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Sanders Sees Clinton Camp Attacks as Sign that 'Something Must Be Working'


Sanders Sees Clinton Camp Attacks as Sign that 'Something Must Be Working'

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

In a move viewed as further evidence of Sen. Bernie Sanders' continued momentum in the polls and among potential voters in the 2016 presidential election, some Hillary Clinton supporters have gone on the offense against the self-described democratic socialist.

Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.), a Clinton backer, launched what The Hill described as "the sharpest attack yet" on Sanders in a television appearance on Thursday.


Dear Claire! Bernie is the one when will you OLD school folks wake up!


Hm. Didn’t I notice this senator’s name as one who voted to advance fast-track? Lady, get off your high horse.


“‘Bernie is too liberal to gather enough votes in this country to become president,’ says Sen. Claire McCaskill of Missouri”

Through the years, oligarchy inspired liberal demonizing has worked to its advantage. But followers of Jesus might change this perception when they realize that He too was a liberal.

If “money is the root of all evil”, what do you call the persons with all the money in the world?


Ooooh, what’s the matter Shillary? You and your highly paid campaign consultants getting nervous because of the overflow crowds at Bernie’s rallies? You corporate Demos are pathetic. You lie your shameless asses off every election cycle and then everything stays the same while the attack on the 99% continues. As the other article declared this country needs systemic change across the board to save us from the corpos and their shills like you. Your fence-straddling, always tailored for maximum advantage campaign BS doesn’t work as well as it used to, Shillary. This is the last realistic chance you have to run for the Oval Office and I hope you fall flat on your hypocritical, pandering face. Go Bernie!


This is for your education, Claire:



Excellent points: Most people in the USA do support “Medicare for All” single-payer health insurance; and the ridiculous smear that Sanders is “against trade” is just an example of the non-reality based rhetoric that opportunistic corporatist mouthpieces regularly get away with by dominating the communications media.


“He would like to see Medicare for all in this country, have everybody have a government insurance policy, I don’t think most Americans want government to have every insurance policy… He would like to see expansion of entitlement. He is not worried about a debt at all. He is somebody who is, I think, frankly, against trade.”

The majority of the people would like Medicare for all, and have wanted that for some time. Furthermore, “the government” doesn’t have all the Medicare policies, as Medicare Advantage plans are private companies who get substantial subsidies from the government as well.

Most Americans are well aware that the age of pensions is over, and that Social Security needs to be expanded, because it’s all they’ll probably have in retirement.

Even Jeff Sessions, a conservative Republican senator from Alabama, knows that most Americans oppose further trade deals. He voted against TPA, and slammed Congress and Obama for passing it. He also realizes that all those offshored jobs have eroded America’s tax base, contributing to that “debt” Claire claims to be so concerned about.

All-in-all, Claire’s remarks are about the same level of nonsense as a reply I got from Diane Feinstein defending her pro-TPA vote on the basis of “trade” and “American security interests”. She never even mentioned genuinely fascist aspects such as investor state dispute settlement. Nor did she acknowledge the fact that most Americans oppose all such further “trade deals” now, and that she is imposing her views on the electorate against their will, as is Obama.


Thanx for the info/link!


Wow, with Hillary supporters like Claire McCaskill, how can Bernie lose? She’s pathetic. Her’s is the articulation of a true Missouri Blue Dog. Halperin, one of the most pompous stuffed shirts on the right, strangely, from a conservative point of view, seems to relish McCaskill’s struggle to list three of Bernie’s socialist proposals, and persists in putting her through the third degree when it’s in his interest to make her look like a knowledgeable Bernie critic. Bizarro world indeed.


“This is the last realistic chance you have to run for the Oval Office and I hope you fall flat on your hypocritical, pandering face.”

Thus the bumper sticker:
“Ready for Hillary… to Lose”


For some strange reason, I am not upset by this flakey attack on Bernie, claiming that he is “too socialist” to be elected. We are early in the game, and once Bernie’s message gets out–albeit gradually, thanks to MSM sphincter reporting–the American people will become “too socialist” to vote for anyone other than Bernie.

Yes, it’s uphill. I have contributed a small amount and guess I need to do so again. Like all the rest of you!


Nailed it!


It going to be harder given the fact the people have become more aware that this so called democracy is in fact not a democracy at all, but carefully crafted deception, where they get to vote but don’t have any “real” say on policy.
So, the question for me is, how do they maintain the illusion in the face of reality, when Bernie Sanders is talking truth and Hillary is trying to maintain the lie?
Bernie is going to smoke them on the issues… He is talking the peoples talk.
Hillary is campaigning.


How easily are some taken in by the theater of scripted DNC politics.

BS has already promised to support the Megathatcher - not Jill Stein, the Megathatcher - soon as it inevitably wins the nomination. Thus proving himself Hillary-Lite, and no sort of actual socialist.

What will all the Sanders followers do when he stabs them in the heart, I wonder?


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lf and when he supports Hillary, many of us will of course vote third party! Now if only the third parties could set their egos aside and combine enough to give us a real choice.

I wonder if there is some fear of succeeding or what stops them from reaching out to each other. Some did it, in opposition to the TPP. C’mon, third parties, reach out to another, and then another…


At risk of being guilty of discussing somthing that is totally irrelevant to the politics, it is clear that makeup alone could not transform this face into the one at the head of the article. Her current face lacks those deep crevasses and bags. Makeup cant remove such crevasses and bags. Botox might. Surgery might. The face of the woman at the top of the article just turned 35. The face in the photo here is 67, despite that she obviously is wearing makeup.


I see a problem with that. Bernie will be 75 at the beginning of his presidency. If Raygun was only 70, then you need to remember that raygun was quite senile, especially towards the end. Then again, Bush the lesser was probably senile while he was still in college.


LOL!!! I mistakenly thought McCaskill was a Democrat! Didn’t sound like one, hillShill or otherwise. Yuk.