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Sanders Says Donald Trump Simply Too Dangerous 'To Sit This One Out'


Sanders Says Donald Trump Simply Too Dangerous 'To Sit This One Out'

Jon Queally, staff writer

With just two days until election day, Bernie Sanders' message to his supporters over the weekend was a simple one: Don't sit on your hands. Vote. And vote wisely.


Sure, Bernie the Betrayer, because Little Miss No-Fly Zone's empirical aggression never hurt anyone, right?

You're partly right, though, He Who shall Not Get His Committee Chair. No need to sit this one out. Need to help grow a challenge to the Democratic party. And that's who needs votes this year.


Probably most readers of CD supported Bernie in the primaries. We have children and grandchildren also, and we want a better and more peaceful future for them and for all the people in the world.

And that is precisely why I will not vote to perpetuate the system that either ignores or has caused so much suffering in the world.

I vote for peace, for the people! I vote Stein/Baraka!


I have never voted for a Republican and never sat an election out, however with each election I find fewer Democrats with acceptable track records than I did in the previous election. I am part of the trend of fewer US voters identifying as Democrats with each passing election since 1960. The biggest downward spikes occurred during the first terms of Clinton and Obama when they sold their base out, enabling the GOP to take control of Congress.

Sanders should be handing out Maalox and anti-depressants at these gatherings since those items will be needed on November 9 if Trump wins, or by Thanksgiving when Clinton will have announced her first round of appointees.


I would never "sit this one out." I donated to and phonebanked for Bernie, and now I'm voting for Jill Stein.

It's not about Hillary's "personality," Bernie. It's about her lying, influence peddling, and warmongering. It's about her "public" vs. "private" positions. It's about her absolute corruption. It's also about not rewarding the Democratic Party leadership for rigging the nomination for Hillary, which is why I wouldn't vote for Hillary even if she were not the worst possible candidate.

Without the Green New Deal that Jill Stein is calling for, to achieve 100% renewable energy by 2030, it will be "game over" for our grandchildren. Hillary promotes fracking and building pipelines like the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Jill Stein will win if enough people vote for her. Our grandchildren will live in a dystopia, assuming they can stay alive, if either Trump or Hillary wins.

Here is film director Josh Fox ("Gaslands"), explaining why we can't afford incrementalism: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jJbv3UiIK4o


Jill Stein will win if enough people vote for her. I agree with her positions, so I'm voting for her.


Do you know that insulting people is unlikely to attract them to your position?


Seems Bernie is isn't getting either. We are not going to support a status qua candidate. Over the last 40 years we working people have been getting slammed by them, promise, after promise, broken.
Why Bernie, why, should we trust another one, this even more in bed with wall street and military industrial complex then those that sold us out in the past.

Stein/Baraka 2016
Oh, it will be our fault that the DNC committed fraud during the primaries and the best candidate got cheated out of the nomination?
No, fault lays with the crooked DNC and their allegiance to the Clinton's, not with us.

Stein/Baraka 2016


Yes, Bernie, both of these candidates are too dangerous 'To Sit This One Out.' So why did you?


The conservative tax foundation has some good news for progressives that enjoy minimizing the consequences of a Trump election. He's going to dump the estate tax and the gift tax! He'll also reduce the top income tax rates to 33%.

"Huh," you say, "that doesn't seem low enough to bring about the glorious revolution soon." Well, don't worry, he'll also create some nice cuts like eliminating minimum income taxes so it's easier to hide income as well as the net investment tax. Oh, and reduce corporate rates to 15%. Also, middle class families will pay more!

This is the way to keep government lean and encourage a revolution for Green. You can see the plan here:


Bernie's problem is that drummed up a lot of paranoia about corporate control of politicians and now he is asking the same paranoid people who supported him to vote for Hillary Clinton who claimed he was corrupted by corporate money. That being said he is probably not the best messenger to ask for people to vote for Clinton. He is absolutely right about the danger posed by Donald Trump but after maligning Clinton's integrity during the debates it is difficult for him to make the case to vote for her. When it comes to asking for people to vote for Clinton I think Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, and Joe Biden are in a much better position. Barack Obama has been been fighting the paranoia and conspiracy theories that Sanders has stirred up. Obama has been very frustrated by all the left wing conspiracy theories but has not found an answer. Nonetheless, I hope Sanders is successful in getting at least some of his supporters to realize the danger of electing so great that they will vote for Hillary Clinton.


Enough already. I'm so afraid I'm going to lock myself in my room and never come out. Then again, I will come out on Nov. 8 to vote for Stein-Baraka.


Hey it will be as effective as the 1% hiding in their luxury bunkers when either of these two candidates trigger Nuclear War.


Bernie says Trump too dangerous to sit this one out?

Then let me ask you Bernie, if you really believe that about Trump, why did you decide to sit this one out and sell out to HRC? Most polls showed that you were by far the stronger candidate for POTUS!


Please, Sen. Sanders, give it a rest. We're cynical but not delusional. " No matter how cynical I get, I just can't keep up ". Lily Tomlin " The money is not in the cures, it is in the diseases ". Chris Rock ( my ss added, so sue me;:wink: ).


Bernie says: "But on every important issue—every single one—her views are far, far better than Donald Trump's"... this is certainly not true. Many of Trump's positions are far to the left of Hillary, and much closer to Bernie's. Trade, anti-Russian posturing, avoiding wars of choice for regime change, closing military bases overseas... are some that come to mind.
I understand Bernie, I think. He really sees Trump as a much greater threat than Hillary, and he may be right (though as to who would be more likely to start a nuclear war, well, it's a toss up there). But Bernie should stop his exaggerated support of Clinton.
It's becoming embarrassing.


This form Wikileaks:

Sanders had non-aggression pact with Clinton who had "leverage" to enforce it Robby Mook ("re47") email reveals… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/794756750926876672

Also, this article: http://ijr.com/wildfire/2016/11/729923-wikileaks-bernie-sanders-and-hillary-clinton-had-a-deal-before-the-election-this-is-just-unbelievable/

Many of us were clear about Sanders from the start.


As someone who works for a federal regulatory agency, I am perfectly happy with who my boss will be under Clinton - the same one it is now - a union coal miner who worked his way up through state and federal agencies. Under Trump, my boss will very likely be the owner of a coal company literally with the blood of miners on his hands and soul.

And every other employee of every good agency trying to reign in the most savage aspect of capitalism will have the same story to tell about a Trump administration.


Your are considering how your fellow citizens particularly minorities and wage earners will be affected by your decision to elect Trump?


Gosh, who should I believe? New Bernie, or Bernie Classic? Here's a snippet of the latter's thoughts on voting third party, which appeared in a Chicago Tribune article that was published on Sept. 16 of this year:

[In] 1988, Sanders endorsed Jesse Jackson for president when Jackson was running as a Democrat. This, at the time, was seen as a pragmatic move for the socialist mayor. But it came with a catch: He really wanted Jackson to run as a third-partier or independent.

"My own preference would have been, and I would have rather have seen, Jesse Jackson run independently, third-party, outside of the Democratic Party," Sanders said at the time. Sanders also said in the same news conference that the two major parties would never create the kind of real change that was needed.

"Essentially, it's my view that the leadership of the Democratic Party and the Republican Party are tied to big-money interests and that neither of these parties will ever represent the people in this country that are demanding the real changes that have to take place," he said.

It appears that sometime in the early 90's Bernie and the Democratic Party came to an "understanding", whereby the Democrats would never mount a meaningful electoral challenge, and in return Bernie would be a Democratic loyalist in all but name. What's ironic is that his rhetoric about the corrosive and corrupting influence of corporate money has never changed, just his prescription for what to do about it. Now it's "Vote Democrat! Work to change the party from within!" A course of action he totally rejected and scoffed at in earlier days.

What can be accomplished by voting for a candidate that the polls indicate can't possibly win? The same question could be reasonably asked of the voters who backed John Fremont, candidate of the brand new Republican Party, in the election of 1856. The answer was that Fremont represented their values, beliefs and priorities, and the other candidates did not. And just as importantly, there had to be a John Fremont before there could be an Abraham Lincoln.

I'm voting for Jill Stein with a crystal clear conscience, because both of the mainstream candidates are corrupt, dishonest, malignant and dangerous tools of the oligarchy. The overriding issues facing our society today are, if anything, even more daunting and potentially calamitous than the slavery issue that so divided the country in the mid-19th century. Thus an urgent need for building an alternative political power structure, since if there's one thing that is crushingly obvious, it's that the major parties are completely under the control of people with a vested interest in more of the same, and wresting control of either the Republican or Democratic Party away from their corporate masters is a pipe dream and a fantasy.

Classic Bernie was dead right about that.