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Sanders Soars: The Democratic Race Is Closer Than The Republicans’


Sanders Soars: The Democratic Race Is Closer Than The Republicans’

Robert Borosage

Bernie Sanders routed Hillary Clinton in three Western states on Saturday. He isn’t just winning; he’s winning with stunning percentages: Alaska 82-18; Hawaii 70-30; Washington 73-27. He’s taken five of six in the West, and chipped away Clinton’s lead in pledged delegates, trailing in pledged delegates by 1243 to 975.


Although we get our daily media ration of "GOP fractured", anybody paying attention to the ground game realizes that the Democrats' fracture dwarfs the GOP's. The Democratic Party establishment wants to sustain corporate cash flow that only Clinton can assure irrespective of bad odds of winning in November, whereas a significant part of the base wants Sanders who is more likely to win the November election but lose a lot of corporate cash flow.

The GOP's fracture is to nominate Cruz, giving Trump cover to run as an independent, splitting the right of center vote, or let Trump run and increase their chances of winning in November.


Borsage's media quote about the "largely white and liberal northwest" is especially ironic when you consider that the media frequently identifies Idaho as one of the most conservative states, Alaska is anything but liberal, the only liberal venues in the northwest are west of the Cascades in Oregon and Washington, and as Professor Abramson points out in his article in CD today: "Alaska, Hawaii and Washington are among the MOST diverse states".

The media is obviously using "white" and "liberal" to discount the value of Sanders' wins and the momentum of his campaign, and to expand the media's racially based divide and conquer strategy.


"... the mainstream media would be well advised to cover the Sanders surge, not dismiss it, and put a bigger spotlight on the Democratic race."

i've been waiting for the "Sanders surge" meme to start popping up!


"He’s taken five of six in the West, and chipped away Clinton’s lead in pledged delegates, trailing in pledged delegates by 1243 to 975."

This number is actually closer than that, since most WA delegates are not formally "pledged" until the WA state Dem convention.


I have noticed the trend of most narratives basing polling numbers of white voters for Sanders, "Minority votes for Clinton. What I have witnessed is Sanders wins when primaries and Caucuses are open to Independents and more people are able to vote. This race divide is I think just a means of discounting Sanders support and reinforcing the need for minorities to vote for Hillary.This seems to be endemic to all national media outlets.
The Chimes of Freedom Crashing!


And don't forget that some of states that Sanders "Lost" , were actually tied as far as delegates are concerned.


Great article. Borosage notes Clinton camp wary of facing New York voters in a public debate.

Surely it's the right of New Yorkers to hear their top candidates debate issues and address their concerns. It's smug and petty to refuse to participate unless the other side gives in to silly concessions. "Treat me nice, or I won't play..anyways, it's MY ball."

Clinton should embrace an opportunity to robustly debate an opponent who is offering a valid alternative. Sanders has a fresh approach to the traditional. And his progressive insights are catching fire across the land. Clinton spokesperson Benenson should eagerly welcome a broad and intense debate. Otherwise, his candidate looks frightened, or as though she has something to hide. Here's an opportunity to compare and contrast.

One cannot reasonably be commander-in-chief if fearful to face an opponent. New Yorkers should get a petition going, demanding their right to see their candidates under the spotlight of national press. The voters are owed this much.


Sure; I know from experience that western Washington and Oregon are seriously hard-core right wing places but the population there is also rather sparse. If a politician in a statewide election can win in just the three counties from Seattle to Olympia they can win the state.

Same where I live. In statewide contests, if they win Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, they win the state just due to the population concentration. Of course, in the case of Bernie, he is going to have problems in Philadelphia because of that usual troubling reason.


Goebbelised media is 'white' and quasi-fascist - so it is no surprise they invent disingenuous self serving narratives to belittle their most feared 'enemy' - the 'peoples' realisation that 'the establishment' has systematically denied them integrity, truth and fairness from their elected leaders.

When the people start to hurt they start to think for themselves - and that is not good news for propagandists.

Sanders consistency, decency and honesty is inspirational; unique amongst contemporary politicians.
He is courageously reminding us of 'values lost' through the actions of a generation of self-enriching political spivs and charlatans.
There is a rich vein of growing civil dissatisfaction for him to tap - bequeathed by decades of avaricious corrupt pro-'establishment' corporate puppets.
Go Bernie!!


Sanders is being thrown to the wolves by his own DNC chairman that is supporting Hillary and doing everything possible to block the popularity of Sanders.
The media is just playing to the crowd for their ratings.
The same thing is being done with Trump by right wing media. It's been one sided debates with both parties from the start leaving all other contenders out in the cold like statues at the podium.
Sanders is fighting the same uphill battle with funding Obama did and we can see how successful it was for our two term president.

Democrats have an easy victory with the white house and senate all they have to do is get out and VOTE!




Asher Edelman Wall Street Godfather Endorses Bernie:

Deluded CNBC 'Fast Money' host is unaware of anyone in the US suffering recession - cites her 'groupthink' co-hosts as representative evidence. A 'let them eat cake' moment.


While the MSM seems to focus on Hillary getting the African American vote in states where the Democratic candidate has absolutely no chance at all of winning, they conveniently "forget" to mention that her advantage is greatly reduced in states where the Democrats are quite likely to win. Her support for sending "predators" to jail isn't doing her any good in races where voters are informed.

And for those who moan that Bernie's supporters won't go out and support Hillary if she gets the nomination, please answer the question as to whether Hillary's supporters will go all out for Bernie if he gets the nomination. I can just see a bunch of bankers as enthusiastic about Bernie as they are about Hillary. Right!


I can vouch for this, having lived 12 years there (the entire Bubba presidency and whatever you call the first four years of Cheneybush).
In the 2000 Repub caucus the voters rejected Shrub as a milquetoast Ivy League centrist and overwhelmingly rallied behind Pat Buchanan. But come November, they were solidly behind Junior to the tune of 65 per cent.
Tony Knowles as governor and Mark Begich in the Senate were exceptions; Don Young and the Murkowski clan are the rule. And Palin, of course.




"the mainstream media would be well advised to cover the Sanders surge,"

Bernie is running against corporate welfare, mainstream media is owned by major corporation receiving corporate welfare. They're not going to cover BS anymore than they have to, it's against their own self interest.

If there is any argument over Ronald Reagan's deregulation of our media, this is it. Oligarchs now own the media, puerile people don't know that and still believe everything told to them.


Iowa, Missouri, and Illinois were ties. Hillary gained 3 delegates from these 3 states combined. If not for her luck at winning coin tosses (6 for 6) she would have a net gain of 1 delegate from those 3 states.