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Sanders Says GOP Budget Chair Won't Hold Hearing on Trump Plan Because It Would Expose President as 'Fraud That He Is'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/02/13/sanders-says-gop-budget-chair-wont-hold-hearing-trump-plan-because-it-would-expose


More and more, I see Bernie as Henry Wallace after Wallace saw that the corporate Democrats were trying to push him out of the party and replace him with Truman. Wallace got rid of his filters and just started telling the whole truth, smashing the corrupt politicians in the face with it.
FDR had done so as well, and FDR was also bluntly confrontational with Wall Street, the wealthy elites, and others who opposed the New Deal.
My surmise is that Bernie sees there’s nothing to lose by abandoning the faux “civility” of the Senate and the corporate media, and just calling out the criminals to their face.
I hope he continues, and increases this approach.
Americans are tired of lies, euphemisms, and people saying “my esteemed colleague.” Other than the only Mormon I like, Mitt Romney, there are no esteemed GOP senators. They’re all whores for Trump.


If the Dumbf supporters weren’t like those “See no; hear no; speak no evil monkeys”, Dumbf would go down like an anvil in an elevator shaft. Stoopid will destroy what is left of this country if they don’t wake up. But it seems there are few alarm clocks that can reach them.


Maybe Bloomberg will make an ad calling out this budget for what it is. Ads against Trump are the only thing he’s good for, so I hope he brings it on. I just got a letter from my Crapo senator explaining how diligently he was protecting the constitution when he voted to acquit. Repugs have no shame.


Maybe you can rip the letter in two and mail it back to Crapo.


And speaking of shameless, Madame Speaker Pelosi couldn’t have gone any easier on Rs in the Senate except by burdening them with only one article of impeachment. Ahh, if only the 99% had as much class solidarity as the bloated ticks of the 1%…to them, party labels are strictly for the rubes.


The imperial presidency of king trump the first is enforcing his agenda, his will, his utter ignorance, bigotries and malignant pathology on America!
The American revolution was inspired and fought against king george, and those patriots would be ashamed and infuriated - roll-over in their graves - at the corrupt power, crimes, and de facto treason against the US Constitution and Bill of Rights so many fought and died-for!

The arrogance of this “royal” dictatorship, now cloathed /cloaked and wrapped in the flag to con the rubes, while his destructive subversive actions are transparent - trump stands naked, but many ignore his crimes against our Republic!

The lacky servitude of R’Cons and infuriating weakness/complicity from DINO Dems to trumps oligarchy and crimes against the people and planet are beyond contempt; corrupt domination by vast wealth over the people and Congress! Craven complicity with trumps imperial rule by executive fiat has become the mostly unchallenged or weak norm of king trump!

Congress as the voice of the people is now a fraud, a joke - made a mockery by the entrenched leadership and corruption of representative government now openly Of, By, and FOR great wealth by both parties, especially egregious after the treasonous “Citizen’s United” ruling that equates wealth with free speach!

ENOUGH! Bernie Sanders 2020 to restore our lost/stolen/usurped and corrupted representation - restore integrity and truth!


Bernie is the only voice of reason in a sea of Corporate Democrats grabbing for the ring.

Do not let yourself be distracted by the smoke and mirrors of the corporate fools on the hill.


Bernie’s brutal honesty and integrity are what separate him from those who would have you believe otherwise.

America must have Bernie Sanders as the next President.

He will not forsake us.


…with some dog crap on it…


Supporting Bernie is a good start, but even if he gets the nomination and wins the election, I suspect that nothing will change much in this rigged system. The oligarchs and D and R henchmen are not going to be stepping down, aside, or leaving the scene. We the People have to confront this corrupt system directly.

A Constitutional Convention is one alternative. Though dangerous in many ways, nothing could be much worse than what we have now. The other alternative is a bloody revolution; the result of which could be a lot worse than scraping our current Constitution and starting over.


The danger would depend on whose interests are prioritized. William Greider posits four fundamental questions of politics:

Who benefits?
Who pays?
Who must be listened to?
And who can be safely ignored?

Before embarking on the uncharted waters of a Constitutional convention, we had best make ourselves unsafe to ignore.


Ironically enough, I saw commenters at the NYT saying that they can now understand why Jefferson, Revere, Adams, Washington et al decided they couldn’t peacefully settle their differences with the King of England and his lackeys in the colonies.
I’m sure I’ll end up on some Homeland Security hit list for posting this quote from Jefferson:
“What country ever existed a century and a half without a rebellion? And what country can preserve its liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms. The remedy is to set them right as to facts, pardon and pacify them. What signify a few lives lost in a century or two? The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” - 13 Nov. 1787


hey, Rebel - granted the prospects for reform even with a Sanders presidency is limited, and perhaps impossible,; without a House and Senate that also reflects and works for truth and non-partisan integrity for the Common Good.

A Constitutional Convention, especially in such a polarized society, as you write, is very dangerous and perhaps deadly.

The Constitution and Bill of Rights already existing, and their words are pretty good, IF read as a living document, not as “strict constructionalists” demand; those words also must includemore than one or extreme visions and interpretations. IF enforced and protected by a Congress of intelligent, educated, wise, and truthful people they can work - and I admit forming/electing thatgroup of people of integrity immune to corruption so rampant, is highly questionable given the current state of politics and electoral frauds/represions. Whatever, we must try or give-up…


freedom is another word for nothing left to lose and in 2016 the Dems certainly gave Bernie nothing left to lose. Bernie, let’er rip!! Might as well. rump won by filling his speeches with inflammatory BS. Perhaps, Bernie will win by filling his speeches with inflammatory reality!


With a pair of reading glasses. A maybe a free tutorial on the constitution.

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We have to refer to Bernie as a democrat for the purpose of the election. But we all know he is an independent, social democrat. A third party entity running in a two party system.


Fool on the hill, Beatles.
What I liked about posted music is that while listening I could continue to scroll through the posts.
Maybe the music will be allowed without other links some day.


This is the key!


Are we there yet? Has the time come? How do we get there?