant auto plant in the U.S., mostly located in the South. They fail because they became a sell-out union decades ago settling for two-and-three-tier contracts in plants they had organized. They are weak because they purged the democratic New Directions movement: militant workers who fought against labor/management cooperation, sellout contracts and out of touch leaders.

This is the story of the vast majority of U.S. unions which have largely failed to organize the South because of fundamental racism. (The Southern working-class is heavily Black and leaders and organizers just ca’t deal with Black unionists having real power within unions.)


“Nissan is not a poor company. It is not losing money,” Sanders writes. “Last year, it made a record-breaking $6.6 billion in profits and it gave its CEO more than $9.5 million in total compensation.”

Nissan corporation, like so many others, is part of the global vulture capitalist system of greed and stock-holder profits that feeds on the lives of workers who are modern serfs - wage slaves!

That system is made-up of the corporations, the politicians who work for them, not workers, the laws designed and passed by corrupt politicians to enforce the system, and unions that sold-out to corporate and political power/influence - they all profit on the backs of workers!

No Justice, No Peace!


America Corporations have brained washed Americans “no don’t need the union will take care of you” Business protect themselves by joining organizations, so why can’t people join unions.


Do you have any data of your own to provide on wages? There are several stories on this today (NYT etc) with people quoted saying they make $26 an hour.


Capitalism sucks, it just sucks less than the alternatives. Profits are not greed. Anybody who is militant and/or “fighting” against anything is part of the problem and not part of the solution.


Yes, I’m a white middle class guy who has never had to join a union or demand anything from an employer.


Yes for the most part. Do you have an example of a corp not negotiating fairly? You’re not forced to work for any corporation. Our government (Medicare) is prohibited from negotiating drug prices, not sure of your point there.