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Sanders Supporters Cry Foul over Clinton's Suspicious "Secret Win"



And the Queen looks on over her dominion.
Smug isn't she?


You said it. I'm so sick of her smug expression. Yeesh, I can't believe how much she is like GW Bush. They are two peas in a pod. I never would have thunk it if I hadn't seen her behavior lately in this race.


And torture instruments, because he is going to stomp out all of the political correctness of the Geneva Conventions, and make America great again by legalizing torture.

They did what to you at the local police station? Well, it's legal now. America is great again!!!!!


This is getting really tiring....


Hi, Thelmafollet, my mom was named Thelma. Anyway what you said has merit. What is known is that Bill Clinton had talks with Trump before Trump announced that he was running for POTUS. What I have read on various blogs is that Trump really doesn't seem all that interested in becoming POTUS. It is all a big reality show for him. I do not know, but all the dirty tricks and fraud seem to indicate that the Clintons will do anything to get back in the White House. I wonder what they have planned for America?


Definitely detect a whiff of DWS and Clinton collusion on this one. AP doesn't type a word without "authorization" by their party sources. So the "news" came out of the party apparatus, otherwise they'd have no idea what the superdelegate count is.
While the AP has been doing hackery for years now, they're just reprinting what they were told. This was the DNC. Again.


This action contradicts the DNC and Clinton campaign's false accusations that Sanders has been giving Trump more ammo to fire at Clinton in the general election.

The "secret win" email gives Trump an additional talking point in his crooked Hillary play book. Sanders has conducted a genteel Vermont style campaign where he has addressed only10 to 15% of the Clinton baggage that he could have.

Relishing any opportunity to wrap opponents' baggage around their necks Trump will address 100% of Clinton's baggage, most of it well established and well known prior to Sanders entering the race last year.


The word hubris comes to mind.


If Hillary manages to steal this election, I'm sorry Bernie, but I'm voting for Trump. I only hope that Democrats can win back the Senate and stop all conservative SCOTUS nominations, like the Republicans do. A Trump win would bring us closer to a revolution.

"People of privilege will always risk their complete destruction rather than surrender any material part of their advantage."
JK Galbraith


So, the AP told the Clinton camp about it ahead of time, did not tell the Sanders camp, the Clinton camp acted on the information. I know this is unfair, I know it's wrong, but I don't know if laws were actually broken. I suspect the Clinton people simply didn't care how it looked.


So --

election stolen, and stolen quite visibly, as per preliminary indications.

Certainly California should get out and vote Sanders. But hadn't we all better get together and do something different on Wednesday?


Funny, she is so arrogant and entitled you know she secretly wishes the seat came with a crown, she probably tries them on at home. lol


The stunning combination of crass corruption and utter incompetence that is the Clinton Campaign, just continues to metastasize... and of course, stay tuned for more...


Really? Collusion and orchestration among the Clinton campaign and the corporate media? In the age of Super-PACs and Citizens United?

Who could possibly have inferred such a thing from the campaign that's played out? Utterly shocking!


You'll be happy to hear she's giving a live victory speech on cnn at ten. Ya'll be there now so she can pontificate.
Just read today that Obama had said a few things about the dirty tricks she used in that race too. Guess she's gotten more ruthless and impatient to be crowned. Also read from a secret service tell all that when he worked in the White House under Bill that she screamed and yelled all the time and one time he saw Bill leave with a black eye.
This woman's need to be president is really horrifying. She has illusions of grandeur and is showing herself to be as unstable as Trump. I don't want all the rage and ruthlessness close to those nuclear codes. She is out to prove how tough she is, that's very scary. The way she has conducted this illegal race is enough to never vote for her. We'll have to fight for Bernies policies anyway whether it's her or Trump, so I wouldn't give her the satisfaction after this.


Hillary Clinton : "Whoops, that email declaring I'd clinched the nomination was supposed to stay on my PRIVATE server..."


Can we get a legal opinion here? Is this collusion, Or is it really a conspiracy by some in the Clinton campaign, possibly by DWS with the knowledge and ok of HRC, to throw this election. The conspiracy would be between the campaign and higher ups in the AP. There is also an ongoing attempt to cover up this conspiracy. Collusion or criminal conspiracy is my question?


Let us look at this as a conspiracy to commit election fraud, not a collusion. We really need some legal help here.


I think my shocked cat would go quite nicely with your post