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Sanders Showed Values Matter, But Democrats Continue to Focus on Tactics and Gimmicks


Sanders Showed Values Matter, But Democrats Continue to Focus on Tactics and Gimmicks

John Atcheson

The Democrats have just unveiled their new slogan: "A Better Deal: Better Skills, Better Jobs, Better Wages."

It looks like they were trying to do a rift on Roosevelt’s New Deal, but ended up with something that sounded more like a pizza slogan.


There is no vision in “A Bette Deal.” It is as set of policy proposals. Sure, they are good proposals. But that is not the point. Where do they fit in to the long-term vision? Where do they fit in with what Dems stand for?


I guess Elizabeth Warrnen’s participation is supposed to bring in some the younger idealist voters who have been staying home. Who in the Democratic Party has taken on big business more than Warren. The slogan is very pragmatic. It seems to be aimed at people who believe you go to college simply to get a job. I believe the Democrats are not following Sanders because when you add up Sander’s proposals you get some a pretty hefty increase in taxes. They are trying to get votes not lose votes. So Sanders stuff is off the table. It may play well in Copenhagen but the Democrats are worried about voters in this country who seem to be less enthusiastic about paying taxes…


I don’t ordinarily reply to readers’ comments; it just seems impolite for an author to intercede in dialogue. But LRX repeats some pretty powerful myths that mainstream Dems have used to silence progressives, so I thought I’d give some information to correct some of the suppositions LRX repeated – specifically, the idea that Sanders’ program – or any progressive program – would impose heavy taxes on folks and would only play well in Copenhagen. A quick look at the Progressive Caucus’s People’s Budget shows two things: 1) the new revenue needed to fund the progressive proposals doesn’t come from the middle class or the working poor and 2) the ideas it funds are wildly popular with the majority of Americans.


The ‘hefty’ tax increases would accrue to the Democrats’™ donors, not to the voters. The party is not trying to get votes; it’s trying to get dollars.


This is the sort of nonsense that perpetuates the quagmire we are in. All of the “increase in taxes” you cite are more than offset by the total savings in avoided expenses when we move to a single payer, Medicare-for-All system, even with no co-pays or deductibles. The same sort of nonsense has been used to fight against energy efficiency and renewable energy in the electric sector and to undermine the actions necessary to address climate change.

You have to get beyond the “internalized” economics and understand the “externalized” economics to understand this. It is shameful to make your argument when the facts overwhelmingly prove you wrong.


It doesn’t take a crystal ball to foretell the failure of yet another whitewash of the Neo-Liberal Wing of the Duopoly’s failure to address the real problems facing the future of democracy in the United States.

Nit-picky curmudgeon that I am, it behooves me to point out that Bernie’s campaign bragged about getting average donations of TWENTY-seven “dollahs”, not thirty-seven.  IMHO, it’ll be a cold day in Hell (or Mosul
and Allepo) before Hilliary’s (or Chelsea’s) average donation is anything less than $2,700.


Thank you for replying to our resident Democrat Apologist. I hope you got some sense into that person. His/her comments are always lucid and sincere, but Sooooo biased…



Return to Eisenhower-Era PRO$PERITY?  —  Return to Eisenhower-Era TAX RATE$!!


The author, as well-intentioned as he may be, is wasting his breath.

The D-Party is a lost cause. We’re now in the advanced stages of the transition away from them, and possibly from party politics as we’ve known it for some time.

To all liberals: Work around the D-party. Look for and support the ascent of alternatives. There is no reforming a money-addicted pack of corporatist lapdogs from within. If 30 years of trying hasn’t worked, move the hell on.


The ‘Bette Deal’, like Bette Davis, is – IMHO – all washed up:  a lovely vision from a bygone age. *

Wasn’t it Einstein who said something along the lines of, “Stupidity is doing the same thing over and over, and expecting a different result.” ?

*  Actually, I never thought Bette Davis was anything special – but, to each one’s own . . .


Wait! You mean the Dems stand for something? What would that be?



Could any single word better describe the virtually irrelevant, empty, soul-less, bought-and-paid-for, withered husk of a non-brand like the Democrats?


John Atcheson’s restating the obvious- and unfortunately, it would seem equally obvious from 25+ years of this that the Democratic ‘leadership’ has no interest in listening.

And even if they did, no one would believe it from the current crop of Clintonites.


What rubbish! Not a single mention of the “it” problem. Corporate “it” operatives are behind ALL the innuendos, obfuscations and circular reporting. “It” money intends to purposely drag-out the next days, weeks and months, with nonsense reporting of frivolous side-issues, meant to delay real discussion… The 2018 “middys” must be about NIMA National Improved Medicare for All, HR 676! The “2020 Vision” IS NIMA! There will be no re-run, baybeeeee! We the People will take over the Dems, no third party needed, just a cleaning out of the “takers” and back in with The Honorable. The Kind. The Loving. Oh, and the stink, well that has to go first, lol.


So who is it that needs/ will accumulate better skills?

Chuck Schumer? The Democratic party? Or maybe it’s implying MY skills are lacking?

Should I take umbrage? What does Chucky know about my skills anyway?


I’d rather pay more taxes to ensure everyone gets health care than pay health care premiums, copays, prepays, afterpays, etc. At least my taxes go for something good. My health care bills now just go to line the health insurance’s CEO’s pockets.


Better Bull-dinkey!


Tank, Isn’t it fitting that the Democrats have an A$$ as their mascot?

Excuse me, Donkey!


I suggest they stop giving donkeys–useful and mild-mannered creatures–a bad name by association.

Instead, the Ds should consider the flightless and extinct dodo bird. Much more fitting.