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Sanders Says Campaign 'Just Beginning' as Clinton Wins South Carolina



Uncle Tom won.


Is it because of the history of slavery in the South that even when confronted with Clinton's crude dismissal of the young black woman who attempted to recall her "Bring them to heel" statement and the fact that Hillary has played blacks and not actually done anything for them, in South Carolina they roll over and support her?


I was a twentysomething when Stockholm Syndrome was first described in 1973. My boss at the time, a fortysomething hardworking guy told me that when he lived in the South for his first thirty years he found blacks to be very affected by Stockholm Syndrome. Being a west coast denizen most of my life, to this day I discounted his opinion based on him being from the South. Even if Stockholm Syndrome is not the entire explanation for such widespread Clinton support among blacks, I have, today, forever found respect for my former boss's opinion.


Funny how abused people try to please their abusers. Don't these people know they have not freed themselves yet? Amazing to see how the southern blacks still are unable to shed the slave habits and still don't know how to act free


While Trump's claims that Latinos love him may be BS, the SC primary results give Trump 100% cred if he claims blacks love him, when you consider that every primary vote for Clinton indirectly improves Trump's chances of winning in November. Call it defacto love ?


Why the Democrats allow the Old Confederacy this kind of power in determining its nominee is hard to fathom. California, New York, Illinois, Penn., Michigan, Ohio, New Jersey, and others, consigned themselves to oblivion. From Ft. Sumpter to Birmingham, the Belle of the Southern Ball, is Ms. Hillary, or is it Ms. Scarlet.


No, no please hold on this is a long haul, it ain't over till the far lady sings. Even if Sanders looses the movement will only grow larger and larger, mark my words.


I can only hope that Bernie will switch to a relentless attack on Trump and stop the nit-picking with Hillary. That way he would demonstrate that he could take on the real enemy - and if he fails to get the nomination, he will make an eventual Democratic victory more likely. As far as I'm concerned, Trump presents a unprecedented danger to the republic and whatever Hillary's flaws. It is not in the interest of constitutional government to weaken her.

The current squabbling between left and center in the Democraric party Is similar in some ways the hostility between left and center which weakened the Spanish republic in 1937-38 and made the fascist victory of 1939 inevitable. Trump is a true authoritarian who must be stopped at all costs.


People were complaining that Iowa and New Hampshire had too much influence on the primaries. I think the answer is to stop having Iowa and New Hampshire first since they are not demographically representative of the US.


Actually, I just finished Orwell's Homage to Catalonia and Stanley Payne's history of Stalinist influence on Spain. Of course, Stalin gave his orders to the Spanish communist party to murder the anarchists and non-Stalinist left, but Spaniards carried out the crimie. My point is that Trump presents as great a danger to this republic as Framco did to Spain and he must be stopped. At this point no other consideration really matters other than that.

My fear is that Americans on the left have seen fascists under the bed for so long that they (we) fail to see the true fascist Trump,now that he has appeared.


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It's quite true. The places Sanders is little known is a hard road to hoe. It will be a tragedy if Black become their own cudgel. I trust Sanders. I fear Hillery.


Yes if California voted first Hitlery would have been toast.


Yes, even the NYT is insisting that she publish the bank speeches, and she's ignoring them along with everyone else. This should make it clear to the NYT: if she's not even willing to respect the right of the public to information when she's still a candidate, what possibility is there she'd be "honest and transparent" in response to demands for same as president? She's incredibly secretive and paranoid, and doesn't even attempt to hide the narcissistic reasons for her desire to be president. Add to that her history as the biggest hawk in the Obama administration, and I personally believe she's as dangerous as Trump -- just less visibly so.


Hillary would continue the status quo of Obama, and has made that very clear. Trump has said that he will conduct ethnic cleansing of Mexicans and Muslims, order the murder of terrorists' families, order torture for purposes of punishment, change the libel laws to limit freedom of the press. There is no real comparison. between a status quo president and one who announces that he will act to dismantle the constitutional system. He openly lies, as when he says he saw Muslims in NJ clelebrating 9-11, and has never admitted to any mistakes. He is a clear and present danger to the republic, whether you choose to call him a fascist, a Bonapartist, a Peronist, or whatever.


I am concerned that her foreign policy would be worse than Trump's, if one considers immigration a domestic issue, not foreign. Hillary would be after Putin from day one, and could trigger a nuclear war. Trump will work with Putin, and may push Israel harder than Hillary would too ...



The corrupt, Wall Street-owned Democratic Party is making short work of Bernie Sanders, and you are their next target. They are going to try to force, browbeat, shame, threaten and scare you into voting Hillary.

Resist! Resist! Resist!


That applies to South Carolina as well.

The whole system is probably outdated. How bout they use the Internet and have a national primary - start the campaign in January, have 4 national votes each two months apart to measure changes though the election year.