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Sanders' Stumping for Anti-Choice Mayoral Candidate Draws Ire


Sanders' Stumping for Anti-Choice Mayoral Candidate Draws Ire

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), who's now on a multi-state tour to galvanize grassroots resistance to the Trump agenda, can boast of high popularity, but he's taking flak for backing an anti-choice mayoral candidate.


There is a clear difference between being personally opposed to abortion and crafting legislation that inhibits a woman's right to choose. Mello has done just that. He has personally drafted legislation that makes it more difficult for women to receive reproductive healthcare, whether he likes it or not. Abortion equals health care. Full stop. I am not aware that Tim Kaine or any of the other legislators mentioned in the article have done anything similar.

Moreover, it is time for men such as Sanders to realize and appreciate that access to abortion is an economic issue for women.

This isn't the first time that Sanders has shown he has a blind spot on reproductive health issues - he previously called discussions of abortion rights a "distraction" during the campaign, and labeled Planned Parenthood part of the "establishment."

It is time to realize that women are the base of the Democratic Party and their issues MUST be adopted by the party if we are to succeed.


I totally agree with Sanders. In this case, there is no other option. It's not as if Sanders is supporting him AGAINST anther viable candidate that is pro-choice. There is no pro-choice candidate in the race, so since there is no pro-choice option, it makes sense to at least back the candidate that you agree with the MOST, even if not fully.

If we try to make purity tests on everything we'll never win anything. If you agree on 95% of issues and disagree on 5%, you can't oppose someone just because of that 5%, that's not how it works.


Unsurprising. Those of us from Nebraska can tell you that the Democratic party there is one of the most conservative in the country.

I'm guessing this is only one of Mello's political sins.

You're lucky if you manage to only fish a garden variety corporatist out of the state Democratic party there.


I see that you just joined Common Dreams 19 minutes ago.

I was going to ask you where the 95% and 5% numbers came from.

I think I may know.

Do you also believe in 'Lesser Evil' voting?


Litmus tests from Clintonistas, really? Ironic and rather cheap, since Clinton's bunch has no problem killing pregnant Muslim women in the MENA.


Who the hell is for abortion? I cannot imagine any woman glad that she is having one. We got this same shit against Bernie because he wasn't anti-Israel enough and now it's because he's not anti-abortion enough? F'ing Hillary tried to make us think Bernie and Charlton Heston were peas in a pod.

I don't want any woman to have an abortion but if she decides to then I will stand up for her right to have one. A law that requires a woman to see an ultrasound of her fetus prior to the act, seems to me a good thing.


this is what happens when Bernie insists on hanging out with the likes of Perez and other shit dems. No more money for you Bernie. I am about to write him directly about this!


I support bernie in this, you pick the most progressive option and chose that one. This Morrelo has serious flaws but letting him lose to a republican (who is worse on more issues) would be even worse. Preferably there would be a progressive running against this guy to support, but as many libs will find that aint happening every where. I fully support bernies efforts to support this guy.


Sorry the candidates name is Mello, I said Morrelo like the guy from RAM, the names switched in my head.


I have to agree, I gonna admit that I dont know what I think about abortion, All i know is tgat it aint my choice. Let the woman choose. Bernie really shouldnt get the flak he is geting. If people in the city were really opposed to this guys abortion stance they would run a pro- abortion candidate against him.


My bigger problem with Bernie is his embrace of the party system. We don't need Dems, we need public servants.

I have little problem with backing Mello because nobody can do as much damage to reproductive rights as a mayor as he could as a legislator. And maybe now he's learned to shut his testosterone-poisoned mouth about it.


The abortion debate should be out of the public arena but zealotry and unbridled evangelism keep dragging it back in, working it over, and abusing women throughout. A woman's right to choose is PRIVATE and should remain within the confines of her home and family circle. No other man or woman has the right to make choices for another nor do he/she have the moral right to judge a woman and/or condemn or punish her for her decisions about her OWN LIFE. Matters not what political party they align with....


It's patriarchy, only feigned religion of any kind.


There's a "unity" among all these Dems

And it's the reason "the #Resistance" should be well shorn of them.


We back the best, most progressive, greenest candidate in the race. Every race. There is no perfect candidate. No one is 100% right all the time.


I also think Hogue (clinton delegate) still loves going after Bernie. It was people like her who forced Clinton on us and unwittingly gave us Trump instead. Her, and her kind, have not accepted responsibility for their miscalculation.


Of course you do! Sanders uber alles - just out of curiosity what would Sanders have to do to make you drop him .... ?


No, it's because he's not pro-choice enough ...


This is about reproductive rights - and apparently that is low on Sanders priority list - once again, it's party over principle ...