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Sanders Skewers Perry for Whitewashing Climate Crisis


Sanders Skewers Perry for Whitewashing Climate Crisis

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

During his confirmation hearing on Thursday, former Texas Governor Rick Perry was able to laugh off having once called for abolishing the Department of Energy, which he is now poised to lead, but Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) refused to let him get away "sounding like a hung over frat boy," as one observer put it, when speaking about the crisis of climate change.


Since climate change is based on science people like Perry have no wiggle room. Tens of millions of Americans know that people like him are embarked on a suicidal course for this country and the entire world. There really is nothing Perry can say to combat statements like Sander's. We know who is wrong and who is right. It is perfectly clear that the deniers like Perry are lying. They are willing to destroy the world for the sake their own careers and wealth. It doesn't get any uglier than that.


With the ruling authoritarian regime, lies are truth, and words no longer mean what the words say. Only Perry and his ilke understand what all these mysterious words mean. When lies and corruption become the norm, the source of wealth and power, people become insane, and insanity becomes the norm. The connection between the words and reality is nonexistent, a testament to their delusion.
Mr. Perry, just wrap your lips around the tailpipe of your car and inhale for as long as you like.
Let me know how that goes since fossil fuel corruption is apparently nontoxic!


Trump may have originally run for US President, in 2000 and in 2016, in order to promote his brand.

But now elected, he has ended up as front man for just about the most heinous array of corporatist (in both senses of the word), militarist oligarchs it would be possible to put together in the present-day US economy.

Pretty sure he is happy to play his role as bombastic front man, disengaged from the difficult minutiae of day-to-day executive work, while the far right military-industrial henchmen implement policy behind their stooge.


We exist on a globe whirling through the Milky Way and this year was the hottest it has ever been. Republicans look you in the face and say global warming does not exist. It is like holding up a puppy and telling you it's a cow. How stupid do we want to be? It's time to make it stop!


Perry and his FOSSIL FUEL climate deniers are soooooo greedy and sooooo ignorant of what so many climate, scientists tell us, that they are like the blind leading the blind!

It has gotten so bad; especially, with the #1 climate buffoon and hoaxer now in office, that one has to wonder how much longer before the Earth Mother says:ENOUGH!




Given the way this is going, the sooner Mother Earth shrugs us off, the better for all the other living things on this earth. She will recover and maybe even try again to have a species evolve to be self-aware and intelligent since our species has so clearly failed at that.


Now that Perry is skewered, set him on a spit and turn him until he turns to ashes.

A shell of a human being devoid of conscience, filled with rapacious self-serving greed, and absolutely intellectually vacuous/vacant who has caused so much harm during his life on Earth.


Sanders skewered the entire Bogus Political Establishment, until they had to squash his Presidential Bid like it was a Bug.


That's not entirely accurate. It's the hottest since we started getting more or less exact measurements about 150 years ago. Given that the Earth is about 6000 years old that's a pretty short time span.


And then all the archaeological, anthropological, geological, and paleontological studies and scientific research are suspect?

There are two choices: The Young Earth and The Old Earth.

Young Earth: Theologically 6000 years old

Old Earth: Scientifically 4.5 billion years old


Doofus Rick Perry proves your point. He also prove the truth of the "Peter Principle".


My understanding of the Peter Principle is that people will rise only to the first level where they fail and no higher. Trump, and the crop of people he is appointing, all went about 7 levels higher than that.


Fossil fuel companies have known for decades that use of fossil fuels affect climate. They do not care.


An empty shell.


Sanders is on fire. Now I am afraid TPTB will squash him.


Sanders should skewering the bloody Democrats for influencing the course of USAian elections by nominating the loser, Hillary Clinton as the Democrat candidate for POTUS. The Twittler's win has given the idea to all all loony right wingers in western democracies that they too can be successful nazis and little twittlers..


The Earth is 6000 years old? Are you serious? I thought it was no older than 1776.


No. DNA us a very selfish molecule and committed molecular genocide around 4000 million years ago.