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Sanders Significantly Narrows Clinton's Leads in California, Pennsylvania



When voters see the great differences in moral compass and vision for the future between Clinton and Bernie Sanders, more and more are realizing our future is far-better served by Bernie Sanders!

Hopefully when some groups of voters that have supported Clinton, like older folks, see & hear the truth of the great differences in judgment, honesty, concern for their lives, and previous record in office between Clinton and Sanders, the more those people/groups will come to support Bernie Sanders. The tide is flowing strong for Bernie!!


No doubt about it, Bernie has taken the wind out of what the pundits have been saying: " that Bernie has no chance because of HRC's delegate lead". Bernie has now taken away the momentum for the nomination from Hillary and it looks more and more like Hillary will have to resort to dirty tricks ( like her super/delegates) in order to steal the democratic nomination for POTUS from Bernie.


Senator Sanders has accepted an invitation from Pope Francis to attend a conference at the Vatican on social, environmental, and economic issues. The conference is four days before the New York Primary. Go Bernie.

Bernie's message is of universal import, the rest of the world is paying attention, will the U. S. media cover it?


I noticed in the Washington caucus that many of the over 65 crowd supporting Clinton have good pensions with Cadillac medical insurance paid for by somebody else. Bernie's Medicare-for-all message resonates only with those of us who have no insurance, pay Cadillac prices for beat up Chevrolet coverage, and/or can't retire because we need relatively affordable employer sponsored insurance.

This factor may influence how well Bernie does in California, so it is critical that many younger voters register as Democrats in time for the primary.


If, as cited, it's true that about 30-35% of voters ARE independent, then this type of polling leaves out that significant demographic:

"The Pennsylvania poll showed Sanders behind Clinton among likely Democratic voters 44 percent to 50 percent in the closed-primary state; previous polling had Clinton ahead by a full 17 points."

I think it's ridiculously unfair that some states have "open" primaries and others restrict votes to those who are registered Dems. of Repugs.

Sanders does VERY well with the independent crowd and their votes and preferences SHOULD be as valid as anyone else's in ringing up the ultimate candidate of genuine popular choice.

I think--so long as there are no shenanigans--that Sanders will win California and if Pa. was "open," he'd win there, too.


The problem is that the voters you mention typically get their "news" from the MSM and ALL that they hear is that Sanders cannot win, or of late, a lot of false messaging on Sanders' ACTUAL positions.

If media were doing its job AS the Fourth Estate, and if vote counts were accurate, and if all viable candidates received equal amounts of media time (including air time to explain any false representations of their positions), Sanders would win by a landslide.


Since U.S. foreign policy has such deep and often damaging repercussions on a global scale, imagine if world citizens weighed in? That would be a cool INTERNET item: setting up a site for citizens of OTHER nations to cast their votes. Granted, it would be a symbolic vote. However, if this idea went Viral and millions (if not a billion) tapped in, the striking gap between Clinton supporters and Sanders' supporters would be very difficult to smokescreen into oblivion.


Hillary's facial expression in the article's accompanying photo fits the quintessential: "If looks could kill" axiom.


You prove one of your own points.


In CA, it's open to independents too. They only need to request a Democratic ballot ...


Absolutely agreed Siouxrose. Hopefully some groups that are not now supporting Bernie will soon see the light......


" I think as long as there are no shenanigans."

That is the caveat, knowing HRC, there will absolutely be shenanigans!


Fantastico! Can't get much closer to an endorsement from one of the best Popes evah!


Yes. The questions of social security and medicare need to be asked, and no one should be allowed to slither around a direct answer.

Something like, are you going to shore up both of them, and ensure no more cuts to either, including COLA and charging more for the medicare plans. Bernie will raise the cap on SSec. Clinton will allow for cuts, whether by increasing the age, withholding cola increases, charging more, privatizing more--who knows?


Phew! We'd better get those phones a burning and let everyone know, eh?


Yes, the rest of the world IS paying attention and if we had a say in who is going to lead the free world, which encompasses a whole lot more than the 4% of humanity who get a vote, Bernie Sanders would just be handed the Presidency now as he'd be picking up about 85% of the vote (there are morons in every nation who are dumb enough to think Trump is more than just a semi-literate bully).


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Sanders needs to take the remaining states by a decent margin if he's going to get the nomination.

Go volunteers, go! Knock knock.


I agree with you because, it's been my personal experience that a lot of Clinton voters have no idea what Bernie is about OR they have a completely incorrect idea about him. They aren't really scoping him out before making a decision to support Hillary. Once they do, I do believe there is a very good chance a lot of them will re-think their first choice and change it to Bernie. So many have already!