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Sanders Says Trump's "Dangerous" Nuclear Arms Race Talk Must Be Stopped


Sanders Says Trump's "Dangerous" Nuclear Arms Race Talk Must Be Stopped

Jon Queally, staff writer

Sen. Bernie Sanders has made it known that Donald Trump should not go unchallenged as troubling comments by the President-elect about nuclear weapons sparked alarm across the United States and the world.


There he goes again, the warmongering hillbot. Denying the obvious fact of the new Pax Trumputin.


This is so hypocritical when Obama just allotted something like a trillion dollars to upgrade our nukes. They want some they can use without total extinction, isn't that nice. There was barely a whimper when Obama did it. See, Democrats get a pass when Republicans don't, even while doing the same thing. Americans are so duped.


I love you Bernie, but the time to challenge Trump was at the Democratic con? Convention. Now it looks to me like it is way too late, but I agree; if Trump not stopped the future looks ominous. This nuclear arms race, rhetoric is extremely dangerous and must be stopped before the demagogue in chief kills us all!


Thank you Senator Sanders.
Waiting for ex-presidents to weigh in.


" Democrats get a pass when Republicans don't, even while doing the same thing."

BINGO! Americans are so duped that they do not realize the Democratic Party is soooo corrupt! They are the controlled opposition party. And what more proof does one need than this: THEY HAD A TRUMP BEATER IN BERNIE AND A MAN THAT WOULD TRULY MAKE AMERICA A GREATER COUNTRY FOR ALL, and sold out to a corrupt loser! The Democratic party are culpable for the election of Trump...no doubt about it!


And the Trump defenders are off to the races.


But isn't Bernie the sellout to the corrupt loser?


Trump's bloviating reminds me of Khrushchev's pounding of the shoe in the UN, back during the Cold War. And one would hope that Donnie is not being literal in his pronouncements.

But alas, he does seem to be quite serious. His handlers have tried incessantly to portray him as bringing together all dissatisfied US populist elements in this country, including the fanatic right-wingers, and melding them into a constructive, reasonable alliance favorable to corporate America.

Unfortunately, you can't keep a lid on crazy forever. They may have to microchip him.


Unfortunately true!

When Bernie said he was supporting the most corrupt candidate in " order to stop Trump".. when most polls showed Bernie would have buried Trump for POTUS, one way or another, Bernie sold out to the corrupt DNC and threw his millions of supporters under the proverbial bus!


Time to pressure the networks to do a graphic program on the effects of nuclear war. I don't see anything humorous about his comments--he is SCARY! If you have Twitter, please tweet to major networks to educate the public as to what nuclear war means, its affects on human, animal, plant and planet existence. Maybe the networks won't use words like "his comments raised eyebrows" or characterize his comments as "unorthodox" when they should be saying "dangerous." Don't let them get away with normalizing Trump. They are already doing it.


Nuclear war is another likely consequence of unfettered capitalism.

Socialism has not licked big money capitalism. Time to try democracy?

Online Direct Democracy


No doubt there are people who are saying " Nuclear war might be a good thing if we can figure a way to make money off of it".


Trashing Sanders is not justified, IMO - the facts and his actions do not support these conclusions or his "sellout", especially "to the corrupt DNC". He is still the only politician of any party, especially the silent DINO Dem elite swine, speaking-out on many critical issues with at least some press attention. A third party run would have had the same results we have seen and I suspect Sanders knew that, regardless Monday-morning quarterbacks. To at least try to stop the numerous dangers trump represents there must be some semblance of unity, else we all are part of the problem.......

It is very true that " Democrats get a pass when Republicans don't, even while doing the same thing." - that was true of Obama's entire tenure......and Clinton's.


Bernie had his chance to challenge and change our political culture. HE BLEW IT.

I cannot take seriously any more of his fine feisty fomentations. He not only blew it for himself, but, more importantly, he blew it for US, for the United States.

He set himself up as polar in almost every way to the Gorgon, Hillary Clinton, a so-called Democrat, but really a neocon warmonger and handmaiden to Wall St. But he neutralized himself, perhaps forever, when early on he declared that if Hillary got the nomination he would back her.

WRONG! Impossibly, grievously, tragically wrong!

And until he admits that, he's all sound and fury and our country's biggest failure and disappointment. Had he accepted Dr. Jill Stein's offer to step aside and let him take her place to lead the Green Party, he would have made a better run against the Donald than the Hillary. Hell, he might've won; stranger things have happened (sic!).

Go home, Bernie. Let's do what we can to promote braver, wiser standard bearers of Serious System Change.


Should said and done something when O'Bomber decided to spend one Trillion on Nuclear upgrades. Imagine instead a Trillion invested in alternative power and infrastructure.


Go ahead and cut off your nose to spite your face. Bernie, despite all of his faults, is the most powerful spokesman sane progressives have. Just who were you planning on replacing him with?


A third party run for Bernie or anyone else was and is a non-starter. Our only chance to beat Trump and change the Democratic Party into some FDR-like decent party was to get the nomination. Bernie was so much closer than was thought possible considering the Dem establishment (including Ms. Debbie) the media, and Wall-street. Bernie knew, like Chomsky did, that Hillary is horrible but that Trump is an absolute disaster for the US, the world, and for survival of life on our planet. He did what was right and what he had to do.


At a trillion dollars, its a bomb maker's dream.


“...barely a whimper when Obama did it.” Barely a whimper? Has your security software blocked search engines from getting through? Try again, for the first time. Including this site.

As to being hypocritical, was it not Trump who pointedly lectured that one doesn't announced one's plans to the 'enemy'. And what does he do but proclaim to the world that he is going to reinstitute the arms race. With the idea that we, of course, can 'afford it' while the 'bad guys' can't. Because, you know, we don't have any of those problems with national budgets. None of that stuff at all. Yet wouldn't it be showing more cautiousness to have a race with something Trump's more familiar with. Like a hotel-casino-whorehouse race. But then it must be hard for those GOP presidential deserter/draft dodger types to not pretend they're Audie Murphy.

Trump is consistent on one topic. He never mentions costs. About anything. Obama's nuke 'modernization' is for a trillion dollars over 30 years. But Trump is silent on how much his brainstorms will cost the citizens. Maybe he left the numbers in his tax return folder. Hypocritical indeed.