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Sanders Says $3.8B in Annual US Military Aid to Israel Should Be Leveraged to Combat Horrific Treatment of Palestinians

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/10/29/sanders-says-38b-annual-us-military-aid-israel-should-be-leveraged-combat-horrific


Thank you Bernie!


No government right or left of Occupied Palestine is truly ever going to give up trying to commit genocide upon the Palestinian people. If any place needs to be invaded by the US it is Occupied Palestine. We need to get in there and destroy or remove all its nuclear weapons first and then all other weaponry. Run free flights to remove the occupiers back to their countries of origin. And secure the safety of the few Jews who can trace their ancestry to those who have been there a century and a half. The US and UK allowed European converts to Judaism to invade and occupy another country it’s beyond time to fix what we did.
Of course people will jump all over me for the above but it will not change my opinions on this topic. I am neither Jewish or Palestinian but I spent extended time in this region in the early 1980’s. I will never forget the shock and horror to see the brutality we fully support in action. Nor will I fight with anyone about my views here. I say - go see for yourself. Visit Occupied Palestine and Jordan as well.


Israel is a US welfare state. Run by US Congressional Zionist/Duel Citizens and a yoyo* as unstable as Trump. Congressional Zionist would rather have one of their own constituents starve at their office door than upset a fellow Zionist. $3.8B is a public number. The total dollars lavished on the Zionist State is likely twice the annual budget of my poor southern state.

Someone’s campaign contributions will go up today by a few millions and it will NOT be going to Bernie…

*Multiple choices available.


I realize that Bernie is the LEAST rabid Israeli supporter running for President, and being Jewish himself probably somewhat insulates him from charges of being anti-Semitic (although many Jews opposed to Israel are accused of being self-loathing by the Zionist lobby). However, I part company with Bernie as not going far enough in criticizing this criminal “state”. We should use “our leverage” to end ALL financial and military aid to Israel, openly support our oppressed Palestinian brothers and sisters, support the sanctions movement against Israel, and call for a total embargo and blockade of them until they collapse and can be replaced by a true Palestinian state.


Best idea yet that I’ve heard for money Israel doesn’t need from us.


Hillary called him and antisemite last time around. Stating publicly that we bear responsibility for what we pay for is BIG. Beyond an overdue call to attach strings to the money which underwrites our colony it implies that we are ultimately responsible for their crimes – which is true. For some, nothing can ever be enough but Sanders again demonstrates that he has more integrity than the rest of them combined. Once elected, he should begin by giving half of that money to the Palestinian Authority and threatening to cut the other half unless Israel gives up its nukes and pulls back to the 1948 borders or simply grant full and equal citizenship to all including Palestinian citizens.


Thanks merf; we need many more people of conscience to speak the truth of Israeli racism, brutality, cultural genocide of the Palestinian people, and illegal colonization of Palestine so they understand the truth!

Your eye-witness testimony is very powerful. The US media has been so dominated and controlled both in the Occupied Territories and US that most people only have the zionist pro-Israel narrative to base their understanding on. The Israeli/IDF institutionalized racism, brutal Occupation and oppression Palestinians live with daily are crimes against humanity that the US has been subverted and manipulated into supporting to our everlasting shame! That must be ended!

Bernie Sanders shows his courage and great integrity - his quality and essential humanity - by this statement especially, among so many others, he stands alone, head and shoulders above all the others in his moral compass and dedication to the Common Good and truth!


Palestinians are cosmic biology manifest as Human.

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The following is a list of the other top tier Dem presidential candidates willing to hold Israel to account:


this took cajones.

the other contenders are going to crucify him for it. let’s see how clued in the core of the Democratic party really is on Israel. This should be fun.


we will not accept authoritarianism or racism

Except that rump and his supporters do promote authoritarianism and racism.


THIS is the kind of transparent, ethical quid pro quo that a good man puts forward to help the world.
Bernie, a Jew, tells the Zionist warmonger state of Israel that if they want to keep on sucking down our tax dollars, they have to stop being a war criminal apartheid state. I think he will go further and end the Israel giveaway eventually, especially because Israel will insist on continuing its horrific treatment of Palestinians.
And we sure could use those billions here at home?
How you gonna help pay for Medicare for All, Bernie?
“Well, how about starting with the $4 billion a year we hand to a warmonger country?”
At this point, because of this and all the other excellent policies Bernie has put forward, the only person any true progressive can support is Sanders.
Not Gabbard, Warren, Mayor Peat, Yang the Wang, etc.
Sanders 2020!!!


We now know what the first question Andrea Mitchell will ask Bernie in the next debate. “Why do you support terrorist groups in the Middle East like HAMAS”.? Jake Tapper will be spending his morning interviewing rabid supporters of Israel smearing Bernie as an anti Semite.

Thank you Bernie for always doing the right thing.


You want to create more jobs in the U.S.? Impose tariffs and trade embargoes on Israeli products being sold here in huge quantities.
I’d start with handguns and self-defense equipment, move onto software products, end joint police training and tactical strategies in crowd control, police equipment etc… BDS jujitsu against most favored nation status, et al.
But, that’s just me.
What’s on your list today (_________)?


I do love me some Bernie Sanders, yes indeedy.


It takes an authentic Jew to act like a Christian.


Smerl, you are correct Israel receives money on multiple fronts. The US paid for the Iron Dome technology as well as other defense initiatives that we carry out. Obama also increased funding by several billion not long before he left office. Aiding Israel against the Palestinians, the same as aiding Saudis against Yemen.


I for one have never heard an American statesman speak this way and then speak this way to an American Jewish audience. This man is a God’s gift to America.


dang! now I know what visual crickets are!

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