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Sanders Slams Trump's Anti-Immigration Ad, Backs Border Wall Talks to Protect Dreamers


Sanders Slams Trump's Anti-Immigration Ad, Backs Border Wall Talks to Protect Dreamers

Julia Conley, staff writer
In CNN interview, senator called potential mass deporation of DACA recipients a "stain" from which the U.S. would never recover


“…they were willing to negotiate on the border wall in order to protect Dreamers.”

People are no more than pawns to the Fascist government who seem to say: Let’s seek the most politically expedient and SAFE way to screw regular and hurting people.

Just for fun (?), imagine a true democracy where “We the People” actually make critical decisions about OUR OWN COUNTRY!


The wall is not a diabolical goal? Do not forget that walls are designed to keep people in as well as out!


That remark struck me as absolutely idiotic too.

Is this Ms. Rennix forgetting that the money for this “diabolical goal”, be it “failed” or not, will be “diverted” out of social programs, environmental protection, or other remaining decent, non-“diabolical” things government does?




War, environmental and economic refugees are not only victims of fascism, but of overpopulation, a common problem and political hot potato few will address.

In its infinite wisdom, nature put conservatives here to kill us off.

Direct Democracy


Good point…thanks.


Excellent! Thank you.


The wall would be a complete waste, an environmental disaster serving no real purpose except delusions of security. $15+ billion on something requiring constant upkeep. We do need to find a way to protect those that are here, to find a path towards legally living here. There’s already concentration camps full of ‘detainees’ already, buses instead of trains carting needed workers to be deported. We can do better that the political drama of shutting down part of the government.


And that Great Wall of China ultimately failed to keep out the invaders and took a very long time to build. Simply put, the building of such a wall is a failure of the imagination for a nation that babbles so much about “freedom” as the wall will certainly hem the people in.


Now that is an interesting take on the situation. Problem, as I see it, is that nuclear war will wipe out life as we know it. Also, keep in mind the twin problem of over consumption as in using much more than we need to live. The US consumes much more than poor countries from the global south.


I hope the dreamers, all their families, friends, co-workers, lovers and their families and friends remember how the dreamers were held hostage by Trump and show up big at election time.


I do not agree with the wall. It is a colossal waste of valuable funds and immoral. To compromise with the current administration will not solve any anything. It will merely lead to further problems.


We already have about 500 miles of fencing and that is causing environmental problem. Trump’s wall would cause far more environmental problems. Beside the fence there is is all kind of electronic equipment and drones along the border. And there is no net immigration into the US from Mexico, probably more people from Mexico are going back. Most of the boarder crossing occurred about 20 years ago. The Wall is just an icon for racism. It is meant to say in no uncertain terms that this is racist country. It is the opposite of the Statue of Liberty. The Democrats and Sanders should draw the line and say no wall. When you give an inch to the white supremacists they will just want more. It must be made clear what they want is a white country with no other people. Unless they can be stopped that is what the US will eventually become.


Bernie was entirely too easy on that that Trump ad about the “murders committed by ‘illegal’ aliens” (who ofcourse actually commit far fewer murders than the population already in the USA). Such talk is racist to the core and the very dark heart of fascism.


You are a fascist. Go away.


The very term “illegal alien” or especially the pejorative “illegals” is not even used in any civilized country. Try using that word in Canada and see what treatment you get from the person you re talking to. It will be at least as harsh as my treatment toward you.

And, of course, if by “illegals” you mean undocumented foreign nationals then your cited statistics are complete made-up nonsense. The actual number is a quarter of that. But that is secondary to your racism.


Far more foreign nationals are migrating to Canada and many European countries as a proportion of their population than the USA. Please visit, say, Toronto, or Montreal or London, and see how vibrant their economies are becasue of the diversity of ideas and culture from these hard-working, intelligent newcomers.

The solution to the people you call “illegals” is pretty simple, get rid of the USAs incredibly onerous and expensive immigration requirements…


I’m sure you are opposed to all the social programs and labor rights laws that would help the homeless, poor and unemployed.

You and your tag-team trolling partner MMinLamesa (sounds Latino) joined just a few days ago, Why are you trolling here with your mindless right wing memes? You have no intention in engaging in good-faith discussion. Go away.


Uh, Yunzer. La Mesa is a city just NE of San Diego, CA.