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Sanders Says Biden's "Middle Ground" Approach to Climate Crisis Would "Doom Future Generations"

Sanders Says Biden's "Middle Ground" Approach to Climate Crisis Would "Doom Future Generations"

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Without mentioning Joe Biden by name, Sen. Bernie Sanders on Friday slammed the centrist climate policy reportedly being crafted by the former vice president's 2020 campaign as a dangerously inadequate approach that would "doom future generations."


it’ll screw THIS generation pretty good too


We should block out Everything Biden says, period! Not worth our time to listen to this sell out puppet talk about anything relevant. That goes for others who talk, make promises and never follow up on them. Support the candidates who are Doing something about Change!


I n a Pelosi interview on Wednesday she was asked about why Biden’s numbers were so high. She hemmed and hawed and pretended to want to stay away from comparisons. Then chucked that idea and started fawning over him.


Middle ground is better than nothing and a start. Trump is climate catastrophe on a greased sled.

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From the article:

“… confronting the climate crisis, which has pushed a million species to the brink of extinction…”

Except that’s NOT what the linked article says about the new UN biodiversity report. Not “the climate crisis” but instead a much deeper and systemic ecological crisis: “… the most authoritative and comprehensive assessment of global biodiversity ever published found that human exploitation of the natural world has pushed a million plant and animal species to the brink of extinction.”

It’s not primarily climate change that is driving mass extinction. It is land use, agriculture, cities, transportation, toxic chemicals, loss of habitat, chopping up ecosystems for “development.” And now, lucky age we live in, here comes climate catastrophe to multiply the already catastrophic human assault on ecology.

So, what we humans need to address is much larger than just atmospheric carbon! And this is very serious, and we need prominent people talking like this, and we need a mass movement organizing around this: We need a complete reboot of “the economy,” away from colonization and greed-driven profiteering as the driving forces (augmented by marketing-driven consumerism which exploits human psychology, desire and vulnerability in service to greed-driven profiteering), toward ecological economics that places human activity within ecology, and seeks to support thriving ecology as the FIRST PRINCIPLE of economics.

Instead we live at such a moment of stupidity ascendant and proud, in the USA today…


Imagine if you did not have a habitable, living planet, with an ecology. What would it take to create one?

What if you DID have a habitable, living planet, with an ecology. What would that be worth, and what would we do to protect and maintain that planet?

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We want Bernie and Elizabeth together!
Bernie was double digits above both Trump and Hillary in 2016.
If Bernie and Elizabeth join forces, the could be the greatest for-the-people President/Vice President partnership the US has ever had.
Vote Bernie and Elizabeth !!! :100:


Yes. But.

Conservation and lifestyle change are the main story. After stopping wanton killing via constant war.

Transforming the energy system while maintaining the consumption system is not a reasonable path to follow.

Life will rebound when winning monopoly by gentlemanly dressed gray side-burned banksters is replaced by healing Earth with human rights and way more fun.


Not really. As most of those versed in the science have observed, we must completely end fossil fuel use and we have almost no time left to do so. Some analyses suggest that we had better give attention to adaptation and survival of the species even as we try to head off the worst catastrophes.

The Dem. so-called “Centrists” like Biden continue to support fracking / natural gas production and infrastructure, erroneously calling it a “bridge fuel”… when every serious analysis makes clear that continued support with policies and infrastructure development mean more of it will be extracted and burned.

For the more than 3 decades that I and many others have been warning about this (and resignedly holding our noses while we voted for “Centrists”), the latter have at the same time acted as proxies for the fossil fuel industry, excusing their inaction with claims that it was too expensive to transition, or too disruptive, or …yada yada yada… all the while pocketing $$ from fossil fuel producers and those interests that are aligned with them.

Lots of people like to blame Trump and the R’s for our dire threat… but all of us who enabled the D’s to become Republicrats are equally responsible.

Collectively, we no longer have the luxury of biding time and hoping that incremental changes will somehow lead to the ones needed. We squandered the opportunities for such luxury.


“centrist” = corporate


Better than nothing is the drumbeat of mediocrity.

We’ve held our noses to the rhythm of “better than nothing” long enough to see where it gets us:

The laughably toothless Paris Accords
All-of-the-above energy policy that saw US oil production soar to its highest level ever
Tipping point after tipping point proceed into effect even sooner than predicted
Actual in-your-face climate chaos-spurred events like record rainfalls, droughts, fires, extinction of reefs

No, we don’t have time for that. Damn, we never did.


If the United States Government, put as much effort into building the United States up, fixing outdated water and electrical systems, building new schools and affordable housing, building mass transit systems in every major city, instead of spreading weapons all over the world and aiding other nations in killing their enemies, this might not be a bad place to live and raise a family.


I think so, Roger. As extreme as it is, with nothing left to lose - meaning life on earth is destroyed a little slower under right liberals than under the right - a hard line environmental movement that declared ‘support us or lose’ could…conceivably…force Democrats to use their power: not only their power to support radical environmental legislation, but their power to persuade - through organizational messaging to every level of government, through ‘donor outreach,’ through parallel ‘retraining’ legislation that could get labor on board, through the message they effectively send to right liberal media that can ‘signal amp’ their message.


If Bernie really want to be President, the media and Corporatists Democrats are not going to give it to him. He need to take the gloves off and stop talking about Trump, everything that can be said about him has already been said.

He would be better served, if he campaigned against this shitty Corporate owned system of government that Joe Biden helped to create !


Biden Centrist? Biden is better classified as far right pretending to be centrist.


Yes, people keep talking about “future generations”, but it’s already started & getting worse fast. Chances are if you plan on living a few more years, you will witness the ugly impacts of climate chaos, & I am quite sure that it will be directly or indirectly the cause of the majority of deaths to people now living.


Well, actually Sanders has strongly criticized & continues to severely criticize this corporatocracy, blaming (appropriately) both Democratic & Republican corporatists.

I think it’s worth listening to only to provide a rebuttal explaining why such proposals are harmful, just as most people here are doing.

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It is a whole range of anthropogenic crises destroying the environment, each feeding on & exacerbating each other, causing & accelerating mass extinction.


Associating Biden or any other candidate with “middle ground” is meaningless when you consider how far to the right the “middle ground” has moved during the past half century.

Although the corporations, their media and politicians label Sanders’ and other progressives’ platforms “radical” their platforms differ little from the platforms of JFK, LBJ and other 1960s centrists.

Biden’s approach would have been considered right wing, not “middle ground” a half century ago.