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Sanders Stumbles, But Touts 'Radical' Politics of 'Telling the Truth'


Sanders Stumbles, But Touts 'Radical' Politics of 'Telling the Truth'

Jon Queally, staff writer

Though the elevated hopes of the Bernie Sanders' campaign and his supporters were dashed by falling short of the kind of come-from-behind shocker that rocked the political world last week in Michigan, Tuesday night's primary results in five states—Florida, North Carolina, Ohio, Illinois, and Missouri—were such that both his campaign and Hillary Clinton's will continue to battle it out for the heart and soul of the Democratic Party


" We are telling the truth." Bernie.

To paraphrase Orwell: in a time of Hillary deceit telling the truth is a radical act that costs Bernie many voters.


take heart everyone - remember it’s not about Bernie winning the presidency but building a movement that will lead to changes for the 99% That takes time and energy and will to be in it for the long haul. Bernie has given us the will and the energy the rest is up to us. here in Berkeley, Ca., we have a mayor and city council who do not listen to the will of the 99% and thus we are building a new movement thru our organization the Berkeley Progressive Alliance, getting progressive folks to run for all the offices we can. that is what all of us should be doing wherever we live. from the bottom up to the top which will take a long time and in the meantime, we come together in the process and build a country for the common good that serves us all, not just the elites. I bless Bernie for coming forward to inspire all the folks who had not thought any change was really possible. Anything is possible when we work together.


The “prize” of the presidency might not be available now, but Bernie could be that much safer, physically, for it - think of that! And if he could hold Clinton to many more tight races going forward, he could achieve a foothold which might result in some of his policies and aims being included in the Democratic platform . That’s not to be sniffed at.
I will not give up until he does.


I thank you for your inspiring and grounded words. What I say here will not be comparable, but I just want to respond somehow. “[B]uilding a movement that will lead to changes for the 99%” has to be done in a million ways–in many millions of ways, really. If the BPA (I shall look into it, thank you!) is anything like the Richmond Progressive Alliance a few miles away, which has truly brought about progressive changes in a city, thanks to that organizing, that is no longer the fiefdom of Chevron, and has, rather, demonstrated beautiful alliance building to defeat corporate killing greed through a whole lot of hard work–then we may see change come to racial-cleansing Berkeley (half the Black folks living in Berkeley not long ago have been priced–and policed and attituded–out), too. Nationally, the strategies Sanders seems to be using to win the Democratic nomination are maybe great for that goal, while certainly also raising positive consciousness, and demonstrating marvelous principles like being funded by the people (unheard of in decades of for his level of winning votes), but they are not all the best ones to build the grassroots movement for the 99%–they can’t be, really, for the revolution must be done by everyone everywhere (and he does leave out some major national issues that we the people must raise persistently, e.g., the need to unplug the U.S. war machine itself, but hey, Sanders’ growing narratives about U.S. regime change being bad policy throughout history is absolutely great to hear). A big focus of organizing and our money and attention does need to go to the South for a national 99% movement to take off, but that’s not been, from what I can see, a major part of Sanders’ strategy for winning the primary–whether or not we think he’s using the best electoral strategy in how he focuses organizing and spending money to get state wins and pursue the Dem nomination.


And in that spirit, Hillary MUST LOSE the Presidency - either now or in November - for us to take the party away from her faction of the rich and powerful. Take the pledge to vote third party in November if she is the nominee!


The MSM , presstitutes all,will never reveal the % of eligible voters who actually voted. If Hillary runs against anyone but Trump, the turnout will be in the teens. AIPAC wins , their stooge Hillary has the nomination. Now Bibi needs to eliminate the Donald.


as long as Bernie does not endorse the despicable Clinton.


I don’t believe his truth telling cost him voters. What cost him are the MSM stumbling blocks that either prevent many from hearing his message or obfuscate and distort it through biased framing.


More to be cried over. Having been a party precinct person who engaged in many platform battles at the state level, I’ve learned the hard way that the platform of any party is as strong and meaningful as the candidates and elected officials are willing to make it.


Whatever happens, let all preserve their integrity and in the general elections vote for anyone except Hillary. Let this be an oath, so help me God.


"The world is on track to reach dangerous levels of global warming much sooner than expected, according to new Australian research that highlights the alarming implications of rising energy demand.

University of Queensland and Griffith University researchers have developed a “global energy tracker” which predicts average world temperatures could climb 1.5C above pre-industrial levels by 2020.

That forecast…points to a 2C rise by 2030." http://www.theguardian.com/environment/2016/mar/10/dangerous-global-warming-will-happen-sooner-than-thought-study

A 1.5°C rise above pre-industrial levels would be catastrophic. A 2°C rise would be beyond imagining. and lead to further temperature increase. The time to stop the worst is now. If any of the duopoly candidates but Sanders wins the presidency the chances of there being a long term, in which we are anything but helpless victims tossed on the seas of a chaotic and violent world, dramatically lessen.

We must all do what we can to make people aware that Sanders is more electable in a general election, and that he has more experience, more executive experience, and has made better decisions for minorities, women and everyone else, with it. I believe false assumptions about all those are what are holding people back from voting for him.


If the situation is as dire as some people say it is, maybe Sanders should be telling that truth, that if things stay at status quo and he doesn’t get into office in order to make some drastic changes to our energy policy, the human race can expect to start to expire in a few decades. Of course, that is a truth that people are not going to be willing to hear I guess.


I like the Orwell paraphrase . . . . but I don’t think the truth cost Bernie voters either and that is the most depressing thing of all. If only the truth alone could set us free from the shackles of empire but I fear that is not enough.

The truth is all around for those who are willing to see/hear/feel.
It is in the melting glaciers (as seen in movie Chasing Ice), dying trees, flooded or parched earth, incessant gale force winds howling now (50mph gusts) as I type, endless deaths for senseless wars, death penalty that is televised, police brutality—televised, health care that is anything but affordable, Alyso Canyon gas leak disaster (televised), BP Oil disaster and on and on.

I believe even if MSM didn’t obfuscate/distort or minimize there are too many people who choose not to learn, think and examine issues as evidenced by the amount of climate deniers that populate this country (and I could give many other examples)

The reality of human induced climate change has gone mainstream— even with the Weather Channel!—yet too many people still choose not to believe it or they choose not to think about it ----- as if it will go away or not get to Cormac McCarthy’s The Road level in their lifetime (which I think it might).

I agree with points made by Morris Berman regarding Americans ability (or lack there of) to examine issues:

“IQ has very little to do with it. In an ontological sense, they simply cannot bear it. And if this is true for the “best and the brightest,” then what does this say for the rest of us?” (http://www.alternet.org/story/154453/why_the_american_empire_was_destined_to_collapse)

There was and perhaps still is a glimmer of hope with Bernie movement but I fear it’s too late in the context of unstoppable climate change/ocean acidification coupled with entrenched oligarchy.


Agreed----try telling that to “This Changes Everything” author Naomi Klein who stated she will support Clinton.

So much for the title of her book. Nothing will be changed with HRC at the helm. Just more of the same at ever increasing levels of pathology: more wars, regime changes, more CO2 spewed into the air without the evil (yes evil) corporations being taxed, more methane, more prisons, more people killed on death row, higher health care costs, more taxes for those who are struggling while the rich won’t pay a dime.


Folks who want to vote for somebody who isn’t a war criminal, whether actual (Clinton) or eager (any of the Reps), there is Jill Stein for the Green Party. That’s who I will be voting for, but it’d be nice of others join me, so she gets more than, say, 0.34% of the vote. Let’s aim for something like 10% this time, shall we?


To me, it’s not so much that some people say it, it’s that the science says it. Increasingly, the scientists who are most familiar with the most direly changing parts of the Earth are saying it, too, although not surprisingly, almost none have also studied the other part of the equation–what exactly has to happen to save our grandchildren’s asses–and so don’t articulate that part as much or as well.

“maybe Sanders should be telling that truth”

That was my impulse, too, but you’re right, direness is SO not a popular message. People tend to let their emotions run away with them and/or shut down even more completely when they confront the whole truth. My answer is to tell people that truth in a very responsive, controlled way, in groups where they can deal with their emotions with loving support and a person or people trained to do exactly that.

Obviously, not much of a possibility for a political campaign. Sanders hasn’t given any indication I know of, that he’s accepted the whole truth on climate change, but he’s light years ahead of everyone else anywhere near that level in politics, except Jill Stein. The problem is, the changes that need to be made go way, way deeper and broader than just our energy policy. Everything about life in industrial societies will have to change–and almost instantly–for civilization to survive the next century.

June 26th is our chance to add to the weight behind Sanders’ message on climate, endorse him in lots of ways, without him having to threaten his political chances. He can keep pushing the closely related economic message, throw in some climate stuff, and it’s up to us to push for more action by everyone, now. Not ideal, but what we have.


Looks like she’s changed her mind.


Not so sure I’m going to vote third-party this time. I’d rather see the old MFKrs at the GOP rooted-out and discarded. The McCains, Bushes (done), all of 'em. The presidency is mostly ceremonial anyway. It does however have bully pulpit (which Obama never used) so perhaps if you put the personalities and hyperbole aside, Trump might be beneficial in the long run. He can only do so much bad, he’s only one man, and of course he can always be impeached. The the neocons, and other warmongers such as Hillary Clinton have to go. Thank Trump in part that the Bushes are gone, the Clintons need to be right behind 'em. I’m glad Bernie ran, I wish I could have voted for someone like Bernie (in a major party) that I didn’t have to hold my nose over, but I won’t have that option. I won’t waste a vote voting third party this time. I’ll vote to clean out the sh*tter by going with Trump. He may even reign in the MIC. The murderous and vicious power structure that has ruled us for so long has to be rooted out. We can start with HRC.


He will.