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Sanders Slams Republican Senate for Happily Approving $740 Billion for Pentagon While Doing 'Nothing' to Address Covid Crisis

You make a good point!

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The problem is that Bernie got so much resistance from both of the two parties that he had no where to go; unfortunately he is too old and it’s too late for him to start a third party at this point. I have read that he was threatened in 2016 by Hillary’s posse including Debbie Wasserman Schultz, and in this 2020 campaign the delegates he needed to win were, in some states (Nevada+), not fairly distributed to him. I’m sorry that it ended like this but I think Bernie gave it his all and some circumstances behind the scenes that we will never be privileged to is why he decided to bow out of this dishonest election.


Bernie caved and gave everything away after a 4 hour phone call with Obama, the night before he endorsed Biden. Bernie’s never looked happier than to have Obama and the whole club behind him. He’s sleeping okay.

Don’t give up! There are a lot of us out here who are disgusted that every time Bernie speaks up the axes come out.


Like I said, down the rabbit hole goes Alice. Bernie has deluded himself for reasons I can’t even begin to fathom. Votng for Biden is absolutely off my table. He is not “better” than the Orange A$$hole. Primarily because everyone will just go back to sleep thinking everything will be fixed. Just like they did with Obomber, the drone king. It is counter intuitive I suppose, but we would be better off with the Orange one for another round of mayhem… At least people might work up enough courage to fight the damn system that produced him. And throw out the ossified D’s that go along with this damn program.


I understand why you would think this way. But if the Orange One has another four years that’s the end of a woman’s right to choose, the end of doctors not going to jail, the end of wolves and other wildlife, the end to the judicial branch, the end of racial justice, the end of any kind of environment you’d want to live in. That’s not to say Biden is going to be lots better. But I doubt he’s going to be worse. And we’d have a chance at survival.

As for Bernie, we don’t know what was done behind the scenes. If he was threatened or his family threatened. I don’t know about you, but like with Hillary, he did his job campaigning for her, but to me it didn’t look like his heart was in it. It’s politics, and he saw the writing on the wall. This time around I was just amazed at the primaries and Nancy Pelosi’s machinations. There’s Bloomberg, like people couldn’t tell the difference between one old Jew and the other. There’s Elizabeth Warren to pull away the left wing vote from Bernie, for people excited to see a woman president. And on and on. All very clever when the super delegates couldn’t weigh in during the primaries. We were beaten, us Bernie folk, by the clever ones in power, and what power they have! I have fantasies of Trump winning so that Nancy Pelosi and her ilk don’t win. But that would be cutting off my nose to spite my face.

There’s got to be a way to save this country. I align myself with people I admire, much smarter than I am, like Barbara Smith, on Democracy Now! today. And Noam Chomsky, Chris Hedges, Jimmy Dore, although I disagree with his passionate disavowal of Bernie. And the young people with Sunrise. And like Caroline from this comment section has said, to continue the good fight even without hope of winning.


Thank you commonvoice1! Yes, Ellsworth, your voice also is valued here by more than the naysayers.
It is claimed that there are many voices that intentionally muddy the waters, that attack strong voices and issues, bash those who inspire voters to denigrate without whole truth to their words, or logic - those voices may work for destructive goals and forces rather than be honest, and it would be myopic to assume that doesn’t happen here - it can happen here. - in more ways than one.
Many who might agree with you and want to speak-out do not for various reasons - to not be attacked only one, thus voices such as yours are more important than ever. It is true we have a far-less than honest politics and political parties, and that is why voices in opposition are so important. Peace.

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Hey, Rebel. I think the narrative you lay out was accurate before Hillary was defeated (and neoliberal betrayals by Bill and Obama) and trump clearly showing his insanity & destruction of so much, but I suggest that has changed for several reasons.
The trump regime’s salted-earth extreme right-wing rule, the DP and the manipulated voters in SC that did the bidding of establishment uncle tom tool, Jim Clyburn (and corrupt media), , to derail the candidacy of Bernie Sanders, making Biden the nominee, and third, the pandemic arriving at that critical time changing the dynamic and possibility of any other outcome.

It was SC voting Biden over Bernie that sealed the deal for “super Tuesday” and Biden as the anointed one - Bernie had little choice or options that would not lead to a certain trump win - not least his vow to support the nominee he believed would be himself and would have been but for that SB Clyburn!..

As far as voting, I vote in a very safe blue state and will vote to help get Greens over the 5% threshold - others have a different choice…

The notion that 4 more years of trump & co will bring (or allow) any massive revolt, or positive sea-change, to the nation (except further destruction and fascist tyranny) or the utterly corrupt DP, seems wistful thinking at best; there is nothing to show people that might fight extremism of a trump second term for principled reasons would not fight a Biden DP regime for the same reasons, when he/they screw progressives over…
I think the balance between 4 more trump years of we are seeing now on steroids, and what Biden might do or not do will still see a much more robust effort to either build the People’s Party/Green opposition or the complete reform/takeover of the DP that is now as corrupt and nearly as hated as trump - why would anyone committed to stop trump go back to sleep under Biden? Peace

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In my view Bernie has been in politics for far too long to delude himself. Bernie knew how corrupt the DNC is and that he had no chance to be nominated for POTUS. When Bernie said he would endorse the eventual Democratic nominee for POTUS he knew it would not be him. The fact that Bernie endorsed HRC in 2016 and Biden in 2020, both war mongering Wall Street stooges is enough to make me want to puke!

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Good recall, ronbo. Obama’s Chief of Staff stung with that slander 11 years ago, and it still stings to see it. It’s offensive and derogatory to millions.

Over 40 years ago I used the second term as a wisecrack, and my friend corrected me right away, mentioning that her good friend’s sister was someone with developmental disability. Correction was noted, and kept as a reminder that words matter.

There is one commenter who still uses the slander occasionally in this forum, and I’ve tried correcting her in a Reply, to no avail. It’s a lousy term to use, and it hurts people.

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I hate to say this Bernie because you are one of my all-time heroes but you chickened out just when we needed you most. You should have stuck the course and dam the DNC. Now America has Hobson’s choice. Loose loose no matter who they vote for. Their only chance now is to vote for liberal candidates in all the lesser elections.

Joe Biden’s Promises Were Meant to Be Broken
Contrary to the rosy predictions of liberal pundits, Joe Biden has not embraced the Left or its priorities. The only viable left strategy under a Biden administration will be one of confrontation.


Since I am 77 years old I am likely to die before climate gets really horrible! I should count myself lucky on that point.


I"m 70 and ditto

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