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Sanders Rips Trump Attempt to Walk Back Helsinki Remarks: "Too Bad Trump Didn't Have the Guts to Say That" With Putin There


Sanders Rips Trump Attempt to Walk Back Helsinki Remarks: "Too Bad Trump Didn't Have the Guts to Say That" With Putin There

Jake Johnson, staff writer

After U.S. President Donald Trump insisted in scripted remarks to reporters on Tuesday that he misspoke during the Helsinki summit when he unequivocally accepted Russian President Vladimir Putin's denials of election meddling, Sen.


Hell, Trump lied about misspeaking. He said exactly what he wanted to say, and meant to say.


Give 'em hell about those fucking Russkies, Bernie, while you give the DNC a pass and embrace their taking the 2016 primary vote hostage with a hand (not just a thumb) on the scale.
If you weren’t such a wimp, you’d be after THEM! C’mon, Bern, my ex-hero, why have you sold yourself and your supporters down the toilet?! Too bad YOU didn’t have the guts to say something when it counted!!!


That’s it for Bernie. Just another Democratic shill. No surprising.

He didn’t stand to the theft of election, why should he be a man now?


Trump’s modus operandi has been, for as long as I have observed, to say everything, thereby saying nothing. One day it is “not A”. The next, “A”. As the logical plane has been filled he can lay claim to having spoken the truth. It is pathological in nature and won’t be remedied. Must it be suffered? For now, it must according to the Electoral College of Fools.


Well the intelligence community confirms the Russians meddled in the election so it must be true just like for all of WMD’s Saddam Hussein had hidden away in Iraq right.

It wouldn’t surprise me if the Russians did meddle in the election but it would be nice if someone could provide some evidence to show exactly how they did it since even if the general vote was rigged in Donald’s favour they would have to somehow control the Electoral College and I don’t think that some Facebook memes would accomplish that very well. However, it would be nice if someone could prove me wrong.

Face it Dems … Hillary and the DNC F…d up with a lame campaign that had nothing to offer people other than more war and neo-liberal BS economics


Fortunately for Trump, he has no credibility left to lose. Nobody can be sure when he is lying or not. He is sort of the boy who cried wolf. He has not made a strong statement about the Russian hacking, trolls, bots, and various attempts to surreptitiously undermine US democracy. He has not acknowledged that the US is under cyberattack from Russia. He has indicated no need for the US to defend itself. The US security agencies, which Trump has tried to discredit, have been on this without Trump being involved, Trump actually is piling on the effort to take down democracy in the US and he has in effect been helping Russia by damaging relationships with traditional US allies. It seems pretty clear which side Trump is on. The only thing that is unclear is he doing it under some sort of control by Russia or independently. Fortunately for Trump most Republicans have decided it is more important to defend their own jobs then their country. A number have thrown in the towel and are retiring but there are many waiting in line to further their own careers without regard for the oath of office that they will have to take. Trump was shown that you can take an oath of office to follow the Constitution and completely disregard what you swore to do and still count on the 40% or racists, anti-government types, the religious right, NRA supporters, and some others to maintain their support.


The Israelis have been “meddling” and much worse in US elections and politics for decades, and there is overwhelming evidence for that…“Russia” - does that mean the Oligarchs & bankers, the Putin Government, the Russian people, or what/who exactly please? - “Russia” only supposedly did it one election, and the so-called evidence has not been released, not proven to be entirely accurate, or consistent ,or remains hidden/classified,…so where’s the outrage with the subversion of US politics and elections and foreign policy via the AIPAC (and spies) by the right-wing Israeli regime?


The intelligence community was not wrong about Iraq. They had many qualifiers in their reports indicating the evidence for weapons of mass destruction was not that reliable. It was Bush and Cheney who omitted the qualifiers when they went to Congress and the public. People were duped by Bush and Cheney. The intelligence community did a good job but their finding were not faithfully transmitted as Bush and Cheney decided it was so important to invade Iraq that lying to Congress and the public was acceptable. What the US intelligence community concluded basically was they could not be certain if weapons of mass destruction still existed in Iraq. Of course it turned out that there were no weapons of mass destruction. The UN inspectors didn’t find any and the US troops did not find any after they invaded the country. Unfortunately there are people on the left who trying to say that you can’t have trust in the US intelligence agencies and are using this episode as example even though is not an appropriate example of getting things wrong. Obviously gathering intelligence information is not an easy task and nobody is going to right 100% of the time.


What a colossal waste of time. Of course Putin did whatever he could to thwart the candidate beating war drums for turning him into another Gaddafi.

Sheesh! Roll your eyes and move on to imminent extinction of mammals. Git along little doggie.


Bernie has spent two years spreading the Russia hacked our election lie. He’s widened it to they made us hate Hillary Clinton. He was insisting we needed to do something about Russia a year ago and I got the idea he was on the, lets go to war, bus. Bern. Shut up on Russia. Shouldn’t you be cleaning Hillary’s toilets or something? Maybe the DNC’s? You are their lowly servant. Just saying.


Too bad Benie didn’t actually take on the Queen of Chaos on, instead of obsequiously holding her blood-stained trails in the 2016 campaign.


Donald Trump has been farting, loudly, and fragrantly, in the elevators of the business world and, more recently, in Government. Sooner or later, someone on the hard right will have to ask, “So, how was lunch, Mr. President?” As if to finally signal that the farts are being noticed. People will then believe it’s OK to not ride with him anymore.


Exactly. The impotent “left” has been afraid to mount an honest, hard-hitting impeachment campaign, so it’s his “brothers” who will get him. Then we’re truly fucked (again). W/O Trump as a lightening rod, the burgeoning resistance will disintegrate and return to the somnolence of the Obama Era.


Get ready for it! The tried and true Trump method will soon be in operation–Going back and tweaking contractions or prepositions or whatever is not Trump’s grand style–He’ll soon deny that he was ever in Helsinki!


Elections was rigged. – watch the movie which came out before the election 0f 2016


Right–The Demos who’ve been wetting their pants in the face of right-wing bullying for years, have come up with the perfect solution–Catch 22!–That’s some catch that Catch 22–We can’t talk about impeachment or we might scare the “moderate” voters in West Virginia or North Dakota–Since we’re going to be carried aloft on a giant blue wave, all we have to do is sit tight and after November we’ll be in!–This reminds me of the campaign when Hillary was a slam-dunk, that was the Demos’ “common wisdom” look where that gets us!


The guy currently occupying the executive chair in the WH is suffering from extreme, uncontrollable diarrhea of the mouth. A condition so serious it has the entire world dancing on the rim of the abyss that is fascism…


Members of both political parties cry about Trump not supporting the intelligence community, but we must remember that they gave us the wars from Vietnam to Iraq based on lies. Many lie under oath, example Clapper, and they not only face no punishment, but appear on talk shows and are lauded as credible experts. Before we begin complaining about some alleged threats from other nations, we should cease interfering in other nations and supporting overthrow of legitimately elected governments.


I go for the thought that they have video of hookers pissing on Trump. That would not please Melania. Imagine if a video like that surfaced.