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Sanders Says Trump Should Follow Franken's Lead and Resign Amid Sexual Abuse Allegations


Sanders Says Trump Should Follow Franken's Lead and Resign Amid Sexual Abuse Allegations

Julia Conley, staff writer

The president and the Republican Senate candidate he supports have so far avoided consequences of their alleged sexual misconduct, while Democratic leaders have stepped down


Who will start a GoFundMe campaign to provide plaintiff’s counsel for the 16 women who were called “liars” for accusing Twitler of assault? Sue the bastard for defamation and depose his lard ass.

With that said, I don’t believe he’ll resign—nor do I believe Bernie does either—but by all means, keep beating that drum.


While Bernie, The Judas Goat, is right on as usual. What’s needed in The Fourth Reich, is in reality a full blown, non-violent civil disobedient REVOLUTION… otherwise nothing changes or gets worse.
Past time for BDS, fighting ( figuratively) in the streets.:peace_symbol:️
We The People, must become Winter soldiers.


Gosh Bernie, when the President does it, it is not wrong!


A woman who claims Trump assaulted her–I believe her–is doing just what you suggest, minus the gofundme part. Her name is Summer Zervos, she was a contestant on The Apprentice.


Conservatives are reactionary cowards. They scare easy. But sexual abuse is equal opportunity conservative and liberal.


One way women could get some respect is to arm themselves like the Swiss:



I’d really like to hear from Ivana!


Or as the late Col. Jeff Cooper said of the Colt Gov’t Model 1911, “Diligentia, Vis, Celeritas.”


Yup… the Republicans were laughing all the way to the bank (were they even sittin’ in dat dere darn Senate bed chamber?:). Sure… the pres. is goin to step down… to grab a piece of his loot …but not bootee oh nonono!!!.. just like Ronnie Raygun before him. It’s all just another excitin’ Western.

Did you notice in Franken’s speech that he referenced Paul Wellstone three times. Didn’t Wellstone die in a plane crash?? I guess Bernie… a disaster is a disaster period. A lousy move (the old political chess analogy) can’t be taken back.


If u think there could ever possibly be a non violent revolution in this country…well maybe you are just too much of an optimist… you know… I USED to think the same way … But …I certainly do not think that way any more… CAN’T YOU FEEL IT?..there will be some kind of revolution … But it will not be non violent … …


Yes…I would,also …but …who knows … she might …actually be afraid…now that he is …ohit is so hard to say it. …president…


? Sorry …wish I could grasp what u are getting at …


The role of the Democratic Party is not to be the opposition party to the Republicans.

It is to pretend to be that,

Its actual role is to work with the Republicans (behind closed doors, mostly) to assure that the rich get richer, at the expense of the rest of us, if need be. They only oppose them enough on the surface to give the illusion that there really is a political choice, so the people (liberals and moderates, mostly) don’t actually get what’s going on, and effectively rebel.

In other words, their job is to make sure that the left (what’s left of them) and the center stay asleep.

In light of this, the oligarchy (that is, both Republicans and Democrats, but with the Democrats out front) will jump on any free chance to reduce the size of the “opposition” while posturing as the more moral and “reasonable” of the two parties. Notice that public opinion must be heavily and unmistakably calling for a Republican to resign before they will. Democrats, on the other hand, will willingly take themselves out. It’s not a case of them being the more moral. (A look at all of the wars they have supported will dispel that myth.)


I would imagine she can’t talk due to “agreements” of their divorce. It is after all, all about money.


Yikes! I am With you Bernie! AND WITH Reverend Dr. William J. Barber II. Let the Moral Revolution Begin! ('Bout time! - lol)

Rev. Barber, along with Gina Belafonte, (daughter of Harry Belafonte), and others - have announced December 4, 2017, that “A Poor People’s Campaign - A National Call for Moral Revival”, has begun. A continuation of Dr. Martin Luther King’s legacy of non-violent resistance to the ruling class of our America. The call went out for thousands to take to their Congressional representatives’ offices and remaining there to be listened or risking arrest if necessary, to protest rampant poverty and greed. The Press Briefing is here:


A kick-off, inaugural event took place that evening at 7:30 pm ET, at Howard Theater, Washington D.C. here:



I used to think that “if only…” (and , really, when) enough people would simply just wake up to the truth, there would revolt nonviolently and somehow things would change.

That was a case of magical thinking on my part. People are not waking up in droves, even as we hit tipping point after tipping point.

The thing is, to think that it can be done violently is magical thinking as well. For every hunting rifle and handgun that “we” have, they have tanks and automatic and semi-automatic guns and who knows what. Laser weapons, HAARP, and god knows what else. And, they have fully brainwashed military and paramilitary (i.e. local and state police) forces to do their bidding. These people are a whole new breed of ruthless and psychopathic.

So, we’re not going to dent them with violence, either. We’d do just as well with Revolutionary War-style muskets. One shot from us, and they will not hesitate to unleash their arsenal on us, while defending it in the name of “national security”.

Violence directed at them won’t stop them. Neither will traditional nonviolence.


I think Keith Ellison would make an excellent replacement for Sen. Franken. He’s certainly in the same political vein of the late Sen. Paul Wellstone. ( I and some of my family were ongoing contributors to Sen. Wellstone. ) Of course, we’ll have to run that by all the Senators who support AIPAC & the DNC donor class. Will the Weinstein Group/3rd Way/No Labels crowd be OK with this? How about Schumer? How about Feinstein? How about " Uncle Ben " Cardin?
A real progressive black Muslim male; forget about it, already. What was I thinking?


Ellison a progressive? Seriously…?


Paragraph 1… The Donald is not going to resign… no reason to resign as his actions are just part of US cowboy Western American culture/ movies.

Paragraph 2… Forcing Franken to quit was a mistake imo… Wellstone reference (died in a plane crash/ assassinated?) in Franken’s speech seems an obvious message to his Democratic colleagues that they’re making a “bad (political) move”.

Hope that helps…


You mean the murdered Paul Wellstone?