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Sanders Rips Trump for Lacking 'Courage' to Confront Fossil Fuel Industry After President Bragged About Oil Boom

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/02/05/sanders-rips-trump-lacking-courage-confront-fossil-fuel-industry-after-president


What would it take…for thise who are in denial…to understand the crisis? Well…when so many people do not understand even some basic science. It would take a miracle. I k kw… because I try to explain climate change to many people who are in denial… itbis hopeless.


I think Trump probably knows the truth here, Its just easier to publicly deny than to admit you don’t care.


Fortitude Bernie all the way. Such strength. No wonder the powers that be quake. Gather behind him like the mighty wind–he is worth every breath.
BERNIE 2020!


Let’s get another donation to Sanders’ Campaign for the sake of all living beings! Let’s win NH and all the South too!

Prepare for Earth Day like you never have done before for the sake of of our children and all that lives:

h ttps://strikewithus.org

Just sending in my early ballot for Bernie Sanders.


Here in the north part of my southern state, the past winters have been very hard with near continuous deep freezing nights. Now the trees and shrubs bud and form leaves in February only to be frozen a week later. The results is very thin foliage and under growth around our home, further reducing natures ability to absorb and process carbon. One does not need to be a scientist to see the environment collapsing. I would normally expect the indoor temperature to be at least on the night time set point of 65F when I arise. It was at 72F this morn. The heat never cycled on during the night in the dead of ‘winter’. The little Blue Jays are building nests that would normally be built in mid March. Last winter, I wept when I picked up the frozen babies that had fallen from their nest. We do not have ten years. The great sixth extinction is well underway.


Explaining things to people who don’t want to know, and those who will not change their behaviour or vote, even if they do know, is all part and parcel of humanity. Remembering this removes some of the depressing burden of trying to alleviate human suffering. It has always been this way. Yes, it is very sad.
It appears to boil down to issues of social conformity since culture instils a normalized blindness and disconnection with the actual basis of culture. Not just an American problem, conformity to prescribed, traditional ignorance is a world problem.
Hang in there. Shine the light. Keep walking, one step at a time. Breathe. Let the tears moisten the dusty road beneath your feet.


Hello Comrades, From Seeding Sovereignity

Nearly all public pension funds in the so-called U.S. are invested in fossil fuel companies – and thus using our tax dollars to support the powerful polluters that are causing the climate crisis.

It is time to demand that our elected officials act to freeze all investments in fossil fuel companies and divest public funds from all direct and indirect investments in coal, oil and gas producers.

h ttps://actionnetwork.org/letters

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Helpful and lovely reply…thanks so much.


Trump and his ego dream of being MBS ruling the house of Saud. He suffers growing pains as he rules the house of Greed here in the U.S.

Bernie is the FRONTRUNNER in this election-----and people better get out and make this happen or all those special interests are going to shut it down.

I would really like to see a screen shot of Trump touting the economy----and show all the people living on the street-----all the KIDS living on the street???

And do people know that Japan is going on a spending spree to build coal power plants???

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Denial of global warming is an act of WAR with the same grisly results. The ruling class have no interest in supporting a human population of 10 billion in 2050. The ruling class will use catastrophic climate change as a “final solution” to over-population.

Good to know i wasn’t off-base.