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Sanders Says If Israel Wants to Ban Members of Congress, It Should Decline Billions in US Military Aid

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/16/sanders-says-if-israel-wants-ban-members-congress-it-should-decline-billions-us


And where are the “other” voices of our gov leaders? They are too busy making amends behind the scenes to AIPAC prob telling that organization that they should not be included in BS remarks.
What cowards we have in Congress and what a bigot we have as president!


It should not receive billions in military aid whether or not it bans Congress critters.


Hey Bernie, your Brooklyn is showing. Good on you. Bernie 2020!


I say: If Israel wants to commit genocide, I’d rather not help them.


Hello Jake Johnson and Everyone, I fully expect our fascist government to keep supporting Israel with money and all of our military resources, our spy networks including elint. The monies will keep increasing until it reaches 25 billion or even more. The Reich wing government on nuttin jahoo et al will keep sucking at the us via AIPAC and other means! Time for the us people to take it up the wazoo without any lube. Not only once but each and every day until there is no wazoo!


One…one lonely voice in the vast wilderness that speaks truth to power. One, that makes him the power of truth. The amazingly wonderful thing to me is how judiciously he wields that sword. It is never used in a slash and burn. It is a healing thing to hear and see.


Bravo to Bernie Sanders for his integrity and leadership! If we only had more of his quality and honesty!

If people would understand that all the hullabaloo about Russian meddling and interference in our elections etc, is a tiny fraction of the decades-long massive sabotage, spying, subversion, and manipulating and influencing our politicians, elections, Congress and especially foreign policy to further their own racist ends in Palestine.

The billions in “aid” annually are far above the claimed numbers when all hidden aid is counted, including all the “forgiven” loans never repaid… That “aid” is a theft from America needs and priorities, a theft by corrupted politicians serving Israel first!

The fact that so many of our elected officials have been turned to support any Israeli atrocity, war crime, mass murders, or fomenting the US into their wars makes the actions of those American politicians treasonous by any measure!

This trump regime is only the latest most visible and blatant Israeli extremist stooge and sycophant lap-dog. Both parties presidents, politicians, and “leadership” are all guilty of licking Israel’s boots, but when it come to standing up for principle and justice, peace and truth, they are nowhere to be found - except at the annual AIPAC “loyalty” show, where our politicians make obeisance to the zionist entity!

As pathetic a display of craven servitude to a foreign power and the big-lie as ever was!

BDS! Zionism IS Racism!.


My thought also, they have free health care and us in Amerika have hurry up and die health care.


You can count on Bernie, AOC, Omar, and a handful of other Democrats to tell the truth on a regular basis.
You can count on DNC, Biden, Schumer, Pelosi, Hoyer and the other corporate sellouts to say little if anything as Trump and his gang, along with criminals like Bibi, wreck our country and our world.
Notice that billions of our tax dollars are handed to apartheid Israel.
Notice that impeachment is still not happening.
Notice that Trump is still defying Congress, violating the emoluments clause, gutting environmental regulations.
Notice that Barr, whose father and Epstein were CIA assets together, is covering up a murder.
Notice that Chuck and Nancy are in bed with AIPAC.
It’s time for good Americans to do what the people of Hong Kong are doing.
Bernie 2020:


Bravo Bernie. Speaking the Truth In Public!


Well, Bernie, it’s all over for you now. AIPAC will now proceed with assassination of your character. You said what needed to be said, but at what cost?


Bernie in 2020 is our only real choice. Except for maybe Elizabeth, the rest of the Dem crowd are not up to what we need to counteract the Trump devastation. I have always been for Bernie and his brand of socialism that helps to even the playing field. Instead of the government just supporting the rich and powerful let’s support those of us who really need the resources of this government. Heath care for all. Fair and livable wages for all. Tax the super rich fairly but thoroughly. I’m talking about taxing 80% of the extreme wealth the super rich have unfairly amassed.


Unfortunately, Warren has pandered to the military-industrial complex, and AIPAC. Bernie is by far the only progressive choice. Watch the Bernie interview I posted earlier.


Here’s Whitney Webb on Epstein and the Mossad:




Why Israel gets away with this shit…!!!

Oh, that’s right. We have a nut cake in the White House.


Careful Bernie. You are attacking the vital organs of the malevolent entity known as the USA. The MIC is the heart. It pumps the blood money through our militarized economy. Israel is the brain, dictating to our traitorous federal lawmakers what our foreign, and domestic policy should be. Together these two organs are essential to life for the monster this country has become. The most dangerous animal is a wounded one.


Guys, guys Wait. We are MERICA we give billions to many nations. Merica gives so that it can first occupy a nation. Then so it can manipulate said nation policies. Then if that don’t work Merica goes straight rouge on dat ass. Really americans? is this the kind of America that we want?. Are these the kind of Values we want expressed to the world?. Isreal. Yes merica must cut off fund to that state. But isreal is not the only nation state merica needs to cut off. The right -wing ( as much as it kills me to say this) has taken care of not only their business but also their entire agenda of world dominance. WE MUST STAND UP AMERICA!


I am feeling you. I mean for real what we as americans going to really do. We must stand up and stand as one as americans. Can we get this done?. Is there enough belief in the people hearts to stand up and make the changes we need as americans?. These are tough questions that each of us americans have to ask ourselves. Are we willing to put our life and freedom on the line for our AMERICA?.


This is the opening we need to demand that the U. S. government end ALL aid to Israel as a prelude to a world-wide boycott and embargo of this illegitimate, criminal state until it collapses and can be taken over by the legitimate owners of the land, the Palestinians. It won’t happen this time, but the idea needs to be stated legitimately and continuously until it becomes acceptable, and can’t be shouted down by the Zionist lobby and AIPAC.