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Sanders Says He Agreed to Fox News Town Hall to Send Simple Message to Trump Voters: 'He Lied to You'


Sanders Says He Agreed to Fox News Town Hall to Send Simple Message to Trump Voters: 'He Lied to You'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Distinguishing between Fox News' massive audience and its extremist on-air personalities, Sen.



Forget 2016 and his “betrayal”. This man is going into the fire to try and wake more people up to the insanity that is in D.C. Yeah, I was pissed about 2016 also but I can’t imagine not supporting someone who speaks for me on 90%+ of the issues. In other words, I’m back in the Bernie fold for 2020.
(Oh…and I am VERY much aware of Tulsi and am watching her progress.)



How cool is that? Bernie is hand delivering his message on FOX to the many who voted for Trump and pointing out all of his lies. The viewership on FOX is Huge. That’s getting to the Root of Trumps base. Great plan Bernie.




Many of us feel the same way about 2016, but … How can we Not support him now?



There will be those who CANNOT forget his “Perez Tour” no matter what you tell them. I, personally, feel that (given the look on his face during that period) that he was, in some way, co-erced into it.



I fully support Bernie doing a town hall meeting on Fox. If you want to be president, you need to talk to everyone, not just the avocado toast crowd at Starbucks. The last time Bernie was on Fox in 2016, he was quite effective. He clearly articulated his positions, was resolute in his opinions and people responded positively.

Look, Bernie is honest and he fundamental believes in what he says. Americans, even the far right, respect that although it doesn’t mean they will vote for him. Corporate democrats hate Fox because the hosts readily pick their hypocrisy apart. The crowd hears to the non answer responses, the bland retorts and vague non definitive rhetoric. They know its a trick and that they are being lied to. Everybody gets it which is why the corporate democrats bristle at the thought of going on Fox.

Go for it Bernie. Better yet, why not schedule a couple more town hall meetings on Fox while you are at it. Nothing like pealing off some of Trumps base. It’s a smart strategy which is why mainstream democrats haven’t thought of it.



Bernie, make sure to bring some really good body guards.



Likely the Fox crowd will think of it in terms of Hillary’s “deplorable” comment. When Bernie says, “he lied to you,” their first thought will be, “Oh, you’re calling us stupid and gullible because we believed his lies,” and their second thought will be, “This just proves you don’t understand us, because none of that had anything to do with why we voted for him.”

The vast majority of people, both on the right and the left, vote with emotions, not reason. And the most effective emotion to encourage people to vote for you is hatred. These people are unable to conceive of societal issues in any way other than group dynamics and separating “us” vs “them”. There is no way to reason with them.



I expect Bernie will get more love on Fox than he would at DNCNN or MSDNC.



I’m gonna do something I usually will not do, that is put in a comment b-4 I read the piece. I have said in the past (Dennis Kucinich going on Fox “news” a lot when he was an Ohio Rep) that no Dem should go on Fox (boycott) because they would constantly interrupt them and have absolutely NOTHING good to say about them or their policies. Now, I have changed my mind because Sanders is virtually getting NO positive or negative coverage on the major networks and cable outlets. Even C span (that SUPPOSEDLY non-biased network) hardly even mentions his name. Ya know, a lot of people that WOULD have voted for Sanders if he would have been the nominee ended up voting for Trump. Bottom line, I think it’s a good move on his part, at least he will get SOME media coverage.



Same here. I have ALWAYS been a Bernie lover from way back when BECAUSE he has always said the same things over the years and his legislation, although seldom passed into law has always been liberal/progressive. I like to say, “he’s the real deal”.



He also lied about releasing his taxes and paying shut-up money to his porn star.



I would argue, the problem is not what many say Bernie did in 2016 of selling out to Hillary, the problem is by supporting Bernie we are supporting the corrupt Democratic Party.



Very interesting thought. I hope that you are right. This is the first time in nearly fifteen years I wish I had a T.V.!



I DESPISE the damnocrats and I’d LOVE to see the Greens or an upstart party take root, BUT for now we need to do what we can and Bernie is my choice to speak for ME.



Pretty sure this commenter is talking about the rump. Bernie with a porn star? Uh…yeah…right…



Well, it kinda shook me; it wasn’t a real clear post.
My apologies, nineteen50. I thought I knew your position and posts better than that. Please forgive my knee-jerk reaction.
I am going now to cancel my response now>>>>



Anyone still in the Trump camp will be impervious to facts, or reality in general.
Chances are they were a lost cause long before Trump came along.



Never telegraph your strategy. Faux will pack the audience with rabid Trumpanzees.

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