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Sanders' Socialist Message Translating to Fresh Gains in Key States


Sanders' Socialist Message Translating to Fresh Gains in Key States

Jon Queally, staff writer

New simultaneous polling conducted in both Iowa and New Hampshire shows that the message of Sen. Bernie Sanders is having a positive imact on his presidential run as voters express increased support for the self-described democratic socialist as he challenges frontrunner Hillary Clinton.


Maybe Bernie can make it all the way? Lockheed might throw billions to him, since they want the trillion dollar F-35… I think he has a chance.

I’d love to see Rodham Clinton crash and burn publicly! Then a real candidate will make a mockery of the bushmonkey.


Though the stigma of the term “socialist” for many Americans might be lessening, I think it does Sanders and all Americans a disservice to use the word as some kind of shorthand for what Sanders stands for (or anyone who favors things like community, cooperation, and collective over selfishness and individualism.

Say the word socialist to many and they will have a kneejerk reaction based on preconceived notions. Bloomberg’s use of the term in their poll and discussion of the results highlights a negative attitude. In the South, many will associated socialism with government, and we know that many are anti-gubment bigtime.

But socialism is not the only word that is treated this way. there are many terms used that people react to based on at best a very shallow understanding of the what the term means if not a complete misunderstanding. This is especially the case for many Americans who show little inclination to be open-minded, delve a little deeper and think a little more critically before making a judgment.


I’m not a socialist but I cant help to liking Bernie. He at least says what he means without taking a popularity poll first. I never liked the idea of Hillary running unopposed to her coronation at the Democratic Convention. She will get it, of course, but at least it wont be handed to her on a silver platter.


What the F-35 really is:


I do note that the protracted race for 45 will give 44 a lot of cover for doing who knows what.


Lockheed Martin despises Bernie. They know that if Bernie is able to implement electoral reforms, it could mean the end of the MIC running the country. Nevertheless, Bernie must act like the MIC is not a major issue for him. To come out openly against the MIC will spell his doom immediately. 53% of Americans (according to the poll in the article) would never vote for a ‘socialist’ highlighting just how effective corporate propaganda has been over the years. Therefore Bernie must focus on taking on Wall Street and electoral reforms. While Wall Street runs our government, the MIC within Wall Street along with Big Oil and Big Pharma have more influence than any of the other corporate bloodsuckers.
Currently the media is in phase one, ignore Bernie at all costs. The next stage (if Bernie is still in the running) will be to divide and destroy the progressive support Bernie has, by focusing on differences within the progressive movement to make Bernie appear to have a major progressive flaw or to paint him as a kook. I, for one, don’t like the Sanders position on Israel, but these are all minor issues if we’re able to establish a functioning democracy in the end. The key is to remove corporate influence from politics. No other reforms have a chance if this fundamental goal isn’t achieved.


His unflagging support for the F-35 boondoggle is a revelation of Sanders’ real priorities, just as his vote to cut food stamps last year was a revelation that Sanders is a fraud, a socialist in name only, and a really nasty piece of work who is not to be trusted.


The very idea that Lockheed despises BS, one of their primary champions in Congress, is utter BS. Lockheed loves their fake-socialist MIC tool.


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The food stamp cut, another red herring. It boggles the mind that anyone would trot out such distortion. The Food Stamp Program is handled by the Agriculture Department. Sen. Debbie Stabenow, D. MIchigan, is the ranking member on the AG committee. She agreed to the cut. When the Ag Bill reached the floor for a vote, Bernie could either vote for the Bill containing the cuts or vote against the Bill. Voting against the bill, if that were to succeed, would mean the end of all funding for the program. You deserve a very special red herring.


Voting against the bill would have meant publicity for the Republican and Democratic pigs who wanted to cut food stamps - bad publicity. It would not have meant the end of the program. Had enough Democrats (and BS) voted against it, it would have shone the light on the sin that Congress was committing, and forced the cuts back.

If taking food from the mouths of hungry kids is not the line that must not be crossed - then there is no line. Clearly, there is no longer a line for Republicans, for their Democratic enablers such as the monster in the White House, and for one faux socialist.

Supporting Sanders after what he’s done requires the mindset of (utterly) lowered expectations. It requires the mindset of the abuse victim. Watch what Sanders does when the Megathatcher wins the nomination. Just watch.


You obviously do not understand, I cannot help that.


Exactly. And the F35 thing consists of his support for the basing of a few (already built) F35’s in an air national guard hangar in Burlington…


It always seems to me that many commenters here live as hermits in a cave, and apparently have never worked with other humans in any kind of organizational setting that requires the forming of consensus or compromise in their lives. Because from Kucinich to Sanders to Elizabeth Warren, they always have these insanely unrealistic expectations of them - and of political systems in general.


It’s the purest sort of political theater. Sanders has already promised to support The Thing With Three Names, when it inevitably wins the nomination:

STEPHANOPOULOS: So if you lose in this nomination fight, will you support the Democratic nominee?

SANDERS: Yes. I have in the past.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Not going to run as an independent?

SANDERS: No, absolutely not. I’ve been very clear about that.


What is a socialist?

A socialist is a person who sees human society as a growing and evolving aspect of humanity, a specie which quite obviously prefers to live in a society rather than as isolated individuals.

A socialist looks at issues which have positive and negative impacts on human society and tends to Accentuate the positive, Eliminate the negative, Latch on to the affirmative, Don’t mess with Mrs. In-Between…

What is a corporatist?

A corporatist supports secret trade deals, helps overthrow democracies, and is paid $100,000 a pop to speak at business luncheons, after leaving office.


So, I guess that having a contingency for any action in your life means that you are planning to fail in that action. Your argument makes no sense. And regarding a run as an independent, I refer you to a novel by a certain 16th century Spanish guy.


Minor league corporatists get $100,000 speaking gigs…major league corporatists like the Clintons get 2, 3 or 4 times that much.

Bill Clinton pulled in $17 million in 2013 alone in “corporate speaking fees”.

Obama’s TPP, TTIP and TISA are his ticket to the major league.


Truly amazing, I wonder if Dem senators voting for fast track get a piece of that action.