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Sanders Says McConnell Cancelled August Recess Because He's "Scared to Death" GOP Will Lose Senate


Sanders Says McConnell Cancelled August Recess Because He's "Scared to Death" GOP Will Lose Senate

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Responding to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's (R-Ky.) abrupt decision on Tuesday to cancel most of the Senate's August recess, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) said in an interview with the Washington Post on Wednesday that the move clearly shows McConnell is "scared to death" that the GOP might lose control of the Senate in November.


McConnell’s scared because he just figured out that Twitler’s the best organizer the US left (such as it is) has had in a generation.


This, to me, shows the magnitude as far as how utterly horrible the Republicans are, because the opposition party is the Democrats. The Democrats are thoroughly corrupt, don’t offer any alternatives, they fight just as hard as the far right against the left in their own party, and they are led by duds like Hoyer, Pelosi and Schumer. I can say the reverse though too, how do the Democrats lose so much when the Republicans’ policies are so unpopular and destructive, and when only a quarter of the country even identifies with that party. Simple really, these two parties are really bad, both are unpopular, the Democrats are trying really hard to not change anything, and the overwhelming percentage of eligible voters don’t bother to even vote as a result. In some races where the Democrats put up some boring, corrupt DCCC hack, and the Republicans put up, well, a Republican, the turnout could be as low as 20 to 30%. If the DCCC wins, the people defending that corrupt party will point to the win as proof of the superiority of “centrism”, never mind that the victor will enter office with support from about 10 to 15% of the voting age population. And the left can struggle too in this context, because it has to convince people to care and to trust a system filled with people that continuously lie to them and promise things they have no intention of ever doing.

If McConnell is scared, he is scared of the fact that the left’s policies are so popular and even corrupt Democrats are increasingly having to adopt the left’s policy positions, at least rhetorically. To think that he would be scared of a bunch of Manchin, Lipinski, Pelosi or Schumer types getting elected is silly, and although the actual left is growing, the next government will be led by people not very far from him ideologically on many issues. They would, at most, slightly slow down the handing over of the country do the rich, they will delay that by about six minutes and four seconds.

I have hope for the future, as I think the left will win in the long term, although I am skeptical the Democrats will be a vehicle of change. I have no hope for the government that will take power in 2019, as the Democrats offer no vision, no alternatives, and it is kind of obvious that if they are given power, that things will continue to get worse, although a little less than if the Republicans won.


McConnell, looking out for one of his own, doesn’t want Trump to fire Jeff Sessions during the August recess, and then using a recess appointment to install a wrecking ball Attorney General to smash the Mueller investigation and DOJ to pieces.


Politics is in such a disarray that the corrupt power structure of the GOP has to hold on by hook or crook to the demands of the greedy ruling classes that write big checks to keep them in power. The slide to the right is destroying what little good remains in this country. I just don’t understand the greed factor of sociopathic behavior. That’s what drives the GOP and their minions. The Koch’s buy judges all over the country just so they get their greedy ways. The money in politics is sickening and ol’ Mitch buddy is rotten to the core. They have no clue what average Americans have to contend with. Life is getting tougher here. The days of decent living standards for regular Joe/Jane workers are over, if they ever really were.


JoanRobinson, please make the logical leap, abandon the totally corrupted and unreformable Democratic Party and join the rest of us fed-up and pissed-off progressives in the Green Party, the only party run by it’s members from the bottom-up, rather than the top-down. We didn’t cost Hillary the 2016 election, and we don’t cost Democrats elections, but it really wouldn’t matter, because I believe the Democrats must, and deserve to die for their cheating and oppression of progressive candidates and issues.


Isn’t this fun? Its like watching sports. Team Republican against team Democrat. The political players make money, but the Big Money is always made by the team’s owners when their bets pay off.

Direct Democracy



repubs are in disarray.


I’ll take Team Democrats any day.


Hello? Haven’t you learned anything after the 2016 election? We have a two party system no matter how you attack the Dems. I question your motivation because if we would go your way the repubs keep control of it all & trump wins a second term. Sorry, you make me mad.


So is your broken party. Those running it have driven it into the ground, refuse to change policies and are, to a person, corrupt. You seem to forget the fact that your party’s policies helped to create a context where Trump could emerge from, and the policies those running your corrupt party have supported have led to decades of stagnating wages, an explosion in inequality, crumbling infrastructure, an explosion in private debt, things such as healthcare, housing and education have been far outpacing wage growth for decades, and the political system is thoroughly corrupt. And what is your broken party doing, what is the DCCC doing and the DNC doing, to people trying to democratize your party and to have it less reliant on big money donors? Undermining them at every turn. And policy wise, if your party gets power, what exactly does it offer?

And why exactly do we have a two party system? Wasn’t written into the constitution, and the two parties are thoroughly corrupt and are both now deeply unpopular. We have a two party system because those parties have rigged the system so that no other parties can emerge, and Americans want third and fourth parties, studies show this. If you were in China, and the system didn’t work for most people, would you accept someone saying, “we have a one party state”? Of course not.

Come up with a logical response to that, and take into account your party’s horrible record, corruption and policies in recent decades. Cause if you can’t, you won’t do a fucking thing to the context that produced Trump, and the next Trump won’t be so incompetent. We deserve a better opposition party than your party.


Yes, I understand that only two parties under our system are viable, which is why I am working to end the Democrats and replace them with the Greens, because the Dems are unreformable and do everything they can to defeat efforts to change and reform the party. If you can’t change them, then they have to die.


The only real way to defeat any of them is to come up with something better. So far the Greens remain part of the problem.


Bernie continues to be the only major national politician who consistently tells the truth.
I wish I could get him an endless supply of human growth hormone or whatever anti-aging potion works best.
He’s the best we have, and I worry about him.
If only Hillary hadn’t rigged the primaries, he might be president today.
What a different world it would be if he was.


How exactly? Please be as specific as you can.


What you’re saying is why it has been so difficult for the average person to understand
the dangers to our nation and to humanity – and the planet.

Average people don’t think the way Elites do – they wake up every morning trying to
figure out new ways to control the public – they judge everything by the yardstick of a
dollar bill which is basic insanity and suicidal.

Same for Capitalism – one of the strongest tools in their toolbox.

And same for Organized Patriarchal Religion – with its long list of enemies and murder
to benefit Elites. From the suicidal notions of “Manifest Destiny” and “Man’s Dominion
Over Nature” which are the licenses to Elites to exploit nature, animal life and humans …

To Male-supremacist religion which underpins Elitism – that was the very basis of the
War in Spain as it declared itself a “democracy” supporting “Separation of Church and State.”

The Catholic Church understood it could no longer exist in Spain’s democracy.


This is probably not the exact analysis you are looking for but in my opinion just my 2 cents. The platform seems founded in corrective political action rather than functional ideas. At some levels you can advance an issue and have a platform that resonate with more than 2 percent of the population. Candidates. Not assured they are competent and I already feel not represented in government. Anyway, probably not what you were looking for but it is like getting the sweater you always wanted in the mail from your aunt and then find out it is too small.


We actually have a 3 party system with one of the groups having no say: republican, democrat and independent/non affiliated/other/ non voters. Guess which has the highest number? Not the democrats and not the republicans and not the democrats and republicans together.If the democrats really wanted to be something they would have a plan to win the largest group of people rather than blaming them for the mess we are in; disenfranchise them; make it difficult to participate; You know after losing to the electoral college twice now; you’d think they would correct that problem–yet they don’t. Why do you think that is? The fact that they will not give up their super duper super delegate system is also telling. To continue to blindly support the Democrats is enabling. Difficult as it is to accept, the democratic party is the reason we have this administration.