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Sanders Slams Trump for 'Bragging' About Millions of Americans Losing Healthcare


Sanders Slams Trump for 'Bragging' About Millions of Americans Losing Healthcare

Common Dreams staff

The Vermont senator was referring to a provision in GOP tax bill that repeals ACA individual mandate, potentially throwing 13 million Americans off their health insurance


I am sure Bernie means well. But his support of the systemically corrupted Democratic Party negates his message entirely. You cannot beat the casino, and you can’t vote your way out of this one. The system is rigged and the fascists are in charge. They don’t give a fuck about your hopes and dreams, but merely desire to take until there is absolutely nothing left to steal. Bernie, you could have been a great leader by simply leaving the Democrats and starting a third party. People would have followed. But instead you remain the Democratic Party’s trick pony. Talk is cheap…As far as I can tell there are no true progressive fighters in the government at all. None. We are so amazingly fucked to the max…


I don’t expect anything to change with the repeal of the unconstitutional mandate. The mandate was falsely sold to the public as being necessary because people who weren’t buying private health insurance didn’t think they would get sick (at least until old age). But that was always a lie. People weren’t buying private insurance because it’s prohibitively expensive, not because they thought their relative youth protected them from illness. And without any price controls on insurance premiums, this meant that those too poor to afford private insurance but not considered poor enough to qualify for Medicaid ended up being punished with a tax penalty for being too poor to afford private insurance, which they still couldn’t get under ObamaRomneyHeritageCare.

So those thirteen million Americans Sanders talks about still didn’t have health insurance under the mandate. They were simply being penalized for being poor.


Millions of Democrats voted for Hillary Clinton so that amerika could have more of the same ol, same ol.


Thank you for stating the truth that seems universally ignored by all.


Right on target, Dan! (You beat me to it.)

As I have stated many times: Sanders runs in 2020 as a damnocrat and he gets no support from me (and many others) this time. Why he insists he can “heal” the corrupt damnocrats is beyond me. If he is so damned PROUD to be an Independent, why the ADDICTION to a party that left “We the People” a long time ago?


I totally agree, Sanders didn’t even fight against Trump tax scam of late. He isn’t interested in abandoning the democratic party that is rotten to the core.


“Class warfare” is in evidence everywhere, but those who are on the losing end are smeared for pointing it out. What a country Greed Capitalism has created. Not only does it affect the working class economically but also medically, mentally, and Spiritually. “We the People” are SO fucked…


After JFK assassination i 1963 everything started to go down the drain for ordinary Americans. And we were handed 911 next is an outright fascist state.


Odd to read so many attacking the messenger here.


The Vermont senator was referring to a provision in GOP tax bill that repeals ACA individual mandate,giving 13 million Americans the choice whether to buy health insurance or not

There, that’s a little more accurate.


The “penalty” for not having insurance affected a lot more than just the people who paid it. The purpose was to help keep premiums down for those who wanted to purchase insurance. If no one has to pay the penalty, premiums will skyrocket (even higher than the recent doubling) and a lot of those people who would choose to buy insurance no longer have that choice because it is extremely unaffordable.

So is their choice irrelevant?


B-I-N-G-O! It was the start of “The Great American Takeover” (From the inside).


Really ?? What planet have you been living on ??


It’s not at all odd if you accept the fact that Sanders went over to “The Dark Side” after he was robbed of the primary instead of fighting back!


Actually, and this came after applying for ACA, which was way too expensive for me being unemployed (about 525 per month) I then applied for Medicaid but it was not the case that I was not considered poor enough to qualify for Medicaid
but in fact
I was considered TOO POOR to qualify for Medicaid.

No lie. In a state that refused to expand Medicaid, me and about 1 million others got shafted once again by the GOP (GOP governor)


Your purity and righteous condemnation of Bernie wholly obscures your capacity to see or sense the how strengthening for people (including me) it is hear and see Bernie standing “for” basic decency and calling out the dastardliness of the actions and intent of the Republicans. In your holy washed state of mind holding as it does its absolutist’s vision, you miss entirely the opportunity to embrace Bernie’s vision and the man himself by saying, “Right on, Bernie” and suggesting paths of action that build and extend on his vision. As long as you insist on “having to be right” or “not being wrong”, you are defensively and (for the cause - destructively) serving your own ego’s self-importance which in the light of objective reality is irrelevant. Continue to scorch and condemn those whose hearts are directed toward the “Good”, and you serve your true masters - the Republican agenda and the plutocrats" very well. Sowing discord and belittlement among those seeking: universal healthcare, the strengthening of the “public” in our schools, free public universities, transforming the gross wealth inequity, etc etc. - give great cheer to the plutocrats. Grow up. Wake up.


How many people would have followed? The most popular third party candidates in my lifetime, (I was born in the last FDR administration) H.Ross Perot and Ralph Nader, could barely register on the scale despite all the caterwauling about costing this or that “mainstream” candidate the election.

USAmerican voters are stupid and tribal above all else. Democrats will always be Democrats no matter how bad their candidate or how good the opposition. They still support Hillary Clinton and still wish she would have been elected because even thought they know how bad she was and what a terrible shill-for-the-bankers president she would have been, she was not as bad as Trump. That’s enough for any Democrat vote to keep change from happening. “Not quite as bad” will always be better, and “third parties can’t win” will always be the motto of the majority who have embraced the Clintons and their third way 110%.


If you were born during the last FDR term you’re forgetting Strom Thurmond and the Dixiecrats. Democrats have not always been Democrats. Sometimes they’re Republicans. Look! Change happened!


Bernie is somewhat dated with his economic message. The big issue now is white supremacy and fascism. I think the Democrats would be better served by a politician more focused on fighting against white supremacy than the 1%. We are dealing with a president who wants to be dictator and who is supported by a large movement of right wing extremists who believe what the US needs is a dictator. This is a fight to preserve democracy and constitutional government.