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Sanders Snags Major Upset as Revolution Revs Engine in Michigan

Sanders Snags Major Upset as Revolution Revs Engine in Michigan

Jon Queally, staff writer

A 'huuuuge' victory.

Though expectations were met as Hillary Clinton claimed a win by large margin in the Mississippi primary, the big story of Tuesday's two Democratic primaries is that Bernie Sanders has achieved an "upset of almost unheard of proportions" by claiming victory in the bellwether state of Michigan.


Kudos to the voters of Michigan who weren’t bamboozled by the Billary!

Just got to add this message:


From listening to NPR you get the impression that Bernie doesn’t stand a chance - we’ll see whether the Michigan win will change their rhetoric.


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There are times when I truly despair. You see the corruption and naked opportunism that has systemically destroyed political life in this country. The corrosive behavior of the elite then poisons the rest of our society. You see it in business and likewise in academia. As a scientist, I have seen the ethical behavior of my colleagues markedly change over the years to the point where many flat out lie, just to get ahead. I sometimes think I should do the same and climb aboard the gravy train. And then Bernie shows up and leads with integrity and honesty. Bernie reminds us all of the old saying that virtue in the end will be rewarded.

My son (13 years old) and I watch the Michigan Primary tonight. There were tears in my eyes as I realized how long Bernie had been working for the betterment of others. Thank you for bettering the world.


I feel every Bernie vote is a cause for celebration. The feeling of voting for a movement that includes all that cares for all is a beautiful feeling. It is the feeling that a Bernie voter receives and gives, and unconditional light that keeps on keeping on. Yes!!! Feel the Bern!


“Revolution Revs Engine” - good turn of phrase, but does anyone notice that Revolution and being President rings a dissident note?

I have a son the same age, he now pays attention to the articles I read here. As with the environment, I’ve apologized and told him the future may be bleak but it also may be in his generations hands, and to make the right choices…


so happy cannot sleep tonite - GO BERNIE GO- putting another check in the mail on this international women’s day in memory of Berta Caseres and hope this helps start the movement to put hillary out of the way of countries around the world as they fight for their liberation from this country’s predatory policies!


Interesting statistic: Michigan has 83 counties, of which Sanders won 73 or 74! (Genesee’s the last county still not fully counted as I’m writing.) That feels pretty good. Apparently Clinton prevailed in some of the most populous counties.

Source: http://www.freep.com/pages/interactives/elections-results-primaries-2016/#d-mi


It won’t

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He won, but by a very small margin. She’s winning by very large margins in the south. Looking at it realistically, even without the superdelegates, this is not a formula for a win.

It’s GREAT that Bernie won! Everyone, especially smug, arrogant Hillary, thought she would get Michigan. Especially after she LIED!
HOWEVER, Bernie better take it ALL THE WAY! He better not fold …The Clinton Network (CNN) is again lying and counting the super-delegates…This is to tell people to give it up and circle around Hillary Rotten Clinton…
We’ve given Bernie $400.00 and we don’t have much money…but I’m looking at my accounts to see how much more I can donate…
Give him whatever you can! Phone bank, donate,
Don’t let the facist-lite propaganda machine (media) dissuade you!
CNN just lied again …they said Bernie taps into people’s concerns but he doesn’t offer any solutions!
What??? I guess the CNN propagandist is afraid of Bernie’s solution of taxing the rich and uber rich means she herself will have to pay taxes (I’m sure she makes over $500,000 a year) for once in her life, like the rest of us.


Outstraw: Don’t look now, but your "I love Hillary! Let’s do away with nonsense elections! " sign is showing.
We are looking at it realistically! Bernie can WIN!..it galls you, doesn’t it? The coronation may not be televised…


God Rest Berta’s soul…

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The Clinton Network (CNN) just did it again! The idiot talking heads are asking
“what went wrong”? re: Bernie winning Michigan…
shouldn’t their question be: “what happened”?
I have read that major networks are contributing to Hillary.
Bill Clinton helped telecommunications industry when he was President and did away with barriers to mergers, etc. I guess it’s payback time.


You inspired me to add the video on my post. Thanks.


Take it way, way back… ‘Give more power to the people’ Chilites, Chicago 1971 - later echoed by John Lennon New York > 1972


The primaries in the conservative South are pretty much over. Bernie’s chances are much better in the states ahead.

And don’t forget that the hundreds of superdelegates can support anyone they want to. These people are Democratic partisans who want their party to win above all else. They can see that Clinton’s great support in the South isn’t going to help her in November.

I think all those superdelegates are beginning to realize that the national polls that show Sanders’ having a better chance to beat any Republican are valid, and that he is, in fact, the more electable one. Then they have a choice: support the party favorite because it’s her turn, or support the person who can win.


Congratulations, Sandernistas! You’re managing to do what many of us have failed to do for so many years in the Democratic party–threaten the power structure!
When I left the D 20 years ago I never imagined that in my lifetime there would be a legitimate voter rebellion in the ranks. It was always “hey, we’re not the GOP!” every single bloody cycle and we’ve been destroyed by that thinking.
This time, you’re still hanging on.
Don’t stop. Don’t quit. Stay angry, but stay hopeful. At the very least, if you can force the Democratic power elite to just flat out and obviously cheat, you’ll have done a major public service.
Keep it up to the general!