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Sanders Says Trump Clemency for 'Wall Street Crooks' and 'Corrupt' Officials Lays Bare Broken Justice System

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/02/19/sanders-says-trump-clemency-wall-street-crooks-and-corrupt-officials-lays-bare


Times have not changed. It seems it’s still a far more heinous crime to rob a bank of a few thousand dollars with gun, than a few billion with a pen.
Of course, the fact that these guys were all white certainly didn’t hurt.


USans are not going to like where this is heading. A fish rots from the head down. This is merely a prelude to the massive amounts of sleaze and corruption that are going to swamp every institution in the US. You’ve lost the soul of your country and culture. Meritocracy is over. Soon the corruption will spread to every town, every government office, every business.

Well, now maybe Bloomberg will select Blagojevich as his running mate.


Hopefully some of his 2016 converts will realize that they are still mired in the same situations that they were before Trump, whether real or imagined. Furthermore (Führermore?), maybe they’ll just stay home this time around. I don’t expect their pendulums to swing past apathy.


Mr. Trump is only playing to his political base. “No harm no foul” is a key political promise.

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Hello thylacine13,
Long before TRUMPO THE ORANGE TURD KLOWN AND THIS THUGISH HELL HORDE OCCUPIED WASHINGTON AC/DC AND ENVIRONS there was corruption throughout the IGNITED SNAKES! It just wasn’t as visible as it is in the present. The really bad news about corruption was that it radiated out from the IGNITED SNAKES to cover the globe. Some countries have been a bit better in resisting the malevolent pull than others. The trend line will insure that all countries will become corrupt in the future. EVIL CONQUERS ALL!


“Meanwhile thousands of poor and working-class kids sit in jail for nonviolent drug convictions. This is what a broken and racist criminal justice system looks like.”

And Bloomberg helped send them there.


Hello Giovanna-Lepore,
What could anyone expect from the EVIL BILLIONAIRE CLASS/LACK OF CLASS?

If/when Bloomberg buys the DNC’s nomination, can we stop calling it The Democratic Party and call it something more accurate - the Oligarchy Party? The Plutocratic Party, maybe?

Alas, i suspect that Bloomberg won’t be nominated, but only so the DNC and centrist libs can say they didn’t go full Oligarchy if/when they choose to subvert the popular vote in favor of Buttigieg/Biden. It’s pretty obvious that Sanders is going to win the popular vote, at this point.

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Goodness gracious. These Ignited Snakes sound like the worst sort of evil.

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O, boo-hoo for real! Trump should´ve wound up a cell mate with these guys, and a hell of a lot of his other cronies.

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“This is corruption,” Warren added, “plain and simple.”

True and so is the Bloom’s buying of the DNC.


. . . and so is the DNC´s selling of itself.


I guess the President should get the approval of JLo and Kanye before he pardons anyone?

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From the article:

“…clemency to several prominent white-collar criminals…”

You call it corruption. I call it professional courtesy.

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How delightfully Pithy! Love it.

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The cynical candidacy of billionaire Bloomberg Lays Bare the Broken Political System of Wealth, Wall Street Crooks, Corrupt Officials Cronyism and Greed in our society…

Bloomberg is a threat to our survival. A corrupt candidacy designed to sabotage Bernie Sanders and real change to support and defend the status quo and domination of vast wealth. “Blue no matter who” is a con and Bloomberg is the DINO DNC tool!

“It’s hard to imagine a Democrat less able to win working class votes”


“making this guy the Democratic nominee should cause serious alarm to anyone who wants to defeat Donald Trump. Plus, Bloomberg has vowed to spend his money until November no matter who is the nominee, instantly undercutting the only real value of his candidacy.”



95% of the voting electorate know what corruption is. They know it well enough to vote for it every damn presidential election.

Democrats and Republicans till the end.

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Great link, and thanks.

From the link:

It’s capitalists Bloomberg and Trump, not democratic socialist Sanders, who are the fellow travelers of 21st-century dictatorships. It’s Bloomberg, not Bernie, who’s the Manchurian candidate.

Sounds about right.


If you think you have seen corruption at work up until now, watch what happens now that the establishment and oligarchy think Sanders will win. They will pilfer the country of it’s last vestiges of democracy, money, and assets before Bernie puts a cramp in their style. The robbery is right out in the open, in plain sight for all to witness and be powerless to stop. They are in a panicked feeding frenzy, no different from the looters who break into and steal from the department stores during riots, except that they steal far more wealth and justice than poor rioters ever could, and pay no price at all. We are in a race against time; the time being the November elections and the possibility of a Sanders presidency and the takeover of the Senate by Democrats and the rise of a progressive/worker insurgency. We can only hope that our country, soon to be on life support, can withstand this onslaught.