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Sanders Says Congress Must Stop Trump From Exploiting Covid-19 Crisis to 'Bankrupt and Privatize the Postal Service'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/04/12/sanders-says-congress-must-stop-trump-exploiting-covid-19-crisis-bankrupt-and


a progressive response to this pandemic is not possible without USPS," pointing to proposals such as nationwide vote-by-mail, more direct cash payments, and prescription drug deliveries to the vulnerable.



The Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act of 2006 (PAEA) requires the Postal Service, which receives 𝗡𝗢 taxpayer subsidies, to prefund its retirees’ health benefits up to the year 2056.

This is a $5 billion per year cost, a requirement that 𝗡𝗢 𝗢𝗧𝗛𝗘𝗥 entity, private or public, has to make. Because of this, the PO runs at a loss.

Greedy wealthy capital owner interests are touting this loss in an attempt to privatize the Post Office to enrich themselves. If the Post Office was to be privatized, it should be owned by EVERY citizen, as an individual, not allowed to be owned by the already wealthy.


Yes indeed, USPS has “received no taxpayer subsidies” ever since Congress changed its name from the US Post Office to the US Postal Service in 1971, and no organization on the face of the earth, private or public, has ever funded health benefits or pension systems even HALFWAY to 2056.

Why would “Congress act now and save it” when Congress has been systematically destroying the USPS for nearly a half century ?


The right wing is literally destroying the USA.


Obama should have gotten rid of this poison pill, he had a chance when he came in.

Where is he now, I wonder. As a past president, does he not have something useful to contribute to the current crisis?



Jesus H. Christ. Trump and his swamp rats have no problem literally shoveling bailout money to every other corporation, many of which don’t even need it, and yet he flat-out refuses, on threat of a veto of the whole relief package, to include a penny for the one agency that is the most vital to the whole country and that needs it the most. Damn this pig to hell. I don’t know whether to be madder at him or the idiots who still support him. How can anyone with the common sense of a 5-year old not see how this madman is screwing us every step of the way and licking his chops over the prospect of literally owning this country?

I’m sick of hearing people tell us not to politicize this pandemic, when that is precisely what our politicians are doing, and doing it for their own goddamn benefit, in order to kill off every last vestige of the New Deal and what little remains of democratic values in this country. Already enough damage has been done, not just by the threat of COVID- 19 but by Trump and his boot-licking monkeys, to have destroyed our economy, and if allowed to go unchecked, we will see the complete collapse of our social structure as we become a corporate-fascist state that will make Big Brother a reality once and for all. Or at the very least a dystopian nightmare that will make life a living hell for all but the One Percent.


Perfectly put! Those with a lot of money have been hard at work planning to create a two tier system of haves and have nots, serfs and lords. No one in between, I just pray that this covid episode will shake the Trump supporters to the roots. Those supporting the GOP without millions in the bank will be treated the same as blacks and Hispanics are treated today.


Imagine 163000 well paying jobs supporting a large segment of the society replaced by Amazon warehouse workers driving USPS vehicles we’ve paid for. And all the USPS buildings and land handed over to Mr. Bizos practically for free. If now still isn’t the time for public uprising in support of the public against our common enemies, the 1% elites, when will it be?


Yes, but one Party at a time; the most evil, fascist, Party first and then the fake,opposition Party next!


The Republican Party? How about… the entire oligarchy? No, the Dems are not stabbing us in the gut and smiling about it, like the Republicans, but they have been complicit with them all along on too many issues. They are a gutless bunch of sheep who are as deep in the pockets of their corporate sugar daddies as the Republicans. The only difference between the two parties is that the Dems like to pretend to care about the people by throwing us a few crumbs from time to time.


I have many relatives who support Trump and they worship wealth and the only way in my opinion, " to shake the Trump supporters to the roots" would be a market crash similar to what happened in 1929 where Trump’s wealthy and greedy supporters lose millions.


The big issue I see now is that if Trump fires all USPS workers his dogged hateful supporters will gleefully fill those jobs with half the pay. Not realizing that a few years after that they’ll be asked to work 10, 12 to 16 hours a day. A few years later they’ll be asked to sacrifice for their “white” only nation and work for food,etc… .you get the trend.


USPS. Next up, National Weather Service. Then the Military-the DeVos-Prince dynasty will happily sell mercenaries from around the world to the government for allegedly less than a standing government military. Best part-not subject to civilian oversight and the Geneva Convention. Then…the real plum-Social Security and Medicare. In the meantime, desperate local governments will sell off their public water systems to private companies, and we’ll face the hell that Chile, Brazil, and many other countries face trying to find affordable clean water. The global cry is, “Wash our hands? How can we, when we have no clean water! It has been stolen from us by US corporations.”


Getting rid of the postal service is a great way to prevent voting by mail. Just in time for the November elections. Even states that have been totally vote by mail will have to go back to in-person voting at the precinct. All 50 states plus. Both Sanders and Biden need to get on this aspect of it.


Thumbs up Gary. Also this from another comment board proving that Trumps actions are illegal and unconstitutional and too good not to pass on to concerned citizens.

“The Post Office is one of very few federal functions enumerated in the Constitution of the United States of America (see the “postal clause” at Article I, Section 8, Clause 7). Insofar as it is the duty of the Federal Government to provide postal service (and has been since the Post Office was established in 1792), any attempt to privatize the USPS should be opposed on Constitutional grounds, and litigated if necessary.”


Where is f*ck is Uncle Joe? Oh, that’s right! Corporate Joe is waiting on Wall Street to tell him what to do before speaking. Or remaining silent because Wall Street has told him to be quiet.


Bernie has been supportive if the postal service for years talking about different ways they could increase their revenue, like even banking. It would be somewhere where people without a bank account could go without giving their house away to cash a check and more. Biden, I’ve never heard a word out of him about this and most likely won’t.


So am I my friend! AND YES IT WILL GET WORSE. Just watched an interview of Edward Snowden and to paraphrase: Trump and his fellow Republican. Fascists, will use the Corona virus for: " AN ARCHITECTURE OF OPPRESSION".


Is Uncle Joe even capable of speaking anymore? The last time anyone heard from him, he was in the final stages of advanced dementia. I doubt if the poor slob is lucid anymore. He’s probably at the stage where he wanders around his neighborhood in his bathrobe, flashing the neighbors and trying to jack off, with a lunatic grin on his face, missing half his dentures.