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Sanders Says Congress 'Cannot Go Home for Christmas Holidays' Without Delivering $1,200 Direct Payments

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/14/sanders-says-congress-cannot-go-home-christmas-holidays-without-delivering-1200


I think Sanders should call on his tens of millions of supporters to organize in the event of a coup de eta attempt by Trump.

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Some of the best humanitarians I’ve met or heard about were/are atheists or agnostics who’d make better examples of many of Christ’s teachings than too many “Christians.”

Conversely, some of the worst human(e) beings I’ve met or heard about are the most devout practitioners of “Christian” theology.


No religious zealotry is any good.


If congress doesn’t act, homeless shelters better be in place. Indoor sports arenas etc. Soup kitchens and bread lines too.


Fact is, most people aren’t doing anything to challenge the state to do this. Those in power feel no actual pressure to do anything, and Bernie and Hawley cannot by themselves push this through. So, if people want to the state to responsive to them, get off your ass and organize.

But, to hold anything up because of wanting to shield corporations from liability is shameful. It shouldn’t hold anyone up, and it would utterly decimate people. The Manchins of the world are just fucking worthless, horrible people, even worse politicians. This isn’t solving a problem, it is making it worse for most people. Even if someone gets a small bit of one time help, they could be forced back to work in unsafe conditions and get a hospital bill far beyond that. Most of those in the media are rich and they frankly don’t care, and many Democrats are rotten, empty people that don’t speak out much against this. Sure as hell didn’t make economics central to their campaigns, because these “centrists” don’t offer anything on policy and wouldn’t dare make this a campaign issue. After all, how many of their donors would like this too?

I appreciate Bernie doing this, I do, but this entire system is rotten to its core. Anyone arguing that the system is largely okay (which the so called moderates do) and that only small changes are needed shouldn’t be taken seriously. We are approaching Yugoslavia in the 1990s type bad, and long term trends are bad and getting worse.

Fact is, while this is better than nothing, a one time $1,200 payment is utterly shameful, not nearly enough and sadly, the outer bounds of what is likely possible in this broken, corrupt, immoral system. It wasn’t just broken by the far right and Republicans, and Democrats are not willing to have honest conversations on this.

See, by the way, the audit done on what happened in the primary in Iowa. Spoiler alert; the DNC meddling resulted in the train wreck there, and it ran a sham primary on, which is why their party nominated a zombie.


If people don’t start doing mass actions now, nothing will change. I appreciate Bernie doing this, but he would be far more effective if he used his mass database to organize people to do mass actions to put pressure on this system. He knows more than anyone in that cesspool that is DC that mass organizing is the only thing that has ever led to structural changes. He could play an important part in getting his supporters to protest, do sit ins, and to make life hell of those in both parties that are standing in the way of progress. But, he would have to be willing to be hated by the people in DC he seems to have increasingly grown close to. If people don’t rise up and start to scare the bourgeois interests, the capitalists and those in power broadly, nothing will change. Nothing. They have to be afraid of the people, and they clearly aren’t. See how Trump, Biden and Pelosi respond when questioned about their actions and horrible records. People in power that are truly scared of the public if they don’t put in place needed changes wouldn’t have the arrogant tone they have when questioned. Their attitude is almost like, yeah, I sold you out and it isn’t in your interest. Who are you to question me?


“That is not a negotiation. That is a collapse…” Tell it like it is, Bernie. I am deeply grateful for your voice of conscience.


I sent a message to the dem. party in Kentucky asking them to start organizing protests against McConnell both at him home there and in DC. Nothing back yet. Other states can organize against all kinds of issues, why aren’t the voters there doing something?

sigh-----it is so sad that there are so few humans elected to Congress. Thank you Bernie, and the few GOPers too that have hearts.


The Dem’s mantra in Georgia should be, “Vote Democratic for the Senate, get a $1,200 check.”

The $1,200 payment would support the economy from the ground up, having positive ripple effects that will help support the most people. (Even the right-leaning Brookings Institution acknowledged that trickledown economics is the opposite of reality, in its report on Bush’s stimulus plans, ca 2008.)

i think they can, Bernie, and they will. Because all of them won their races while telling us idiots to stuff it, and, who knew? the uual suspects voted for them anyway.

They owe us nothing now, and nothing is pretty much what we’ll get. And frankly, we kinda deserve it.

Edit: and totally off topic. Bummed rumors about Assange pardon were untrue. If that fat bast&rd could’ve just done one decent thing in 4 years…


That is good. Personally, I don’t want the Democrats to try to lead on anything. I have yet to see them do anything but coopt the work of activists and to channel them towards things that intentionally lead to nothing changing. We need bottom up organizing outside of the control of that party.

The left must lead this, so we should ask ourselves this question, answer it, then do something about it. Now.


Easier for those in power to pass laws and ordinances that make homelessness illegal. The problem can be passed to the police, who will then need more funding. Soup kitchens only work if there is food available to cook. With the current corporate agriculture and food distribution system, that is not the case. There is no shortage of either housing or food in the USA, only the will to see it distributed to those who need it.


If only the fauxgressives hadn’t given away all their leverage to pass the don’tCARES Act.

“Sanders ultimately opted not to try to block the spending measure last week, and the legislation passed the Senate on Friday.” Way to play hardball Bernie.

In 1930 ‘They’ did nothing for ten years and the DEpression lasted for ten years.
In 2008 they did nothing for six months and the Recession lasted for six months until ‘they’ realised that they would lose the whole world’s economy if nothing was done. Then ‘they’ created between 6 and 29 Trillion dollars and gave it to the banks to get the game running again. The numbers between 6 Trillion and 29 Trillion are pretty wide but the deception is not mine. The University of Missouri was more exact. They said 19 Trillion. That included a bank in Frankfurt Germany. The Us Government gave them a Trillion! Correct me if I am wrong.

One Trillion is only 5% of the University’s estimate. It would give $3,000 to every resident in the United States. It would tide the poor and needy over until the Depression was ended or it could be repeated even several times and still not equal what was given the banks to get the stock market casinos going again.
It is easier to create a Trillion dollars than to create a sack of corncobs. “The method by which the banks create money is so simple that the mind is repelled.”
Give every body with a Social insurance number a cheque or a direct deposit.

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Guess, they REALLY need to indemnify those responsible, above and beyond Cuomo’s liability boilerplate, ALEC cut & pasted VERBATIM, for PA, MI, CA… hidden in budgets?

~https://taibbi.substack.com/p/amazing-hypocrisy-democrats-make (bailing-out the Titanic, with a thimble)

~https://www.dailyposter.com/p/stimulus-bill-bails-out-defense-contractors (can’t make this shit up… WELL?)

~https://jacobinmag.com/2020/12/blackstone-rent-stephen-schwarzman-pandemic/ (their master’s voice)


Zealots of any type are “over the top” & therefore not the best examples of whatever it is their zealotry is centered around. They tend to turn more people away than toward their strongly held beliefs.

We do better when we rise up togethee! A mere handful of Congeess critters who care can’t stand alone against the millionaires, overpaid swamp creatures, & takers of large, often secret (dark money) campaign money…like, from big business who want ZERO LIABILITY for 5 yrs in order to cut back the safety & cleanliness that’s keeping workers AND customers from getting the virus due to unclean public environments! “Bsck to normal”? No thank you!
Big business can afford the extra cleaning staff, etc. ~ only pay them minimum wages. They just don’t WANT TO DO IT. (“More profit” Mantra!) Customers would also not be able to sue if businesses left up “clean for you” signs, but STOPPED cleaning! And how would you know if place is really clean or not?
You wouldn’t! We wouldn’t! 5yrs? Save lives. Create low wage cleaning jobs. Don’t lie to your workers & patrons. Just clean it!
Don’t we have more than enuff Billionaires (671) already??!
Do they REALLY need more money to hoard??!
That’s money taken OUT OF ECONOMY…all thst is NOT SPENT rebuilding our economy & making it stronger, more jobs, better wages at the bottom & middle are what is long overdue!! There is no shortage of top salaries & bonuses!!!

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I totally agree, no big business should be given immunity/zero liability from lawsuits over their handling, or lack thereof, the protection needed by their employees to stop COVID from running rampant through their business. For example, Amazon first refusing to pay for their employees that were in isolation, even though they contracted COVID at Amazon, then changed their minds. Amazon did nothing to prevent the spread of COVID throughout their warehouses to protect their employees. Then when Enough employees contracted COVID at work, Amazon did shutdown All their warehouses, to clean, disinfect and reorganize work stations to 6’ distancing. And that’s just one company that has acted with total disregard for their employees health. No large business should be shielded from the lawsuits for which they were the cause.
[An aside: Trump, since he, from the start of this pandemic has refused to acknowledge it or handle it to protect the country he is President of, should also not be allowed to have the immunity from being sued just because he is President. His refusal to do anything about or even say the word “covid”, makes him responsible for over 300,000 deaths which didn’t need to happen! Those families should have the right to sue him And for that matter, the Senators who support him and accept totally unacceptable behavior regarding COVID.]

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