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Sanders Rips Trump for 'Obscene' Boasting Over Stock Market as 30 Million Americans Face Financial Doom

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/03/sanders-rips-trump-obscene-boasting-over-stock-market-30-million-americans-face


Trump has no idea what Americans are now suffering through: financially, health risks, and deserved worry about our near term and long term futures.

He is just a NYC celebrity. Some one newspapers could easily find anytime for a quote, photo and self promotions. His idea that NYC is the center of the universe is wrong, it is London. His idea is that he is the center of that NYC universe. Again, he is wrong.

The Nasdaq is just gambling. It is not investing. Companies are issuing long term bonds at low interest rates to buy back share of stock to keep price inflated and pay out dividends. This is known as a ponzi scheme. A ride to bankruptcy.

Many firms have advised employees to stop 401k contributions and use their bank savings account instead. No penalty to withdraw funds from your bank accounts.


I’m not sure what percentage of Americans own stock and give a rat’s ass about the stock market but I’d bet it’s less than 10%, so everytime the Orange Orangutan opens his anus to speak out of about the stock market, most everyone doesn’t care.


The stock market is a fraudulent construct of exploitation and wealth for vulture capitalism - a casino to serve wealth and those that control it at the expense of the public - also falsely to supposedly measure our economy, our prospects, our future or any real scale of society and security.
Sanders speaks-out when others remain silent or complicit in word and deed.

Que Sanders bashers in 4-3-2-1. Rather than focus on the true enemy, who they are and who they represent and serve, Sanders is for them the object of their criticism and condemnation, whether they be trolls, just foolish, herd followers, simply uninformed, or easily manipulated… alas.


55% of Americans own stock. So most everyone actually does care.

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Bernie should be OUR president NOW! WE were robbed.


It’s not just tRump. It’s the entire Death Cult with a side of Establishment Dims.


Bernie’s relentless tweets and failed legislative proposals are just camouflage to prevent us from realizing the degree to which his (intentionally?) failed leadership has preempted the emergence of a truly committed leader and movement for change. Austentatious and Caroline said it best in previous posts. It is clear that Bernie was never in it to win it. The big question is whether that was a strategy to push the discussion of issues that had been previously off the table, or a strategy to lead a large section of the public, hungry for change, into a demoralized cul de sac. A honest mistake, or knowing misleadership?

Again, to second Austentatious, we need all the leaders of the various fringe parties (Green, People’s, Democratic Socialists, Working Families, etc. etc.) to give up any egotistical missions, to agree to a commonsensical lowest common denominator progressive platform, and like the Broad Front in Uruguay and other parts of Latin America, start building a real movement. Once a critical mass emerges, charismatic leaders like Nina Turner and Cornel West will come over to lend a hand.

But mentally, even if we are voting for Biden, we should be clear on not following any leader(s) who (and I am looking at Bernie and perhaps the Squad) talks out of both sides of his/her mouth and refuses to answer questions honestly and clearly.


A few Americans are doing well. The remainder are grovelling for survival. A perfect critique of capitalism.
End stage capitalism.


“… or a strategy to lead a large section of the public, hungry for change, into a demoralized cul de sac. A honest mistake, or knowing misleadership?”

In 2016 that would have been a legitimate question. In 2020, after dropping out again, refusing to run as independent and break away from the democratic party, and exhorting his followers to support Biden, I think the answer is “B”. The more relevant question is sheepdog or Judas goat?

Incoming attack by Bernie cult members in 3,2,1…


Thanks Clyde for making that distinction. I own only one particular stock which my mother left me in her passing.

I didn’t consider folks whose retirement plans are managed by others as actually owning the stocks in those plans.


Besides, Nancy & Chuck surely did the banksters a serious solid with three fraudulent WHO CARES? “coronavirus relief” acts. C’mon, Bernie, Orangeman shouldn’t get all the credit for the good mood on Wall Street. And there are some great buying opportunities in refrigerated truck futures.


Yes, our friend Bernie does love to speak out; indeed, he’s out there right now, conducting a big national speaking out tour designed to help us dim witted and troublesome progressives understand the vital importance of voting for his good friend Joe. And what a selfless act his speaking out on behalf of his good friend Joe tour has been, given that he might otherwise himself be out there campaigning for the presidency. What does a promise to millions matter, really, when the Dems need one to help out? In the immortal words of Madeline Kahn, “Oh, what a nice guy!” that Bernie is, especially when it comes to his “campaigning” for the corrupt corporate shills served up for president by the notably unDemocratic Party.


Yeah, but Bernie knew he had absolutely no chance of being nominated by the corrupt DNC for POTUS and that was the real deal.

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Or in my view, the consummate, Progressive con man.

Hi oIdie :And I have never forgiven BiII CIinton for getting rid of GIass-SteegaII---- getting rid of what FDR’s administration fixed with the gambling and cheating WaII ST. And, here we are again, with the strange Mnuchin who might be a reincarnation from that same corrupt era of WaII St. : (

Re: persona bank accounts…if there’s a crash–what exactIy does FDIC do? Do they just insure the banks and we are Ieft out again?


Hi Critica Thinker:
I think that Berinie"s proposal were and are wonderful. It’s the DNC that is mucking up the worId and I am having a hard time teeing the DNC and the RNC apart. Although, I suppose that the elected ones know that if the government crashes, they won’t get paid either-----or have they written something in for just them? : )

I appreciate your reply my friend, even if snide, smarmy.and really off base.
Yes, apparently some troublesome “progressives” or pretenders are dim-witted for not understanding the vital importance of evicting the trump regime lock, stock, and fuckin barrel before he destroys everything! The down-ticket Dems are also important even if some are fuck-heads and corrupt, and centrist corporate whores!

Given the mental illness and utter destruction wrought by the trump regime almost by the fuckin hour, Sanders as well as many millions of others see another 4 years of the trump regime as a death sentence for nation and planet! You apparently see that differently, as not that important - trump as not too dangerous or threatening - why?

Is Sanders responsible for the clearly limited mentally and corrupt nominee of the voters and DP hierarchy - too obtuse to be understood?.
Sanders is living-up to his pledge to support the DP candidate regardless who, expecting he would be than nominee, he is honoring that promise not betraying a “promise to millions”… He would have been the nominee except for the betrayal of the DP and especially the Dem-Biden stooge, Jim Clyburn who led the idiot conservative Dem voters of S Carolina to breath life into Biden’s near-death campaign. The pandemic limited Bernie’s options severely.

Do you honestly believe if Sanders would now suddenly announce a third party (that will be after the selection), or call Biden names or some equally idiotic, self-defeating act it would matter? Do you think such an act would empower and build the progressive movement? Get real! For fucks sake man he is doing all he can to effect progressive change and power within the parameters he has chosen to honor - and of common sense!


Still more Shanti? When will enough be enough? Judas Goat or sheepdog? Con man Really?

“Bernie knew he had absolutely no chance of being nominated by the corrupt DNC” - mind-read much? In fact the people had a chance outside the DNC and were close to nominating Sanders until South Carolina.
I am disappointed in the constant bashing that only serves the trump nut squad killers and Republicons. I do not get iy!


A good chunk of my retirement funding is dependent on the the stock market.
I didn’t invent the 401k, I’m just a slave to the system.
But that’s reality – which we progressives are committed to, right?