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Sanders Says He 'Welcomes Hatred of Crooks Who Destroyed Our Economy' After Blankfein Suggests He May Vote Trump Over Bernie

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/02/21/sanders-says-he-welcomes-hatred-crooks-who-destroyed-our-economy-after-blankfein


The ego on this guy. Does he really think all of those Sanders supporters are so in love with what Blankfein represents that when this asshole claims he will vote Trump over Sanders while implying it an act of Patriotism , that all of those Sanders supports will reconsider their votes?

I suggest this swings yet more support Sanders way. The Blankfeins of this world are so despised sticking a pin in him is something people will welcome.


This greedy, shameless asshole, Lloyd Blankfein (personal fortune $ 1.1 billion), once claimed that “Goldman Sachs was doing God’s work.” So, what does that make Jesus? God’s “Senior Executive in Charge of International Investments”? These Wall Street scum are just unbelievable. For the Great Recession of 2008 hey should all be locked up.


Blankfein’s cluelessness is of epic (i.e. “let them eat cake”) proportions.

It doesn’t bode well for the elites if a significant number of them share his delusions.


Blankfein is right! He’s not rich, he’s filthy, immorally rich. There should be no billionaires because no one EARNS that much. What a jerk!


Can he really be that tone-deaf? Anybody not of the 1% should view his tantrum as a ringing endorsement.

Hey, Blankfein! (and your bestie Jamie Dimon)! Sing the last chorus along with us:

“You will eat
By and by
When you’ve learned
How to cook
And how to fry
Chop some wood
Do you good
You’ll get pie in the sky
When you die!”
–Josef Hillstrom, aka Joe Hill


It makes Jesus the fraud he always was. Son of God, my ass.


Yeah there is no reason to compromise with thieves and agree to their participation in an honest clean economy. It’s perfectly okay to cause anger and resentment to the billionaire class. The economy will create better paying green jobs because governments can use tax the bastards to create high paying sustainable green jobs. The elites class are only interested in the stock market multiplying their investment in anyway possible irrespective of any damage done to anyone or anything. In short, profits over everything!


The Blankenstein monsters of this country haven’t paid their fair share of taxes in decades and they want us to listen to them?

F#€k their greedy logic that is supposed to make us believe anything they spew.


I don’t know if Bernie has a campaign song or not, but my suggestion is “I Won’t Back Down”, as written by Johnny Cash, and ably performed by Tom Petty.

The DNC needs to hear these lyrics daily, even in their sleep.


These people are clueless about what the everyday average Americans have to do to eek out a living. Millions homeless as a direct result of the 2007/2008 banksters heist and robbery of our national treasury (socialism for the rich). Tens of trillions of the hard working American families was paid to bolster the crooks who caused the economic collapse. Tens of millions of working families lost their homes and ended up homeless. Have we forgotten that mega thievery?


One of Bernie’s best endorsements. The enemy of my enemy is my best friend.
Blankfein: a self centered avaricious unpatriotic wretch.


Blankfein displayed verbally what really matters to him & his fellow wealthy…the ONLY thing that matters…getting and protecting their wealth and the holy sacred “economy” that favors them…
authoritarianism, wars, destruction of the only habitable planet in this galaxy, civil rights, women’s rights, education…you name it, is of no importance to them…only maintaining their undeserved wealth. And that’s why this class & their political & media protectors are freaking out over Bernie’s recent surge…they know they might have to start looking for a smaller yacht or maybe a 15,000 ft. playhouse instead of 20,000, if Bernie beats Trash…oh, the horror!


Yes, everything YOU need to know!


Sen. Bernie Sanders on Friday said he welcomes "the hatred of the crooks who destroyed our economy

Now, does this not deserve a donation to Sanders Campaign??


He’s a victim of Sander’s class war don’t you know?




To have Blankfein, other Wall Street figures, Silicon Valley billionaires, and other oligarchs in the Democratic Party illustrates how corrupt the Democratic Party has become, especially since the days of Bill Clinton. FDR never had this group forming one of his bases of support.


It’s almost funny, the ability of these idiots to self-own.


Capitalism is based on forever growth, the earth’s resources are limited and concentrating in fewer hands, overexploited, exhausted and extinguished, its human population is growing exponentially, increasing pollution is causing global heating and greed head Blankfein and his diseased ilk are worried about what he calls our “American character”.