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Sanders Said MLK's Courage Will Be Necessary for the Fight Ahead


Sanders Said MLK's Courage Will Be Necessary for the Fight Ahead

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Speaking at the same Atlanta church where Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. served as pastor, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) on Monday heralded the long term vision of the civil rights leader and said that it is "necessary for us to bring his spirit and courage into 2017."

"The great strength of Dr. King," Sanders said, addressing a standing room crowd from the pulpit of the Ebenezer Baptist Church, "was that he understood that real change never takes place from the top on down, but only takes place when millions of people stand up and fight for justice."


Wonderful speech by Bernie! I only wish this was a president Bernie Sanders inauguration.

Love this Bernie quote:
" Our job is to stand together and to create that community of love that Dr. King fought and died for."


I believed in Bernie and donated. I was 16 when Martin was assassinated April 4, 1969. I grew up in Mississippi during segregation. Bernie met with President Obama and then told millions of supporters we must vote for Hillary Clinton rather than fighting to the convention. Hillary the hawk said we needed to "come to heel." MLK was murdered because he was a threat to the Establishment, not unlike Jack Kennedy, Malcolm X Little, Robert Kennedy and John Lennon. Whomever tried to murder Bob Marley missed and although he died of a rare melanoma he was buried with a slug left in his left arm from the assassination attempt. We have more than 17 secret spy agencies demanding our blind trust while less than 20 percent of Americans now trust our government. Barry the Great Con was elected on a vow of peace and is the only American president to serve eight years while keeping us continually at war. We are betrayed. Resist, please resist for the sake of all those who died before us for the principles we cherish etched in their blood, freedom of speech, equality, justice, privacy, pursuit of happiness. love and peace.


Correction, April 4, 1968, not 1969, sorry. RFK was assassinated two months later after winning the California primary and having suggested he wanted MLK to be his vp running mate. MLK said he was considering a presidential candidacy with Dr. Benjamin Spock as his v.p.


I was not eligible to donate money to Bernie's campaign (not US citizen) but I donated time phonebanking for him. I seriously considered going to Philly in July to demonstrate at the DNC... wanted to see millions in the street there. I was upset that he endorsed HRC and was proud of the Bernie delegates who walked out and staged other protests. Had I been eligible to vote in the election, I believe I would have voted for Jill Stein. I have not stopped believing in Bernie and I trust he has reasons for the decisions he has made. Given all the craziness that has continued to spiral out since the theft of the Dem nomination, I see Bernie as continuing to do spadework for the political revolution. He wasn't ready to be a martyr in July, and I hope he is spared for a good amount of time to continue his work.


Nice to see HRC actively participate in MLK day activities. Oh wait ......... nevermind. Move to the next comment.


I too was angry with Bernie in July but he had his reasons. I think it was legitimate to argue that Trump could do real damage to America and the public at large. In the end, supporting HRC (despite her massive problems) was a wise political choice. Without it, he wouldn't be leading the charge to reform the democratic party (we'll see how that turns out) and every corporate democrat would be demonizing him. I can almost hear the chants of Nader, yada, yada, yada. I can respect what he is doing and he is a rational, thoughtful voice in the wilderness. We need to build the movement behind him to keep the corporate democrats in their place. Never again should we have such a debacle.


Amen. What you said.