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Sanders Slams McConnell for Pushing '3-Martini Lunch' Deduction and Zero Relief for 26 Million Hungry Americans

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/03/sanders-slams-mcconnell-pushing-3-martini-lunch-deduction-and-zero-relief-26-million


“Yes. The Republicans l-o-v-e corporate socialism for the rich, rugged individualism for the rest. Ain’t gonna happen.”

Proving once again, that socialism for the 1% is the only type of socialism that is acceptable to the GOP.


Bernie Sanders, the most moral person in public life! And bless those nipping at his heels.


If only someone had had the guts to run on representing the people, someone who could stand as an independent and likely would have won in a landslide, rather than grandstanding and making speeches that achieve absolutely nothing with either Biden or the Rethuglicans. Oh wait…


Rent and utilities are almost always more than food. It seems like it is more important to suspend rents and mortgages simultaneously until a pandemic recovery is strong enough to drop the unemployment rate to the pre-pandemic rate of 3%. Water, power and heat must also be maintained, not just housing. We can’t let all the pipes freeze.


Possible shutdown in a week… that means the dems will fold and accept whatever the republicans toss their way.

Gutless wonders, the lot of them.

Complete corporate immunity will be the law of the land.


No, it’ll likely be a continuing resolution. But don’t put it past Trump to have a temper tantrum.

As for Sanders, I’m very happy he and Wyden are messaging McConnell’s crappy behavior. It ought to be front and center and every member of the Dem caucus should. Pelosi made a mistake owning negotiations that were not happening, and had piss-poor television messaging. Every interview she should have started with 1) they passed two bills already and 2) McConnell was blocking them, and repeated it over and over.


Corporate Dems. Will again lead us to losses and concomitant continued rise of the corrupt state.


Carol, well said! When I said much the same thing in 2016 I was excoriated by many Progressives for calling Bernie a “progressive con” either knowingly or un-knowningly, but many like you and others have seen through his act.


You and Neera.

Bernie as Che, gimme a break. This is absurd and ridiculous, hard-core center-right Biden supporters blaming Bernie for not being far enough left. Really? Remember Kucinich? If Bernie did anything near what you are suggesting, and this isn’t saying it’d make any difference–it wouldn’t, he’d be Kuciniched. That is, sidelined and rendered ineffective by the same ruling democrats that cheated him out of the primary, twice. Bernie was never, ever, ever going to be allowed to win the primary.

Had Bernie run as a 3rd party candidate (after being cheated out of the primary), which many were wanting, Trump would be president for another four years. Biden is no better. Today what considers themselves the “left” in the democratic party are stuck w/centrist, right-leaning democrats running the party for the next 8-12+ years. Might as well get used to it.


If Bernie was like Che, in my opinion, the CIA would assassinate him just like they did to Che and like they attempted many times to to do to Castro.


Has anyone seen that rotten bi partisan bill they are now pushing? And these assholes let COVID 19 just rampage through the country, haven’t supported people, businesses and local governments (Pelosi told CNN to calm down about being mildly challenged on the lack of aid to state and local governments months ago), gave trillions to their donors and capitalist brethren, and are now throwing crumbs at people. And we are set to see an explosion in homelessness. Pelosi could have pushed for a stimulus before the election but wanted to play games with people’s lives, and she and Schumer are now supporting an even worse bill out of the fucking spirit of compromise.

I hate all these people and the people that keep voting for them. I wish I could leave. Just let the neoliberals and their right wing comrades end democracy now, stop the show, and let’s just get on with the collapse already.


Things will start to increasingly come undone during that time. A continuation of this trajectory will just speed up society breaking down, and the environmental crisis will speed that up rapidly as well. We had a chance to radically change the course of the country and we didn’t.


Soooo damn true! And Carol, the fact that Bernie continues to con so many well meaning albeit politically naive or sophomoric progressives proves your point.

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I will continue to fight, organize, push policies, educate others in the capacity I do my thing. But, the political system seems impervious to change, and they are actively making things worse, they are all corrupt. I find most of the politics to just be theater and I don’t think the Democratic Party can be reformed. It is a corrupt, right wing party and it is fine with the country falling apart it seems. I would have more hope if the left in that party actually fought and challenged people like Pelosi, but it doesn’t. It is weak, and since it bows to rotten people like her, even if AOC for example doesn’t take corporate bribes, what does it matter if she bows to those that do? I am increasingly giving up on change within this rotten political system. I think it may have to come outside of electoral politics.


In France there is a free lunch for all workers. It sustains a huge restaurant industry there. Workers get coupons that virtually all restaurants offer lunch specials for.

I don’t think free lunch coupons for workers should pay for alcohol. But it would be a way we could help keep the restaurant industry, which employs millions of workers, alive, which is important. make life easier for workers and restaurateurs who are under major stressors right now.

While coronavirus is a problem, the qualifying lunch should be served outdoors under awnings or similar if need be, but not inside a building. In winter, space heaters could be used outdoors.

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Bernie said, if asked to by the people, he would lead a revolution. Then he said he can’t do it alone, and needed everyone’s help. Bernie gave it his best shot, but not enough voters supported him over Biden and the other candidates.
This is more about the voter demographics than about Bernie.
We can lead them to the water, but we can’t insist upon their votes.


Bernie, and other leftist candidates, has been utterly decimated by older voters. Biden and those like him win as they do because they dominate among older votes. The sad fact is that while there are many older voters that are progressive, they are far outnumbered by right wing and center-right voters among older voters, and the support for right wing candidates like Biden is overwhelming. Those older voters, they are the ones that are far more concerned with words like socialism than middle aged people and younger. The young are radical in part because they are far more policy focused, and they realize how horribly capitalism has ruined their lives, the environment, the political system, infrastructure. We are passing a massive cost onto them, and making it impossible to deal with that massive cost, because capitalism even in its best form (social democracy) is nowhere near enough, and that social democracy is treated as far left Maoism by a decent segment of the country (again, particularly among older voters). Those young people did not come out enough for Bernie, and part of that is young people do not trusting the Democratic Party itself (why would they when Democrats argue in court that they don’t have to run free and open primaries, when they throw the kitchen sink at candidates offering policies that would benefit young people and when that rotten party runs sham primaries, like in Iowa on this last time?), or the capacity to change much within the system. As things start to break down, that leads to social unrest, and an authoritarian response. That is quickly approaching, and if Biden governs as he appears to want to govern, he will speed the collapse up and make the return or Trump or someone worse more likely.


So, it’s into the dumpster with America.
I wrote a letter to the editor in my local paper after the Great Recession.
We were at a time following Bush, and then the economic downturn.
I said that I felt we were in a state of unrest resulting in civil unrest and heading for civil disobedience, and then on to a civil war.
Good thing that we are so slow at responding to some of our conditions.

I get how you feel: It’s coming anyway, and waiting to see how it all shakes out is pure anguish. So we do the best we can for the young people, for the babies that are born in droves every day here and deserve some kind of future. And, just think how boring things would be without this fight for our very existence! OK, I’d go with boring for a bit.

Hang in there, JoanRobinson, and my oldish bones are hanging in there with you.

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