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Sanders Scores Big in 'Significant' Wisconsin Straw Poll


Sanders Scores Big in 'Significant' Wisconsin Straw Poll

Common Dreams staff


“In what one Wisconsin political observer called a big upset, Sen. Bernie Sanders was the choice of 41 percent of the delegates at a state party convention in Milwaukee on Saturday. Hillary Clinton led with 49 percent, according to the WisPolitics.com straw poll. Clinton drew support from 252 of the 511 delegates. Sanders was backed by 208. Vice President Joe Biden and former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley tied for a distant third with 16 votes each.” .- ( Taken from Bernie Sanders site)

Hmm, seems the spin is saying otherwise. I heard this morning in a news report that Hillary was leading the polls by a large margin! Trying to spin those people who will not take the time to look past the MSM reporting.


Perhaps unexpected by the folks at Nation Magazine, which doesn’t say much their grasp of the pulse of the American people. There is a ravenous hunger in the American electorate for candidate like Senator Sanders to come to the forefront and speak for them. In my 60 years I have never been this excited about a political candidate. For once someone running within the confines of the two party duopoly who doesn’t make my bovine excrement meter go off the scale!


The only way Hilary or Sanders might ensure the nomination could be to have Warren as a running mate.


Katha Pollitt, to the contrary not withstanding (Why I’m Ready—and Excited—for Hillary), Hillary does not excite. Robbie Mook, and his gang of wunderkind, (There is an eerie quality, or aura, around young men or women enthralled with Hillary, no? Unless it be based on pure Machiavellianism and credential building for the future) must be burning the midnight oil trying to find a way of sabotaging the expected primary debates. The woman cannot win a debate with Bernie, period, and she and Mook know it. If the Chicago Tribune and others think the crowds Bernie is drawing is the tip of an “ice cube,” as one Tribune sage opined, they might just have another “Dewey Wins” on their hands.


“In my 60 years I have never been this excited about a political candidate. For once someone running within the confines of the two party duopoly who doesn’t make my bovine excrement meter go off the scale!”

I am one year behind you and am beginning to feel the same way… I am trying not let the hope get in the way of the hard reality, but then again it is something to hold on too. As another article on CD is entitled," The American Spring Has Begun". We have got to get into the streets in support of Bernie.
Also want to give credit to Professor of economics Richard Wolff for seeing the possibility of this happening here, when he talked about Greece and Spain, a while back he said “ it hasn’t happened here “yet”, yet being the key word".


My instinct is that a majority of the American people simply do not believe anything our government says any more, and that includes members of all three branches and associated bureaus and acronyms and departments and mainstream candidates. The only one those people will give the time of day to is somebody like Bernie. It’s a fact under the radar of the MSM and mainstream politicians, but these results are the beginnings of hard evidence.


What is unexpected by the nation’s citizens reacting positively to the same truths that have created upset victories in Seattle, Greece, Barcelona, Madrid and Turkey.

Over half the people do not vote because they know the US is a fake democracy with revolving fake presidents. If the non voters become interested and turn out, Bernie will be our president. If the backroom pulls some kind of deal, then the returning voters will exercise their duty to change the government and write in None of the Above.

A revolution is building for real democracy whether Bernie wins or not.


But they will vote for a socialist democrat! What do you mean Andrew?


The groundswell for Bernie will begin when during the debates people begin to hear the passion in his voice and see the conviction in his eyes. No acting coaches can teach this to Hillary in time for the election.


Nobody can help Hillary, she helped destroy three tender healing young democracies and called Hosni Mubarak, “Family.”


Or, Bernie might try to reach communities of color.


Picking up the 273 electoral votes will be hard for Bernie or Hillary or anyone else on Democratic side. For Bernie, it means drawing only one card and filling a high inside straight. Hillary has the $$$ to win with 3 of a kind. But the hand Hillary wins with doesn’t change the status quo, for the most of us. Mostly Obama redo and more militarism, to boot. This means a continuing disinvestment in America and a giant " sucking sound " as the money from the middle class is drained for corporate protectionism. Read Alfred McCoy’s article on American global decline and you can guess that Hillary will not " go gently into that sweet night " when it comes to American Empire. Bernie, might at least venture to insert the word " cooperation and partnering " into the our foreign policy lexicon. Disaster capitalism is called that for good reason. We’ve inflicted it but haven’t felt the full brunt of it’s sting domestically, yet. On a lot of different fronts, all intersecting to pose a real disaster for the 99s, I’m in for Bernie right now and hoping he knows how to play poker.


Citizens naturally possessed of any modicum of intelligence and/or otherwise able to look past the faux news into actual processes and events are 100% fed up with Brand America-Dynasty: Clinton or Bush as EXCUSES for electoral choice(s).

IF Bernie’s message is heard he will gain a LOT of support. It may be true that he doesn’t hold EVERY ideal position that some would like to see presented, but the bottom line is that he is a maverick and he is speaking some truth to power and not afraid to serve as “champion” for the Little Guy and Gal.

Most of us would take that over “the usual suspects” in a heartbeat. Let’s hope that Bernie is not “taken out” as a result of him making too many waves.


In the same way that the corporate press goes to work manufacturing cases FOR war, and painting Black victims of police violence as hoodlums up to no good; those with established journalist credentials for the most part wish to keep them.

Until McCarthy was finally called to the mat, the press was terrified of rebuking his attacks on writers, thinkers, and those with left-leaning views and credentials. The current era is just as locked down as the l950s. Then, it was the so-called Communist threat, and now, the ruse of “terrorism” plays the same role.

Just as many Black leaders found it symbolically important to have a man like Obama in the White House, and looked past his many egregious policies (not the least of which is doing nothing to thwart the growing militarization of U.S. police departments which currently target Blacks and Latinos, first and foremost); some Feminists (and women who don’t identify as such) may find the SYMBOL of a woman President important enough to look beyond the facts of Mrs. Clinton’s war-hawk (formerly in the right wing camp, and deservedly so) policies.

There is a power to any self-fulfilling prophecy. That suggests that the greater the odds of Bernie Sanders attracting a significant following, the likelier the purchased press corps will speak in unison sounding the chorus line that Hillary has a vast lead and that Sanders could not possibly win.

If TIPP and TPP pass, what formerly made for Democratic channels of redress will fully close off. To a great extent, in such a context of corporate “anything goes” = law, a President has little power. The position is now mostly for show… like the Queen of England. Our Houses of Lords and commons are those entities purchased by corporate donors and other emissaries of the covert Deep State.


This comment from the school of “Blame the voters/American Sheeple” is guilty of all of the following:

  1. Taking systemic flaws that close off bona fide alternatives to the duopoly and attributing those flaws to voters’ choices
  2. Identifying with the Dominant Powers who use the illusion of choice to corral citizens into the same logistical status quo
  3. Holding victims of massive mind control and propaganda guilty, rather than those using these subversive tools and tactics
  4. Failing to recognize that the same Draconian measures being FORCED upon American citizens are also being hoisted onto citizens of: Canada, Greece, Spain, U.K., and sooner than later, Australia, etc.

By turning the covert, plutocratic control of this nation’s courts, congress, Presidency, economic viability, and media around… into the nonsense that “voters are to blame” shows an ignorance to the facts at play along with an absence of understanding insofar as the historical battle between elites and “The People” remains ongoing.

Your post shows which side you identify with.

Oh, and when your little crew shows up to render variations on its prized “blame the people/voters” shtick, it then tries to feign Solidarity… with the very citizens it demeans AS Sheeple.

You can’t have it both ways… lest of course, your practice IS disinformation. And I think it is.


You’re right. But, $500 million in the primaries and over $1 Billion in the general election will make her very formidable. And, the opposition retrograde right is running all these candidates for one reason; I call it the " hyena model " of campaigning. To kill the alpha lion and steal its’ dinner takes a lot of nasty hyenas, working in coordination. Bernie needs to think like he’s advising a pride of young lions, ( his " it’s about you " strategy ) and somehow focus all this frenzied energy into coordinated action. Even if it is a defensive one. It really is a jungle out there, politically, and otherwise. The Australians actually named it and defined it as a Jungle Primary. We are witnessing a political maelstrom, of sorts, where there’s really about 6-7 angry factions in the country, armed with pens or swords, fighting for 2 slots. Whoever wins, can they promise another peaceful power transition, after the fight is all over? I’m not at all convinced, at this juncture. This could get interesting. And, I always remember that the Chinese saying, " may you live in interesting times " was a curse, not a blessing. When a good sized bunch of people are really fed up, what happens?


Great summary Garrett. Thanks.


Big smile! :slight_smile:


I understand exactly where you are coming from, like you I am working to stay grounded. To me at least, I have this feeling that Senator Sanders is actually speaking from his heart. I believe recognition of this to be an innate gift that we can develop as we age. I feel optimistically cautious at this point, and it’s a good feeling. I agree this just might be our Spring. God I hope so! We’ve been waiting a long time for it, haven’t we?