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Sanders Slams Republican Senate for Happily Approving $740 Billion for Pentagon While Doing 'Nothing' to Address Covid Crisis

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/11/sanders-slams-republican-senate-happily-approving-740-billion-pentagon-while-doing


I will always love Bernie!


I hate to break the news to you Bernie, but the 740 billion dollar pentagon budget, and the continuing maintenance of the surveillance state received overwhelming bipartisan support.
We can blame republicans for many things, but not for this one. Democratic leadership loves them the MIC. Always has. And until at least one political party develops the intestinal fortitude to say no, this kind of casino spending on war will continue.


Yes. How I wish that the Democratic leadership was composed of actual voting Democrats. But this is what we get when we focus on allowing wealth and money to pick and choose our leadership. I suspect Rahm Emanuel will be ushered back into the Administration to continue calling us “fucking retards”.

Wealth rots the human brain of empathy and compassion.


And how many Senate Democrats voted to hand Boss Tweet the biggest military budget in history, Bernie?

36 out of 45, that’s how many.

Sanders can continue to pretend that his wing of the War Party is superior, but the facts speak for themselves.


Bernie doing Facade maintenance, nothing more


Seems to me that Sen. Sanders is pushing to the left from within a party that has been infused by conservatives in sheep’s clothing. He is the one who has most elevated the issues of: a living wage, healthcare as a human right, economic, racial, social and environmental justice for all.

And instead of working to help, Phred_Pharkel only complains. Seems that YOU are the one working against solutions.


Yes. Indeed. Facade maintenance.

Gotta maintain the facade. It’s essential to the con. Murca is basically in the midst of a giant home-invasion robbery. Wall Street and War, Inc. broke down the front door, tied up Mom and Dad, raped the kids, stole everything. Then they raided the refrigerator and sat on the sofa to watch a football game. They´re still sitting there, and no one is doing a damn thing about it because the news reporter on tv said it was all perfectly natural and normal.

Meanwhile, every now and then someone like Bernie comes on tv and denounces the home invaders, uttering moral claims about how wrong their behavior is.

Facade maintained. (-check) Appearance of concern. (-check) Appearance of intention to “do something.” (-check) Appearance of moral compass. (-check) Deep cynicism. (-check)


…then he should be including his Dinocrat buddies in his finger pointing. As several in this thread have pointed out, the Republican-Lite squad supported that insane War Budget too.

@thylacine13 - If Biden wins, I think we can be sure we will quickly have another Financial “crisis” requiring Austerity for us and bailouts for the Fed, Banks and Oligarchy. Batten down the hatches


If you have not heard Sen. Sanders address those conservatives, you are choosing not to listen. Rather, you choose to make an enemy of the most progressive politician in office today. You seem to be working with the conservatives to make Sanders the enemy.


How long are you going to fall for Bernie’s schtick? He talks the talk, but won’t walk the walk. Where was Bernie when he had a chance to put a “hold” on the CARES act, until the people were taken care of long term, before corporations? We now know the Sanders-Biden negotiations were nothing but a con to placate progressives voters, with nothing negotiated in Biden’s platform today. Bernie lied to his supporters that they could push Biden left, that Biden’s campaign was the most progressive since FDR, knowing dam well all of it was BS. He’s a con artist, nothing more.


I figure Rahm is going to at least be Biden’s domestic security adviser, maybe even AG.
The best shit always floats to the top.


Oh, there is another bailout of big banks in the works. They just need to iron out the corporate immunity thing. American corporations are about to get everything they wanted from the failed Clinton/Obama/Biden TPP, without having to sign a trade agreement to get it.


Maybe Jimmy Dore can explain it to you

What BIDEN tells WALL STREET Behind Closed Doors!



Here’s the deal Bernie,

you can have a massive block of passionate, fed-up, progressives (who represent the true base of what the unDemocratic party claims to be) at your back and fighting with you with all their intelligence and vigor while you’re at the helm of a huge movement and an almost a sure win for the President…


you can shunt all that into a ditch and have a prominent role in the Senate as the guy who just pontificates about what everybody wants out loud and the unfairness of it all so he can be the cute left dimple on the hideous face of the one-party duopoly.

“Uh, I’ll take the one where I get to do a 180 on my values and pat my good friends in the unDemocratic party who stand for just about everything I claim to be against on the back. Who says I’m not humble?”


"HIS wing? selective and misplaced criticism of Bernie Sanders as many in the “me too” bash Bernie crowd do, perhaps to make themselves feel better, but accomplishes nothing but empower and give cover for trump/republicons, and others. Who would rather have my back in a fight? Not people of weak loyalty and dedication to a cause!
And how did Bernie vote on the military budget for 2021? NO What is his voting record over decades?

~https://justfacts.votesmart.org/candidate/key-votes/27110/bernie-sanders/22/defense Bernie’s voting record on “defense” issues.


Maybe Bernie actually believed that the voters could push Biden left. Maybe he still believes in the Tooth Fairy too. The problem with Bernie as i see it, is that he his delusional about the D’s and Biden…Just like the delusional voters that are going to vote the LOTE with Biden AGAIN thinking that he can be moved left after he is elected. Which of course is delusional too.

We are all Alice in Wonderland now trying to figure out the meaning of what a Cheshire Cat is telling us…


By voting for the huge MIC budgets, the Ds kill several birds with one stone:

They bring pork to their districts.
They manufacture an excuse for implementing austerity (deficits suddenly matter!).
They can talk just as tough about national security as those fearsome Rs.

As for Bernie, what he’s been reduced to through his own spinelessness is truly sad.


You think it makes us feel better to point out that Bernie is using the military budget vote as a cudgel against Republicans without mentioning that almost all of his Democratic colleagues voted Y for the same budget?

No, dude, it makes us feel terrible.


"Before you accuse me, take a look at yourself ". Peace